Princess of the Superstar
6 Chapter 3: Enemies?
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Princess of the Superstar
Author :PrkTny
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6 Chapter 3: Enemies?

"Gab! You piece of sh--"

"What did I do!?!?!" asked Gab, he is so confused on why Sam is so enraged. "Aren't you the one who ruined my assignment?!" asked Sam still angry. "No, I'm not and why would I even ruin your assignment?" said Gab. "Because you're the only prankster here" Sam replied. Sam left the room still annoyed that someone ruined his assignment that he work on all night. If it's not Gab then who did it.

Meanwhile in Andrea's house..

Andrea's phone suddenly rings. "Hello?"

"Hey Rea, I'm sorry I'm not gonna be able to go to your house tonight. Your brother asked me on a date." Erin replied. "Oh.. well it's alright. Have fun on your first date and use protection alright" Andrea replied while giggling. "YAH! You and your unholy thoughts hmmp.." she answered embarrassed. "ok ok haha chill. K bye have fun and good luck, don't be nervous alright." Andrea replied. "Ok thanks. Bye!" well the call has ended what should I do now, that Erin is not here with me.. hmm I should go watch some movie.

The Next Day (Monday)


"hmm what time is it.." Andrea mumbled. "It's only 8 am.. Wait What!?!? is it Monday already? Oh shit. My class starts at 8:30 am and the school is like 20 mins away." Crap, I should get ready right now or I'm gonna be scolded by my teacher for being late.
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At school.

It's already 8:25 and I'm running for me to not be late. But suddenly...

"Oww.." I just bumped into someone omg. "Sir are you alright?" Andrea asked. "Do I look like I'm okay to you? You just bumped into me and made me fall down." oh.. it's the guy I bumped into a few days ago. "Oh.. it's you the girl I bumped into before in the mini concert. Why do you like to bump into people so much? Tsk" he said irritated. "Well I'm sorry if I'm so clumsy. Jerk!" Andrea replied annoyed by his attitude.
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    《Princess of the Superstar》