Living with Pico
4 A Play in the Park
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Living with Pico
Author :David_Abule
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4 A Play in the Park

The sun has risen and the time to pick up pico is soon.

Kizuki woke up and made some breakfast, ate it and cleaned himself tidy.

Kizuki begun to wonder what they should do for fun today.

Since Kizuki is not really one who used to like going out and doesn't know much on where to go, he simply just thought of going to where Pico wants to go to.

Kizuki came to Café Bebe to pick up Pico.

"Pico let's go?"


"where do you want to go to, Pico?"

"uhm… can we go to the park near the beach?"

"sure, let's go there"

So Kizuki drove to the park where he first saw Pico.

"where here Pico, let's go and walk around"


Kizuki and Pico strolled around the park talking about where pico came from and other things all about pico.

Pico jump on top of a small stone wall and Kizuki held his hand so he doesn't fall off.

"Pico, be careful"

"don't worry, I have my balance"

Kizuki and pico are having a wonderful stroll not knowing that Kizuki is slowly getting mesmerize by Pico and forgetting that his really a boy and not a girl from how feminine ad cute Pico acts.

Kizuki and pico reach the binoculars where Kizuki first saw Pico naked on an isolate part of the beach.

"ahh! Mokkun, can I use the binoculars? I wanna see the view"

"...sure Pico, here a coin"

"thank you"

Kizuki wondered why he was called Mokkun.

"hey Pico, why did you call me Mokkun?"

"ah, because your name is Tomatsu, so I'm going to call you Mokkun"

"It sounds cute right?"

"yeah, hehehe"

Pico went and insert the coin to the machine and tried to look but since he is too small he ask Kizuki to help him up.

"Mokkun, I can't see, can you help me up, so I can see?"


Kizuki wrap his arm around Pico's tummy and lift him up.

The gentle breeze blew around Pico and his scent lingered to Kizuki's nose.

Kizuki got once again mesmerize by the feminine scent that lingered off of Pico and can't help but sniff him again. 'Pico' mumbled Kizuki.

"Great view... ah, it's over... Mokkun"

"yes, Pico?"

"can we get some ice cream?"

"sure Pico"

Kizuki and Pico went to the nearest ice cream store and bought a chocolate ice cream for Kizuki and a vanilla ice cream cone for Pico.

Kizuki and Pico went to a nearby bench to eat there ice cream.

Kizuki stares at Pico licking his ice cream, seeing how Pico licks and sucks on the ice cream suddenly turns on Kizuki from how perverted Pico licks his ice cream.

Pico sees Kizuki look at him and his ice cream.

"do you want to try it Mokkun?"

Pico brings the ice cream near Kizuki and Kizuki licks on it and half of the ice cream.

"mmm... It taste good Pico"

"Mokkun! I didn't tell you to bite half of it off"

Pico pouts and licks the remaining ice cream.

"sorry, sorry, here why don't you bite half of mine as well as an apology?"

Pico sucks on Kizuki's ice cream and had cream on his face.

Seeing this Kizuki used his right hand to wipe of the ice cream off Pico's face, before Kizuki wipes off the ice cream from his finger, Pico stops him."

"Mokkun, this is such a waste"

Pico starts to lick Kizuki's finger and suck on it clean.

Seeing this, Kizuki becomes mesmerize again and he starts losing control of his lust on how perverted and cute Pico kept on behaving.

"all clean Mo-kkun"

Kizuki place his right hand on pico's left cheek, Pico was puzzled, then Kizuki starts leaning to Pico and kiss his lips. once he parted his lips.

"Mokkun" Pico blushes.

"Pico, let's go to the woods?"


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