My Bahaghari Life
1 And he was born
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My Bahaghari Life
Author :CockiestOfThemAll
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1 And he was born

In the east side of bahaghari world, in the center of City of Wrath, within the towering red mountains.

Deep into the night, Ed Dragon was running through the halls of the Red Dragon Palace gasping for air holding a hot towel and a basin. Maids and Butlers were running and trying to help him but to no success they can't catch up. Moments later when he was one more room away from the main bedroom, a wailing baby was heard and he cannot help but shed a tear as he opened the door. Going inside, he was greeted with a joyous laughter and cry of his wife, Beladonia, accompanied by a non-stop wailing of a baby glowing with a blood-colored hue. He began to hold his hands together and closed his eyes as he mouthed "Thank You" while looking above as to please the God and Goddess for his firstborn's succesful birth.

Ed and Beladonia was the last known treaty marriage before the ban of the tradition. The said tradition was banned due to marriages becoming experimental and emotionless decisions by both parties to acquire a strong born child. The birth of their child would shock the world because of the prowess the two of them possess, thankfully they are both in love with each other so the ban never gave doubt in their minds. In this case Ed ran to the nearest Color Church to pray for their child's healthy coming to this world. Because Beladonia was wraithing in pain and she was radiating a red and black glow alternately which was never seen before. As he was reminded by his personal maids and butlers that they were going to get a hot towel and basin for the physicians to use.

The physicians began to clean up the room and prepare Beladonia's bedding and gave her their child wrapped in a red and black linen cloth. While Beladonia was started to tear up because of joy, she began to hush the little boy to stop from crying. She told her husband, "Come and name our child" as she smiles sweetly and turns back to hush the baby. Ed stopped his thankful prayers and went to sit on the bed, "You shall be known as Rex, a valliant and humble King." as he mutters and kisses his wife's sweating forehead from the delivery.

As if the room stopped time, the beautiful picture of the family hugging each other was portrayed. And the almost red bursting face of Rex began to fade into a pink blush as he breathes slowly and wanders to sleep from the sound of his parent's lullaby.


Three years later.

A maid and a butler were sweating and smiling at the same time as they were babysitting the cute black haired baby Rex who is playing with his wooden shortsword, there was a dim blood-colored light eminating from the sword when he suddenly saw his father dash through the halls carrying a hot towel and basin. His father immediately stopped and stared wide-eyed at his son when Rex was beginning to show talent at such an early age.

Ed gathered his thoughts and gulped down as he smiled to his son saying, "Rex my boy, come here." "Yes father" Rex ran and threw the sword. While the sword nudged itself to the ground, his father can't help but laugh heartily as he grabbed his son's small hands and headed for the main bedroom.

Inside, Beladonia who is tightly grabbing the bedside pushed one last time and was surprised to hear two wails, and when she saw why, she couldn't help but almost faint. And as she was resting, the door opened and the father and son duo entered. They were greeted by a physician saying, "My lord, its twins, a baby boy and a baby girl."

Ed lifted Rex up and said "Meet your little sister and brother, Lia and Buns." Rex's blood-colored eyes shined as he reached to pinch both Lia's and Buns' cheeks and laugh.


Fourteen years later.

"One week from now you'll be joining the tournament for youngsters down the capital." Ed said to his children.

"I'm not joining if big brother is not joining" Buns harrumphed and crossed his arms.

"Same" said Lia as she combed down her hair to her shoulders.

Buns had an outgoing personality where as Lia had a more lax one. Buns wore a red robe bordered with light garments as it complements his red-firey eyes and hair, while Lia wore the same robe bordered with dark garments simply showing her beautiful dark as night eyes and hair.

Ed scratched his almost balding head when he heard the two bicker. Their mother Beladonia laughed at them covering her smirk with her left hand as she told them, "Your brother is just too good for the tournament so its better if you two go and improve yourselves, right my love?" she passively asks. The twins stared back and forth from their mother to their father.

"Hmph! That lazy boy. Ever since he finished studying at the age of 10 he has been disregarding everything I have been trying to teach him." Ed replies.

"What can we do when our son is so talented." Beladonia shrugs back at his husband.

'Talented? Monstrous I'd say.' thought Ed as he returned to teach his two children, swordsmanship.

While all of this was happening, in a not so distant part of the palace, inside a room on top of a tower. Rex was stretching his hands and feet as he wakes up to the mumbling of his stomach. He thought to himself "That dream again", he was having this constant dream about two powerful beings almost as if they were Roloc and Wobniar themselves, joining hands, climbing a peak and always stopping at the entrance of a sign written Cele...He barely remembers it but everytime he dreams about it, its so peaceful. His mind and soul is refreshed as if he was being born again. But below that peaceful place lays bones so white and dried like it was an ancient tomb. That place, calls to him so dearly.

He shivered and looked at his morning boner. He lazily stood up, fixed his posture and went to relieve himself. Before going downstairs he exercised until his body was sweating balls. He took a bath, clothed himself with a red robe and began to descend the tower. Maids and butlers greeted him on his way down, "Young lord." bowing deeply before returning to their posts.

He was yawning when he heard his little brother Buns' hurt cry and Lia's mocking laughter and proceeded to go to them. He went to the training room and saw his mother drinking tea at a table beside the training arena, he greeted, "Morning mother, father". His mother smiled and said "Its already noon my child, are you hungry?" While his father scoffed and trained the twins harder.

Buns couldn't take it anymore and cried "Big brother help me!" Lia's laughter also stopped as she tried her hardest to block all of Ed's attacks. Beladonia waved a maid and instructed her to bring food for Rex and waved to her husband to lay off the training for lunch. As soon as Ed sees his wife's actions, he stopped their training, causing Buns to drop to the ground breathing as if his last, while Lia kneeled and brought out a hand towel to wipe off her sweating face.

The family went to the nearest dining table from the training room. While they were eating, Beladonia asked her eldest, "Are you really not going to enter the tournament?"

As Rex gently puts down his utensils, "What's the point?"

His father abruptly shouted, "Why you!" replied with his wife's glare, he paused and continued eating. Buns was eating fast shoving down food his mouth while Lia used the utensils to cut her food thoroughly and eat with elegance.

Beladonia wiped her lips and suggested, "Okay if you get to the top of this tournament I'll agree to a wish." Rex visibly jolted out of his mind about his mothers suggestion, gulped down real hard almost choking on his own and drank a whole glass of water. Seeing this, his parents can't help but perk their ears up on what their son was about to say about his wish.

"Really?" Rex confirming what he heard was not an illusion.

"Really" replied Beladonia. "Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh! What about us?" asked the twins in sync.

"If you win at least and get to the top 10, I'll buy you that sword you've always wanted Buns, and that pearl necklace you've been eyeing lately Lia." Ed answered for his wife. "Yay!" clamored the twins in unison.

Rex thought hard. He remembered that vague dream he has always been having lately, and mumbled, "Celestial Peak."

Upon hearing the mumble, even if it was just a little his parents' mood grew grim, the room turned icy cold and firey hot at the same time startling the twins. Beladonia held her husbands' fist and said firmly, "No" while staring dumbstruck at her child.

Oblivious to his parent's reactions he continued to ask, "Why mother? I've read books about the peak before, isn't it just an abandoned temple?"

Ed and Beladonia looked at each other and as Ed held Beladonias hands back, he explained.


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