My Bahaghari Life
5 Peace on Celestial Peak
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My Bahaghari Life
Author :CockiestOfThemAll
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5 Peace on Celestial Peak

"Goodbye, my child" Roloc uttered.

A dark smoke started to come out from Roloc's left hand. And Wobniar shivered while she was tightly hugged by his right hand. The dark smoke engulfed the Black Phantom King. As the first to be created in Roloc's image, the king always took pride of himself. "Why..." was the last word he thought to himself before he disintegrated with the smoke leaving only his bones on the ground.

It was a brutal but bloodless death. After the king died, all the colors who stood high and proud began to kneel. Their knees wobbled out of fear of not death but angering their god.


Wobniar wouldn't stop shivering and started to cry more. This scene crushed the hearts of everyone, watching their goddess weep, especially Roloc. He began to regret proposing this idea. He took her chin with his fingertips and tilted her head to face his. They touched their foreheads again, this time Roloc transmitted "If you don't want this, I can weave back time. Let's recreate it all". But she shaked her head declining his idea and said, "I can take it".

Wobniar and Roloc blamed themselves harder over what she thought next. "We are neither right nor wrong." "We just have power." They hugged each other tightly, held each others and faced the colors who were now repenting. They were kowtowing on the ground repeatedly hoping to be forgiven of their sins.

Wobniar and Roloc closed their eyes and took a deep breath. The dark sky parted and showed the dim Wobniar's light which was gradually becoming brighter and brighter. Trees were no longer burning and started to sprout little leaves from its branches. The land was no longer ash grey but green splattered with flowers of various shapes and hues. The bahaghari world began to get its color back.


The war completely stopped. Accompanying the happy jeers of the colors were tears of sorrow. The god and goddess watched as the colors buried their allies and enemies.

In memory to the colors' repentance they built a temple around their beloved and fearful Wobniar and Roloc. Though the colors thought that their actions would somehow please them, they didn't get any reaction.

Roloc clicked his tounge and a greyish chrome started to envelope the temple. But it didn't just take the temple but it continued outside until the whole bahaghari world was inside the grey monochromatic sphere of Roloc.

Only him and Wobniar were able to move in the chrome. Because the whole bahaghari world totally stopped. Everyone froze.

A color chugging a cup of water.

Another one chasing a chicken into the woods.

Another one playing tag with another color.

And colors praying outside the temple for graces.

Roloc carresed Wobniar's never smiling face anymore and sighed. "How about we try to understand them." "Live among them as equals.". He expectantly blinked his sleepy and disappointed eyes at her.

Wobniar was caught offguard and pondered what he was trying to say. She clutched her light particle dress and her dark cracks started to grow from her face to her neck slightly dimming her. Her eyes started to water. Roloc immediately held her hand and said "Don't worry, we will meet again. No star is far enough for me. Just please don't forget to sparkle" smiling through his face's white cracks.

Wobniar paused and showed a little smile. "Remember to bother me when i do." she replied and hugged him with all her might. Roloc didn't get off but her hug made his concentration waver destroying the grey chrome. Instead of releasing himself, he lifted her chin and kissed her forehead. She was startled and started burning brighter. Roloc chuckled at her reaction and his white cracks also shined.

Outside. Seeing the commotion inside, all the praying colors stood up. Some ran down the peak to inform everyone, some started to peek but hurriedly backed away and just waited for the god and goddess to come out.

At night when all the colors got the news, they all gathered in the temple. Torches lit up the temple from each pillar and corner. There was a big feast outside the temple and every color was talking here and there. They had theories like the god and goddess bestowing them another brother or sister. Others said that they will be given bountiful harvests the whole season. Others were still seen praying fervently towards the temple.

Who knew what they were hoping for.

Were they thankful?

Were they still repenting?

Were they asking for material things?

Who cares when suddenly a light and dark figure started to appear from the big entrance door of the temple.

Holding each others hand Roloc and Wobniar decided to join the feast outside. They sat at the big designated seats created by the colors in front of the temple overseeing everyone's table. From their seat they can still see the division, even if it was just a small group compared to all of the colors it was still visible.

A few colors isolated themselves in a far corner. This group primarily composed of the dark faction kings, shamed and deemed themselves unworthy of Roloc amd Wobniar's presence. But to their surprise, Roloc waved for them to come closer.

As the colored crowd compacted themselves, they heard Roloc speak. "Live." "And love each other."

The colors listened whole heartedly and was charmed by a beautiful voice. As Wobniar added "Everyone is family."

After they have spoken, a mold of light came out of Wobniars shoulder. It shone and blinded everyone's eyes. Soon the light dispersed and there was a white feathered and shimmering white phoenix on their goddess' shoulder. Another mold began to appear but this time it was a dark mold forming on Roloc's left hand. It didn't blind anyone but it did entice them and almost fall into a sleeping trance as the dark mold started to take a shape. On their god's palm was a dark crow emitting a dark essence evaporating in the air.

The dark crow cawed and cawed endlessly at the light phoenix. Roloc and Wobniar couldn't help but reminisce the first time they met. They smiled at each other. This scene captivated each color and they can't take their eyes off at them.

Roloc held Wobniar's hand and turned to enter the temple. The crow was still cawing and was still ignored by the light phoenix. When they were at the entrance, Roloc's turned his head and said loudly, "We will be watching.". As if insinuating and smothering any fires still raging on for wars.

Outside they saw a bright light soon engulfed by darkness and followed by a growing transparent bubble that covered the temple. Inside there was still the non-stop cawing of the dark crow and the majestic light phoenix sitting still on Wobniar's shoulder. Roloc flattened the center of the temple. Wobniar waved her hands and grass started to grow from the flattened ground.

She went to the middle and grabbed a grass in the middle pulling it slightly. As she pulled the grass it turned brownish and as she pointed upwards the brownish growing grass immediately grew into a big tree. Wobniar patted the light phoenix's head and it flew to a branch of the tree. Chuckling and smiling to its actions she turned and faced Roloc who was watching from the side.

Roloc held the dark crow and whispered something to its little head intimately. This made the noisy crow shut its beak for a sec and flew to the light phoenix's side. It crowed one last time loudly before shutting its mouth and started to sleep comfortably.

Wobniar joined their hands and looked at each other. "See you soon?" asked Roloc smiling. "As soon as possible my love." replied Wobniar as she leaned in to kiss Roloc on the lips. Roloc's dark blobs began to eradically shot up as he hugged and murmured to her ears, "Yes my love."

A blast of light followed by a rain of darkness occured inside. Wobniar and Roloc slowly faded hugging each other.

The colors were oblivious to their disappearance, and one by one tried to enter the bubble covering the temple. The first color who entered began to feel refreshed and his colored ability was visibly evaporating away. The others witnessed this and began to back up out of fear. But the person, whose color was 'removed', remained unharmed. The other brave ones followed suit.

They found out that their god and goddess disappeared completely. But they also saw the center of the temple were the phoenix and crow peacefully slept. The colors who entered the temple were soon entitled as Guardians. As they are no more related to any faction of kingdom. They are just volunteer devotees to keeping the beings inside fed and the temple clean. They devote their lives to the temple, avoiding temptations and worldy desires.

Prayers were still sent to the temple as colors visit it often. But feared by the sinful as they exclude themselves from the place. Soon a sinful color decided to suck it up and pray. Due to his only son being sick and no more chance of recovering as said by the colored physicians. Last resort he gave his child to the guardians and asked for help.

The guardians brought the pale child who was breathing peacefully but haggardly. And left him on the table near the giant tree. The child was not crying at all. Although the child got rid of his colors, he was still on the verge of death. The dark crow woke up and saw the child, cawed at it once and twisted its head upside down looking at the child.

The child began to cry loudly. Hearing the wail of his child, the father outside knelt and prayed. Soon the phoenix woke up and flew to the crying child's side. The phoenix flapped its wings at him as it nestled its head to the childs forehead. The child began to recover as it blushed and its crying replaced by little cute laughter.

Miracles of the phoenix and crow started to arise as they were soon called Celestial Beings, as they were given to the bahaghari world by the god and goddess. So the mountain were the Celestial Beings live was called Celestial Peak.


"That is Celestial Peak" Ed finally said.

"The reason we don't want you to go there is becauae I still want to have grandchildren." Beladonia soon added laughing lightly to lighten the mood.

Rex sweats profusely at his mother's antics. "I was just curious mother." He replied. But he thought to himself deeply on what plans he was about to do.


"And that, my children, is Celestial Peak" Greg exasperatedly sighed as he tried to catch his breath because of the long story.

Nobody knew if it was the greed that Greg had for Belle's hidden potential or pure worry for his child commiting herself to this agenda. But whichever it was, Greg firmly suggested for Belle to just pray and never dream of entering the place.

"Thank you father" replied Belle in a joyous tinged with melancholic tone. She turned her head to the window and looked aimlessly as if planning to do something or go somewhere.

(Note: Although Ed and Greg's story varied a little bit with each other, they still got their ancestors' sin and the celestial peak story almost right. They didn't know anything about the god and goddess conversations and decisions, just the miracles. ^^ Hope this clarifies everything)


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