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Life in Another World as the Supreme Being
Author :Moonlights
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1 Useless Goddess

The slashing noise suddenly stopped as the last man fell down on the blood soaked floor. The room that was still white and clean few minutes ago was now drenched by the red liquid.

I looked at the quite girl was sat in the middle of the pool of blood. The Russian beauty was in a sorry state, with all the injuries on her body and her tattered clothes, nobody could tell she was the precious daughter of the President of the Second Greatest Country.

The poor girl was trembling, but I didn't know if it was because of the wounds, or the coldness or because of what she had just witnessed. She usually had a strong personality and was a bit rebellious, but as I could see at the moment she would always stay the lady of a pampered family.

I looked at her with a tinge of compassion, what just happened must really be devastating for peaceful people. I always admired her way of thinking and her positive feelings. It was what permitted us to stop all the wars. This positivity and her stubbornness to never abandon anyone.

After I checked they were all dead, I could finally throw the bloody knives. As I moved in the direction of the girl, I untied the rope that was still hanging from my wrists which were in a gory state because of my rushed try to free myself.

When I bent down to finally be close enough to inspect her condition, it was at this moment I realized how severe her injuries were.

The jailors had tortured her by cutting her tendons making her unable to walk. All the blood loss made her complexion extremely pale. Along all of that it seemed she was feed some kind of drug but I didn't know if it was poison or not.

I checked her pulse which was abnormally low and all her body was also cold. If she didn't receive any treatment soon she would die in the next hour. I wasn't a doctor but just by seeing her condition even a normal person could see that she had a ghostly look.

"Miss Arya, you should escape and search for some help. I know my condition very well, nothing can help me to escape Death's claws. You should continue our work and make so that all the countries are in peace."

I looked at her with a serious gaze. This little girl had already sacrificed so much for all the collectivity, that I just wanted her to be selfish for once.

"I can't Kate, the project can't be successful without you. I will carry you so enlace your hands around my neck and we will go search for help together."

Kate looked at me with a painful yet amused expression as she chuckled lightly.

"We both know that you don't have the strength of a man even if you act like one... Please Miss Arya go, one of us has to go back alive or there would be a big disorder in all of the gouvernement tomorrow... *cough*"

The young girl coughed blood and smiled weakly.

"President Nightingale you have to go back to your country, your are more important than me diplomatically..."

At each breath, she became more and more weak.

"I have a bullet in my stomach, you have to go, you can't save me..."

My hands were gripping more and more tightly on the being that growing weaker by the minute.

"Silly girl I won't let you die alone, if I can't save you I have to stay until the end... But that is if I can't save you... "

A bitter smile were hanging from my lips, I had to do something. I closed my eyes and began to chant something I hoped I would never sing again.

"O War of God! O Bloody Goddess! I let my destiny inside your hands! I implore my Goddess to help me! O Sekhmet!"

On one of the corpse suddenly a little black cat appeared balancing rhythmically its tail. Its red eyes deeply excited.

There was a silence.

"O Arya, o my dear child, I had lost any hope in you summoning my Godly Self in this life time."

Sekhmet suddenly smiled in a devilfish way that could make you shivers just by seeing it. I felt Kate stiffening in my arms.

"If I could have lived a peaceful life without having to use you, it would have indeed better... Sekhmet I want you to realize my third wish right now."

The cat looked at me with a frown and it suddenly flew onto my shoulder.

"You perfectly know that I am the Goddess of War but why are you always making me own favors to Osiris? I mean you should have formed a contract with him... It's really an hassle to always have to negotiate for every of your wishes with other Gods..."

This freaking lazy goddess was someone I saved in my previous life and as she took a liking to my ways of doing things she accorded me three wishes. But it was more just her searching for reasons to make another war.

"We all know that you made me reincarnate into this world because you wanted me to reignite the war and not to end it. So stop your fake concern now and save Kate."

"Yeah yeah I always you were a bright child. But at least couldn't be more grateful for me to have saved you all those years ago. And now without giving any news you want me to save this girl... But you know there is a problem with her condition as she was..."

As I finished talking I realized that the kid was going to die anytime soon if this stupid god didn't do anything, and the cat was still talking as if they had all the time of the world.


The more I talked with this feline the madder I became...

"Sorry to sadden you, as I was saying before you interrupted me, but I can't save her as she is under a curse and to cure her I need a sacrifice."

I looked at her become even more angry tan I already was, and I said as I gritted my teeth.

"There isn't enough corpse in this whole room to proceed ?"

The cat suddenly transformed into a human and said seductively to my hear.

"For that I would need a strong soul such as yours..."


"I accept your deal useless Goddess."


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