My Bahaghari Life
-1 Bahaghari World
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My Bahaghari Life
Author :CockiestOfThemAll
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-1 Bahaghari World

@@"Bahaghari" is a Filipino word meaning rainbow.

The god and goddess, Roloc and Wobniar, created the bahaghari world, the world was empty so they created children, their children were lifeless so they painted them each of different colors. (we'll go into a deeper understanding of the world later)

A small yet colorful world where people live their small yet colorful lives. In this world there are many families and branches that are part of a bigger family tree, for example, the Black Panthers have the Black Rhinos shared with the Indigo Rhinos and the White Lions has the White Bears of Orange Bears. Colors are families and Animals are branches. Rivalries are a common thing since competition is always in the air. Tournaments and Tests are a daily part of the peoples' lives.

The inhabitants are HUMANS (let's get that out of the way, no furries sorry), let's call them colors. These humans have special abilities granted to them when they're born, the brighter the color the more special the innate ability is, the same goes for the darker the color the more mysterious it is. The world has treaty marriages which have been going on traditionally, at first was seen as good but when used to experiment on who was having the stronger born, it was banned.

The story we are going to follow is the stationary life of Rex, his life was predetermined until someone named Belle enters with a paintbrush and splashes his whole canvas with colors.


Red Dragons

Blue Wyverns

Black Panthers

White Lions

Indigo Rhinos

Orange Bears

Grey Wolves

Green Vipers

Yellow Monkeys




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