My Multiverse Trip
463 Legendary birbs
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My Multiverse Trip
Author :Ryan_Colman
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463 Legendary birbs

In the depth of the cold dark cave there were all sorts of ice Pokémon and water Pokémon from all different kinds of regions. The closer to the center of the caves we got the harsher the cold wind was. The freezing biting air nipped at our ears and fingers whipping our hair all around and chilling us to the bone. I had my alakazam form a force field around us to block the wind.

We had to tread carefully as the ground was covered in snow, ice and sharp rocks.

In the center of the cave was a magnificent ice mountain and on top of it was a huge ice crystal with articuno resting inside. All the cold air was coming from it and it was getting on my nerves Luna would catch it but the ice was blocking the way and the wind would probably blow her masterball away.

So we do the next best logical thing. I pry a hand sized stone from the ground and carefully judge the distance before throwing it with a mighty booming shockwave. It shatters the ice crystal and smacks right into articunos head. With a might crunch and a sorrowful caww he's knocked clean out smashing into the ground.

"Little shit I was freezing my damn nips off and you were just sleeping." My other body had the water seed so this one could feel the cold. I'll need to get a divinity in ice or something.

Luna happily skips over and tosses a masterball on the collapsed legendary while Sabrina just stares at me open jawed. She wasn't around when I man handled Pokémon like toys so this was a first for her.

"You just knocked out a legendary Pokémon with a rock?" She says trying to confirm if what she just saw was true.

"I've been preparing to go to the safari zone for many years now so I practiced." I say with a chuckle while the girls laugh.

Alakazam teleports us all out of the cave and we find ourself in cerulean.

"We are going to go and get Zapdos next he's a few miles away in an abandoned power plant." Luna says happily pulling out her bike.

We all just follow suit. There's no stopping her.

After about 20 minutes of riding out of town we come across a fenced in run down area which is part of the power plant. The whole thing looks like it's seen better days. There's trash everywhere, the windows are broken and the door hanging off it's hinges.

We head inside totally not trespassing. Along the way we find a lot of electric Pokémon we snag.

The whole air is just tingling with electricity making our hair and everything stick up with static. Our skin prickles from it.

This whole place is pretty much in the dumps there's parts of the roof that have caved in and some walls have been smashed probably by wild Pokémon. There's electric burns everywhere.

We just have to follow the most electrified area totally not dangerous at all.

Soon we find the massive legendary bird we are looking for staring at us menacingly. Big overgrown chicken.

"Do you want me to do it or?" I ask Luna.

"Nah I have the perfect Pokémon for the job." She pulls out one of her masterballs and tosses it forward out pops.

Gir with his smoothie cup.

Before anyone can do anything or I can even facepalm Zapdos blasts the little green dog with a powerful lightning bolt. All we hear is.

"Ohhhh yeah that's the good stuff." In Girs voice. Now I face palm.

"Gir use Tranquilizer darts!" Luna shouts and points at the big electric bird.

"Yes mama." He says before his turrets click out and start firing hundreds of tranquilizer darts into the poor legendary creature who starts to drool and then just faceplants before Luna tosses another masterball catching another legendary bird.

"Wanna explain?" I ask the girl hugging my dog.

"I caught him so it's all fair." She says sticking her tongue out at me.

I pull her cheeks. "Little cheaterrrr." Before giving her nose a kiss.

"Mind explaining what that thing is?" Brock asks eyeing gir.

"It's my guard dog he's a bit odd but that's fine." I say patting the green happy dog.

"Your gaurd dog that knocks out legendaries?" He says with a raised eyebrow.

"I just knocked one out with a rock so i don't know what your expecting me to say?" I reply.

"Fair point." He concedes.

Lunas eyes start to glow and I summon out alakazam once more. She puts her hand on his head and we are teleported off again. This time to a fiery molten area. In front of us is a shocked moltres who is quickly defeated by a surprise tranquilizer attack.

Now Luna has succeeded in catching the legendary birds of kanto and gir is joining us on our Pokémon adventure.

Well he's good for comedy relief and he squeaks when you pat him so that's nice.

We teleport away from wherever we were at and end up back in celadon city this time we plan to check the game corner and see what kind of prizes they have wracked up in the month or so we have been gone and maybe free some more Pokémon before heading off to have a proper battle at the gym.

We shouldn't have too much trouble with Erika but we don't want to go and just fully destroy her as we have heard she's a kind girl who just likes grass Pokémon.

(A/N good news I'm feeling a bit better my fever is gone and my ear infection seems to have cleared up so all I've got now is a bit of a cough since I ended up hurting my throat from coughing too much and my taste buds seem a bit out of whack so there's that. I should be back to good health soon.)

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    《My Multiverse Trip》