Monster Turned Human
1 Prologue
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Monster Turned Human
Author :Tsarck
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1 Prologue

The night had finally come and all light had left the sky. Everything had turned black, and no one would be able to see a thing even if they had light, that's how nights were around here. However even in such a dark night, a single shadow moved in a large forest.

This shadow was quickly running in the forest, leaving a trail of blood behind it. Just a few meters behind the shadow, three wolves were running at full speed, drool coming out of their mouths as they eyed their fleeing prey.

In a situation such as this, most people would know that their fates had been sealed, but the shadow continued to run. After running for a few minutes, the figure reached the entrance to a cave. It looked behind and saw that the wolves had been left in the dust, though it knew they were not far away.

And just as it thought, the wolves arrived three minutes after. They were quite surprised when they saw that the figure was not there anymore, but they just figured it had entered the cave. Deciding to follow it they all entered the cave.

Using their developped sensed of smell they tried to detect the figure, but their blue eyes quickly widened when they noticed a unique smell.....The coppery smell of blood. It hit them as soon as they walked on bones. A low growl was heard and a huge creature, easily four times bigger than the wolves, got up.

They had been lead inside the cave of a bear, and not just any kind of bear !

Just outside the cave, the figure appeared and smirked as it lifted it's hood, revealing an extremely young and handsome face.

" Good luck escaping from a Tyrant Bear, dumbasses." Said the boy before he walked away. This boy was quite particular as he was a bit too tall and muscular for his age. He also had a hairstyle that didn't exactly mix well with his face, given that his hair were long and looked way too dirty. Since he had the face of a prince, it was kind of a waste,but it didn't seem to affect the boy. And it was the case, because this boy wasn't like most men.

In fact this boy who was called Nakra couldn't be called a human. For he indeed had the body of a human but he also had the mind of a monster, a mutant orc to be more precise. He was an entity that hated humans, trapped in the body of something he loathed more than anything.

But he was slowly getting the hang of it. It had been a month since he had become a human after all. It had happened just like that, one moment he was hunting Tyrant Bears with his parents and the next he was in the body of a human.

He had no idea how it happened , and once it happened he was too angry to wonder what caused this situation.

And so for an entire month, he lived in the forest. He had tried to go to a human city, but he had hated it. Orcs didn't have cities but others races did. Orcs were allied to quite a few civilized races and so they frequently visited their cities. Nakra had visited quite a lot of cities, and he had to say....Humans were a weird bunch. They were supposed to be the most civilized out of all races, however it truly didn't show it.

Though they seemed to better than other races when it came to causing troubles for each other. He had been insulted and attacked a dozen of times when he had went to that city, so he never went back.

Instead he now lived in a little abandoned house he had found not too far away from a river. Which was exactly where he was heading at this moment.

" Ugh, time sure fly quickly. It has already been a month since I became a.....Human." He said, hissing the word human with such venom it was quite scary. He didn't hate humans because of some profound reasons, he only hated them because they had always looked down on green skins. Which was the way Orcs, Goblins, Trolls and all the races with green skin called themselves.

But he could understand why somehow, afterall Humans could use all types of magic and had tremendous potential, a potential they wasted so much it was disgusting. As a mutant Orc he found this to be truly horrible.
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Which was why he had decided to milk this body for all it's worth.

" Let's see, let's see...Where did I put this book ?" Asked Nakra as he entered his house and searched for a certain book he had stolen when he went to that city. After searching everywhere he finally found it and opened it eagerly.

He turned the pages and stopped when he reached a certain page that gave instructions to reach the first level a mage could reach, which was Arcane Disciple. As an Orc he didn't like Magic all that much, but he decided to still learn it since it could come in handy. He had become quite weak after turning into a human.

And yet he wanted to become strong once again, so he could get back home. He had no idea where he was, but he was determined to get back to his family.

His eyes now glued on the book, Nakra became focused and read until it was time for him to sleep, he had the body of a boy afterall.

Unfortunately just as he was about to reach his room, the front door exploded and someone stepped in. Nakra grabbed a stick he had changed into a spear and pointed it at the intruder, but was stopped before he could talk.

A hand found itself on the spear and broke it. A smirk bloomed on the intruder's face as she laughed.

" How is it going today, my dear boy ?! You're doing good I trust ?! Ah of course you're doing great, you look like you are really enjoying living in MY house !" Exclaimed the woman as the smoke disappeared. Nakra's eyes widened as he gasped.

" Y-Your house ?!"


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