My Bahaghari Life
3 The god and goddess
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My Bahaghari Life
Author :CockiestOfThemAll
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3 The god and goddess

Ed took a deep breath and slightly opened his mouth to utter, "Celestial Peak may just be an abandoned temple to us now, but to our ancestors and the ancestors before them..." Ed took another breath and looked at his wife and twins before telling about the past.


Greg gathered his children, sighed heavily and said, "Belle my child, the Celestial Peak is a place forbidden for almost a thousand years. Not because its a sacred place for our god and goddess, but its taboo for colors to just even talk about it what more going there..." Greg sighed more and looked at his youngest ever so curious at what he was about to say further.


Before time immemorial, the god Roloc who was in the shape of a human teenage boy oozing dark matter, roamed galaxies far and wide looking bored out of his mind. He would make big heating rocks and stars collide to create a massive explosion to brighten up his mood. He once made two stars chase each other in a circle creating a hole in space that sucked everything existing into oblivion.

Roloc wondered from one place to another until he caught sight of a big rock with a shining speck on top of it. He was woken up from his stupor by the blinding light coming from the speck revolving around the burning rock near it. Out of pure instinct and hostility that the speck gave him, he released a fast growing part of him that grabbed two of the nearest small rocks and threw it at the speck.


The world known as bahaghari was just a big rock floating around without destination in space until the goddess Wobniar, a human teenage girl shining so brightly she lights up half of the rock, found it and stayed. She walked all over the rock and lighted it up half and half like night and day. She loved how she can bright up a side but not all of it, she felt melancholic on how the other side of the rock was dark without her.

Wobniar flew out and searched for a rock to infuse with her light. In space, there was a speck of light being followed by a large burning rock going nearer a slightly smaller rock - bahaghari. She was busy pushing, rotating and revolving bahaghari around the burning rock when she suddenly sensed a threat. Searching for the threat was not even needed because she saw two huge rocks rushing and starting to fire up from far away coming towards her.

Wobniar evaded and the two big rocks smashed into bahaghari, bouncing and pushing each other away. She felt an ache creep through her heart seeing this and cannot help but burn brighter. She hurriedly looked around and found a dark speck out there with thunder-like tentacles reaching out for more rocks.


Roloc found out that the speck did not vanish and instead started shining brighter and brighter, which to unknown to him started a new feeling inside his dark heart. A feeling of longing and happiness, he found this feeling great and wanted it more. He called this feeling, fun. Roloc was for the first time ever in his life having fun.

Wobniar started to shine brighter and couldn't help but glare at the dark speck trying to destroy her little rocky home. The peaceful way of her just trying to equally shine the bahaghari with the burning rock was disrupted out of the blue. And she started to have this strange raging feeling inside her light heart. A feeling of loneliness but with a lot of annoyance, she found this feeling irritating and wanted to get rid of it. She called this feeling, anger. Wobniar found the dark matter infuriating so she started palming out lights that went straight into Roloc's direction.

Roloc saw the incoming burst of lights about to rapture him, so he quickly guided all the rocks he had currently on his tentacles and tried to block with it. Thankfully, the lights destroyed the rocks and vanished. He started to make dark blobs of his own and prepared to throw them but he scratched that idea and just went in for the close combat.

Wobniar seeing this prepared herself and rushed towards the spiraling dark speck that made its move. Roloc and Wobniar both met with their hands having blob auras of their own. Roloc's smiling caused Wobniar's face to slightly twitch because in contrast to her, trying so hard, this guy had the audacity to smash her home and look lively. Wobniar's cute glare caused Roloc's smile to slightly form an awkward grin because he was expecting the other side to have the same fun he was having, but this girl had the eye that looked like it wanted to eradicate what it was seeing.

They separated and created more blobs in their hands, readying themselves for another go. Roloc rushed to Wobniar's front and did a left hook punch to her right side. Due to Wobniar's lack of experience in destruction she was at a disadvantage at first but, she countered with the momentum of her pushed to the left she did a slap to Roloc's face. With both of them feeling this first time, being hurt, they both exploded. Roloc with his all-consuming darkness and Wobniar with her all-reaching light.

A big bang happened and the space around bahaghari was riddled with darkness and light. Encompassing not just thousands, but even millions of speck of light, which was soon to be called stars.


Wobniar soon woke up, as she recalls what just happened she immediately searched for her rock. Her light was blinking dim to bright as she searches and happily shined when she found bahaghari.

Roloc woke up to the bright light trying to open his closed eyes, he found himself on bahaghari that was circling around a burning rock.

Wobniar suddenly realized that the surroundings have changed. Before it was just darkness and the source of light was just her and her burning rock. But she delightfully went to each star that was magically there and pinched each one looking as happy as a child who has been given candy.

Roloc tried to summarize everything he has done but was fast to ignore it as he sets his eyes onto the stars shimmering in space. He's just glad that he had fun at least and tried to find that speck of light that he played with.

He found his target and rushed to her but to his dismay, she ignored him. He wanted more fun, but she just wanted more peace. Unkown to them, Wobniar's body now had little cracks of darkness and Roloc's had little cracks of light. Wobniar completely ignored Roloc and went to her lovely rock. Roloc being ignored didn't like this feeling so he went out and find himself some rocks of his own. Wobniar didn't even bat an eye as she just started repairing everything. Roloc came back with 6 more rocks and placed them all near bahaghari. He was soon to be downed because all of this has resulted to no reactions from Wobniar. So he just threw them away and the rocks started to revolve on their own with the burning rock as the center.

Roloc didn't give up and thought for a second, "DING!" he thought of an idea. He searched for the two rocks that he initially threw at Wobniar's rock. He grabbed it and slowly revolved it around bahaghari. These rocks were soon to be called as the twin moons of Roloc and Wobniar.

Wobniar noticed this and can't help anymore but release a cute little laugh, because Roloc has been constantly bothering her ever since and this gesture was somewhat sweet to her. Roloc seeing this was overjoyed and went near her to see her smiling face. He extended his hand to hers covering her giggling mouth. Time it self stopped and they both smiled sweetly to each other. They called this feeling, love.


Roloc proceeded to take his hands and clapped as rain poured down on the rocky surface of bahaghari.

It made rivers and seas.

The hole that the twin moons smashed into became a big lake.

And the most part of bahaghari became the ocean.

Wobniar lifted her hands up and welcomed the rain, she waved her hands and greens started to sprout out of nowhere.

Grasses and trees.

Flowers and plants.

Mountains and hills.

Volcanoes and trenches.

But the two found the world quite empty despite all the things they've added to it. So they thought up of an idea and made clay images of themselves.

Roloc made a burly man quite dark.

Wobniar made a slender woman shining dimly.

But they were not satisfied with this.

Roloc made a slender woman as well quite dark.

Wobniar made a burly man shining dimly too.

They had all the time to themselves so they created more, and called them their children. The humans known as colors of bahaghari world. Each of their children started to adapt and take a certain color of their own. They've grouped themselves, lived amongst others but...

Living peacefully was short lived as these colors began to think for their own selfish reasons.


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