My Bahaghari Life
2 And she was born
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My Bahaghari Life
Author :CockiestOfThemAll
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2 And she was born

On the other side of bahaghari world, in the city of calm, the joyous carol of people could be heard drowning out the wail of a baby.

In a brightly lit inn, although the door sign says it was closed, the racket inside denies it. The family of Blue Wyverns were singing and dancing. Greg Wyvern was all smiles as he lifts up his fifth born child which was oozing out a Blue cold hue, praying thankfully to the god and goddess. Beside Greg were his other children namely his first born Jun, a 20-year old robust man with a beard and moustache almost covering half of his face, his second born Ellen, a 18-year old tall and chubby lady, his third born Arthur, a 16-year old slouched teen with big arms like a bears', and his fourth born Fe, a 12-year old cheerful girl. Jun had Fe over his shoulders jumping lightly and singing to a non-existent beat. ~la la la la la. While Ellen and Arthur were holding hands jumping and spinning around their father singing along. ~la la la la la.

"Thank you Roloc and Wobniar!" cried out Greg, as he was raising his child when he notices his wife's breathing seemed to be troubling. Siyensha, Greg's wife, was gasping for air like she was drowning. Taking in big breaths at intervals that were little by little shortening. The siblings stopped celebrating and rushed to their mother's side holding her hands and everything. As Siyensha knew she was at her last breaths she whispered to his husband, " B...B...B-e-..Belle, bea..utiful *sob* *hic*." To Greg's concern he immediately replied, " Yes my love, such a beautiful child, befitting her name, she'll grow up to be a beautiful woman." as he grips his wife's hands.

Siyensha smiled happily as she closed her eyes and breathed slowly, Jun stood there with his cold sweat from the singing and dancing. He was sobbing silently, beside him was Arthur hugging and comforting Elen who was crying buckets of tears. And Greg and Fe gripped Siyensha's hands which were slowly turning cold and hard. Belle's wailing as if predetermined stopped for a while but then bursts again as all the family members started weeping together.


Three years later.

Noon of the day, Fe was inside their inn arranging a flower bouquet and babysitting their youngest sibling Belle. She was pricked by a thorny rose and her finger began to bleed when Belle suddenly burst forth and held her sister's hands. It was a fast movement, Fe only realized Belle had a Bluish aura around her and felt a cold and hot sensation simultaneously. Belle stopped releasing her aura and dropped back to the floor playing with the petals her sister already threw.

What happened in that moment was thoroughly reported back to his eldest brother Jun, when Greg found out from Jun, he was obviously ecstatic. On his way home to their inn, he bought a coal chicken and decided to celebrate because of this blessing from above, since their family barely had any potential of a king.

Unknown to Belle who was happily eating her sliced and cubed pieces of coal chicken meat, the whole family were discussing on whether Jun should stop helping at the inn and get a job in the mining business. Arthur suggested that he would help too and stop his school but was quickly rejected by his elder brother and especially his father. Arthur always looked up to Jun and always wanted to be like him one day. Elen also suggested to drop by the tayloring shop to help Belle enroll at the academy for her studies. Greg was slightly teary eyed and thought, "These...our children...Siyensha, what would I do without our children? I'm so grateful".


Fourteen years later.

Morning Greg was sweeping leaves in front of their inn when an old friend came to visit and delivered a letter. Greg thanked him and walked inside their inn shouting out, "Belle! Belle! Where are you child? Bel--".

"Give that back! You little ugh! Come here! Give that back!" Greg was interrupted by Fe's shouting at what looks like a bundle of cloth running towards the entrance.

"What the--" Greg was caught unprepared and *BAM!*

Belle was scratching her head mumbling to herself "Ouch ouch ouchy."

She was startled when the clothes covering her were suddenly taken away. She was greeted with a frowning face of his father yet, this frown disappeared so fast she couldn't help but think of a way out of this.

To her surprise Greg was not angry, instead she saw her father with a beaming smile the next second. She also smiled widely with her pearly white teeth. Fe intervened and exclaimed, "Elder sister Elen needs those clothes ironed and good to go but you.. you!!!" Belle's smiling stopped but Greg waved Fe and looked at Belle who began to smile with not a smile but more of a grin. A grin of about to get a scolding.

"You'll explain this to me later. Now come sit here." Greg said to his stupidly smiling child as he went to a near table. Belle slowly went to sit at the table and propped herself properly. She was properly educated after all but she had a little clumsy attitude.

Belle was a pretty girl resembling the royal elegance of her mother tinged with almost a pinkish cheeks to accompany her dazzling azure eyes. Her face was slightly circle-ish but was complemented by her long and beautiful black hair.

She received a letter from her father, she opened and read it. The letter that Greg showed Belle was an invitation to be at the annual tournament for youngsters. Fe also calmed down and went to sit next to her younger sister, peeked at the letter and began mouthing what was written.

"Get ready for the academy, go and make breakfast." said Greg.

"Ehhhhhh but I'm still not dressed, and I didn't take a bath yet." replied Belle.

Fe scoffed and said "Hmph! Who told you to bother me while fixing Elder sister's things."

"Enough. Go get everything ready. I'll give you 5 minutes" Greg stumped the two.

"But father-" Belle clamored but Fe immediately said "Just go! Who said father's 5 minutes is 5 minutes."

Arthur and Jun just woke up and was yawning when their slouching backs were slapped. They stood straight up and heard their father say "Go wash yourselves and get ready for breakfast and don't forget to tag along your sister."

Jun and Arthur unenthusiastically answered "Yes Father."

Elen called out to Fe "Bring the ricepot over to the table please."

Fe gladly replied "Yes sister."

Belle was clumsy not because she was born clumsy, she was clumsy because she always woke up to a dream that wasn't a dream or a nightmare that wasn't a nightmare. From her fourth birthday she would dream about two powerful beings almost as if they were Roloc and Wobniar themselves, joining hands, climbing a peak and always stopping at the entrance of a sign written Cele...She barely remembers it but every time she dreams about it, its so painful. Her mind and soul is cracked as if she was being tortured. Because below that place lay bones so white and dried like it was an ancient tomb. That place, calls to her so eerily.

Elen was tasked to get their youngest sister out of the bath because sometimes, Belle would take ages to bathe herself. She heard Belle humming to herself in the bathroom "~Celestial peak~ Hmmm Hmmm. Celes-"

Elen freaked out and went inside startling Belle belting "KYAAAAAAAAAA!" and then "Oh it's only you Big Sister" smiling cutely but abruptly freezes as she saw her elder sister's grim face.

The other members of the family downstairs heard the yelp and shouted for them to stop playing and get down already for breakfast. When the two went down to the dining area, the air around them was slightly off and the family can't help but notice it. Elen went to their father and whispered what Belle uttered in the bathroom. Upon hearing this, Greg dropped his utensils on the plate and took a big gulp of a glass of water.

He gestured for Belle to come closer and asked where she learned it from. Belle quickly answered that she was always dreaming about it. Greg and Elen felt a chill run down their spine and awkwardly fixed themselves. The three left out siblings asked what was going on, and Belle began to keenly observe what was with her family.

Greg mumbled under his breath "Celestial huh. Peak huh." he sighed in between.

Although Belle, Fe and Arthur remained clueless, once Jun heard it he almost sprayed all the water he just drank that was still inside his mouth but bitterly swallowed it.

Greg egged the family to finish their breakfast first and continue to discuss this set of words that they just heard from Belle.


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