Living with Pico
2 A sight to behold
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Living with Pico
Author :David_Abule
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2 A sight to behold

Kizuki woke up in a bed he did not know.


Kizuki scream with a freight waking up.

"What the heck? where is the what was that? where am I? was that truck-kun? phew at least it was the tire and there is a good chance i'm still intact.

now then, where is this place anyway?"

Kizuki looks around the place and found a mirror.

stood up and walk to the mirror.

He saw himself and thought.

"Who is this guy? I do look handsome though."

Kizuki walk around the room to understand his situation and in finding out where he is.

he found a wallet and work ID, his name was Tamotsu and his a white-collar worker.

knowing his name, he remembered the original host memory and the mundane everyday life.

Now knowing the original host life, he knew he got no work today and thought of taking a stroll in his car that he did not have in his past life to get used to his new life.

During his stroll, he went to the nearby park beside the cliff above the beach.

He sat on the nearby bench to take a rest.

A few minutes later he saw two hot girls going near the binoculars to look down the beach and at the ocean.

Kizuki was drawn to the girls and looks at there curves like any normal men do.

The two girls left while the binoculars are still operational.

Kizuki felt it was a waste and use the binoculars as well to look at the beach.

While surveying the seen, he saw a naked girl on a big rock faraway from the crowd.

"woah, what the heck!"

The girl was really cute while squeezing the water out of her shirt.

The girl felt like she was being look at and turn to face his direction.

Kizuki sees it as well but he was so faraway that he did not bother and just kept looking at her.

The binoculars suddenly darkened and Kizuki immediately tried to take out a coin to operate the binoculars, but when he finally got the binoculars working and look at the work, the girl was no where to be found.

"Darn, why did it had to suddenly blackout and not let me enjoy the moment"

Kizuki was dazed and cannot forget the beautiful and cute naked girl, he decided to go to the Café Bebe coffee shop that the host usually goes to.


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