My Bahaghari Life
4 War on Celestial Peak
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My Bahaghari Life
Author :CockiestOfThemAll
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4 War on Celestial Peak

The colors started to doubt themselves. They started to doubt others. They started to criticize and discriminate. The colors shoved others saying their love for Roloc and Wobniar were inferior compared to theirs. Although the other colors denied this assumptions and retaliated back that their love for them was just the same, maybe even a little bit bigger, they were still disregarded.

The colors started to fight others telling them they were stronger and that they should stay on top of them weaker ones.

They didn't know that this chaos that they have brought to themselves have greatly saddened Wobniar so much that Wobniar's light, the burning rock, became dim. It has also confused and angered Roloc that dark clouds started to form in the horizons that brought with it crashing lightning with thunderous roars and played a harmony of whooshes with the wind through the mountains and trees.

But the colors were not scared, instead it fueled up their morale thinking to themselves that the god and goddess have given them permission like setting their arena. They were satisfied by this and decided to go to the highest peak on bahaghari and talk to the creators themselves to seek proof of their strong love for them over the others. They wanted to thank the god and goddess by themselves, excluding the others, ignoring the fact that they were all made equal.

The colors started to isolate themselves from others but some of them grouped up and decided to stay together. Kings selected via combat prowess have led the groups that became kingdoms dividing them. Colored kings started to bring up soldiers of their own.

Wobniar's light, ever since that day, never shined like it used to again. It was so dark that you could only see the world when a lightning would flash by. The isolated colors began to ran out of food and places to live in, they were forced to either join the cause of a kingdom or be slayed right there and then.

Bahaghari was not the same as it was. Instead of the colors uniting under Wobniar's light having their feasts, it was now divided into 8 kingdoms having their own. The Black Phantom inhabiting south of Roloc's big lake, the Gray Shells living a little bit further from the lake on the northeast between the White Radiance on the east and the Red Chaos on the north, the Orange Cannibals and Indigo Prime always battling on the west and lastly the peaceful group of the Green Trees and Yellow Leaves in the southwest.

Roloc was searching to try and comfort Wobniar, who knows where she has gone to. But due to their absence, the bahaghari world stopped progressing. The scarcity of food supply has caused the colors to have the thought of pillaging. And soon pillaging didn't supply their demands anymore. A skinny soldier went to report to his king about his battalion slowly dying of hunger.

Peace treaties that were not exactly peaceful were made. Alliances with back doors and moles were created, until two factions remained. A faction that leaned more to Roloc's creation of chaos, bringing destruction to anywhere he goes, the faction of darkness. And a faction that leaned more to Wobniar's creation of life, bringing sanctimonious auras over anything she goes, the faction of light.

The Black Phantom King sat high and proud with the other kings that were under the faction of darkness. He coughed loudly and tensed the room, "There are four kings in this room, and there are four more kings out there. If they happen to just disappear with their self proclaimed kingdoms, then that will be four more kingdoms for the taking." The other kings nodded in agreement.

Over at the other faction, the faction of light kings murmured to themselves. "This is not what my goddess has bid us." "Do you think those at dark faction would show mercy upon beheading you?" "Enough, you're not helping our cause!" "Whose cause was it that led to this..." "Silence! Do not fight among ourselves!" "If the dark faction wants to fight, then so be it. If a peace of heart and mind will not convince them, then we shall erase them off of this land. Then they will find their peace at god Roloc's side!"

From a cliff you could see the marching armies adorning white and black ragged flags . The claps of the ground roaring at their pace.

And so came the judgement day, where the various kingdoms rushed towards the highest mountain.

Armies slamming their handmade weapons to the ground, in hope of intimidating the others. They were beneath a mountain, with a towering height of 3 kilometers and spanning 7 kilometers wide. It was swarmed with colors. Nobody knew who started it, but with the war cry of someone, replied with numerous shouts, the inevitable bloodshed was about to start.

The war has begun.

A white radiant soldier got stabbed right through his stomach by an orange cannibal. He clutched the part where he got stabbed and roared loudly swinging his sword blindly hitting the perpetrator on the shoulder. The orange cannibal grumbled, fought back and stabbed the white radiant again and again, until he slowed down and stared at the lifeless bloody body of his victim.

Kings slaughtered several colors at a time showcasing what they were made of.

The Black Phantom King released a dark helix to cover his entire fore arm smashing skulls left and right.

The Gray Shell King bursts with an aura around him, and ran to a group of colors knocking them all out like bowling pins.

The Red Chaos King ran so fast leaving after images of herself, she slashed every colorshe passed through in half.

The White Radiance King jumped to the skies and slammed straight to the ground creating a white shock wave of 10 meters, throwing all the colors within it.

The Orange Cannibal King made blobs on his hand, then gripped someone's head so hard it exploded.

The Indigo Prime King covered her foot in a visible aura that levitates the dirt around her. Dislocating each and every bone of colors she kicked.

The Green Tree King and Yellow Leaf King made shining lassos dawning their respective color and whipped through a crowd in half.

Various screams of pain and anger shrouded the mountain as all of the colors fought. While others were in agony, some colors were even in laughter. While the others were in laughter, others were crying while killing. Crying while holding their close brothers and sisters mangled bodies. Because even though they all said they had differences, they bled. They all bled the same hue, each and every color dropping to the ground were becoming the same.

A few colors who found this out then began to pray for this madness to stop. But most of the colors thought something else, while the Red Chaos colors found this invigorating them, the other colors of the dark faction were jealous. Saying to themselves, "Does the god and goddess favor them?", "What about us?", "Eradicate them, and the god and goddess will have none to pick!".

But before another fight occurred, a flash of light accompanied by a cracking darkness came down from the mountain.


In space, Roloc jumped from rock to rock in order to find Wobniar. He couldn't find her and shouted loudly creating a black sphere expanding out his body. Bit by bit, Roloc's sphere encompassed bahaghari's galaxy.

Soon, Roloc found a dim light that touched his sphere.


In space, Wobniar was weeping. The tears she cried created sparkling matter trailing her. Wobniar's light is getting dimmer and dimmer the longer she wanders. From far away, a large dark wall appeared that seemed to be nearing her.

Her trail of tears were disintegrated until it touched her.


Roloc finding Wobniar lit up his cracks of light. Wobniar felt Roloc's sphere. She couldn't help but sniff and wipe her face. She slowly started to light up again.

Roloc warped to where Wobniar was. Finally he found her. He caressed her face. Wobniar wept yet again and hugged Roloc this time. Her cry was not that of loneliness anymore but more of relief.

He pats her head and calms her down. He put his forehead against hers. Relaying his thought process to Wobniar. She clenched her fists and nodded to him. Seeing her agree to his selfish request, he began to draw a circle with his hand and created a portal. They went through it and arrived outside of bahaghari.

They held each others' hand and descended from space.


The colors of bahaghari are seen kneeling to the pressure this new occurrence has brought. They began to shed tears, some began to shout out of joy and some were awed, they couldn't move.

The scene of a teenage boy and girl holding hands on top of the mountain was so majestic it stopped all the fighting.

Wobniar eyeing all her children can be seen with a shaky frown. With Roloc's deadpan face, she nodded to him.

A cute but monstrous voice sounded through everyone's ears, "Repent."

The colors began to ask for forgiveness. But not all of them, just a lot. The others just asked inwardly, "Why? I thought they wanted this. My king said so." The light faction knelt and stuck their hands together.

The Black Phantom King found this situation ridiculous so he shouted, "My god! Why must we repent? When all is said and done, they have still slaughtered a lot of us! We must fight to the death!" A few pumped up soldiers began to rise up.

Wobniar closed her eyes and turned around to lean on Roloc's shoulder. Roloc spouted, "Goodbye my child."


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