Life in Another World as the Supreme Being
2 Sinking into Darkness
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Life in Another World as the Supreme Being
Author :Moonlights
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2 Sinking into Darkness

Just afterwards I felt my conscience blanking out. It wasn't painful as I thought it ought to be.

Everything was black.

It was so calm and peaceful that I was thinking that the common way of addressing death as eternal rest wasn't that far from reality.

With the senseless state I was in and the pitch black darkness, I couldn't determine how many days or even years had passed. All notion of time was just disbanded.

All I felt was that it has been an eternity since I last felt something and my thought wandered on how things turned out back there, without knowing if Kate was saved by this mess-loving Goddess. In those darkness all I could do was thinking about my existence.

My personality didn't change much between my two lifes, which wasn't the case of my actions. As many I can be described as a self-centered person, not that I was that selfish just that accomplishing big things in the name of prettified reasons wasn't my way of thinking.

Restraining oneself because of some morals was and is something I despise, do what you want, follow your instincts. That is the only thing that keep you alive in a warring world. These values issued from religion or teaching aren't worth anything when you die in regrets, you can have them only if you're strong or used.

So I became strong. So I wasn't used nor forced to be one way or another. The first time I was a warrior, the second a politician, each era comes with different battlefields and different weapons.

When I said I disliked morals and values, it is more the way people expect you to follow strictly every rules even if they are unreasonable. Forgiveness ? Compassion ? Respect ? Why must those feelings be given to everyone, because of redemption ? What do you do next ? Be bitten to death by another ungrateful dog ? No, thanks. Society and its values owns you nothing.

I began to recall some old memories when suddenly it was as if a lantern was light up. It was as if a scene was being played just before me as the stage set was becoming slowly visible.

There was a dungeon made of light stones but within the darkness I could only recognize the architecture from my previous life. The majesty of the Kan Empire was fully displayed just with the way the dungeon was organized.

The only difference between the Kan Empire and the Egyptian Empire in Antiquity was the existence of magical artifacts. Just as the jails that were locked by massive iron bars that emitted a deep brown color, they glowed different colors.

All the colors signified different elements and its luminosity its power. They deep brown light meant gravity and so go on with the others colors.

The lantern began to move as a person slowly appeared at the end of it. It was a young boy in his teens who had a menacing aura that showed he was an experienced killer despite his young age.

As he went deeper in the corridors of the dungeon, the atmosphere became more tense, the stench of blood grew also heavier. There was no sound except the rhythmical steps of the teen in uniform.

Surprisingly all the cells since the beginning were empty and it was deserted. Not even a trace of blood and even less a corpse or a skeleton. Everything was unexpectedly very clean. The origin of the stench was nowhere to be seen.

At the end of the corridor stood a gigantic door, that the young boy easily opened. Inside was a torture room where six other young men were standing in the middle of the chamber. They were gathered around a man heavily wounded. With all the instruments in the room it was quite easy to guess what happened.

"General Nuptis, you are one more time the latest."

The young boy blushed slightly but his composure remained serious.

"Well one of us need to explain to these stupid officials why our dear Emperor disappeared out of thin air... As not anyone of you want to take the charge it landed on me, if you don't remember well, General Hari."

The gaze of Nuptis falling on the man tied up by heavy chains. The man was in his forties and had the allure of a handsome flower boy. Many would be fooled by this gentle appearance but this man was well-known in the whole continent as the Red Emperor for his bloodthirstiness.

He had made war to all the small countries and when he won it all, he founded a whole new Empire more flourishing than the others. Some will hide their will of conquest behind aspiring reasons such as peace or even as a way to save their native country from demise. But this man didn't want to make war because of one of those motives, he had always claimed that he did all of this because he liked the sight of dusk on a hill tainted red by the battlefields.

Many feared him and were oppressed by this mad man but nobody managed to take him down until the alliance of the Seven Generals. They were seven teenagers that the Red Emperor adopted from the battlefields, whom he had groomed personally in warfare geniuses. Along the Emperor they formed an invincible force that could easily wipe out an entire army of thousands of soldier. This force was known as the Red Nightmare.

The man in the shackles raised slowly his head when he felt the gaze of all his Seven Generals upon him. He contemplated all the persons present as if graving in his mind their expressions. The room was silent.

Out of nowhere a devilish smile formed on the face of the fallen Emperor, as if the horrendous wounds on his body were minor details.

"It seems that you have schemed this from a long time ago... I don't really understand why though.

Mortal things are of no interest for all of you here, it seems more like personal grudges...

So how I did let you down, my dear children?"


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