Insane God Of Slaughter
5 An Eventful Stroll.
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Insane God Of Slaughter
Author :MyRealName
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5 An Eventful Stroll.

After humiliating Cao Chang and his family, Liu Qiang had nothing to complain about. He had even scored a pretty good looking concubine. Though, then again he's only 12 so it's not like he's going to be doing anything anytime soon.

Liu Qiang decided that it was time to head back home. This was mainly because he wanted to double check that his actions wouldn't cause his family any trouble. After all, even if he was the son of the high general, he couldn't just go around killing people right? However on his way home he was interrupted.

"Oh? If it isn't little brother Qiang?" The voice was that of a woman's and it belonged to none other than his 6th sister, Liu Fang.

Liu Fang had long blonde hair tied in pigtails at the back of her head, a decent face, and a pretty good figure, but even compared to that Cao concubine he scored she was nothing.

*sigh*"The fuck do you want Fang?" Liu Qiang was in a good mood and he didn't want it to be ruined by his bitch of a sister.

"Is that anyway to speak to your sister!?" This voice was not that of Liu Fang but was instead her fiancé, Gao Bik.

Before Liu Qiang was crippled, he would've never dared to speak out against him, guess the news of him recovering somehow hadn't reached all of his siblings.

"Oh? I'm impressed, Bik, just two days ago I seem to remember you asking me for guidance in your cultivation? *sigh* Truly a sleazy bastard worthy of my sister." Liu Qiang already knew that his current strength was more than enough to fuck up this Gao child. Even his sister is worth nothing to him. But, if he were to kill his sister and her fiancé, he doesn't even want to think of what kinda punishment he would face at the hands of his father.

Gao Bik knew that as long as nothing major happened to Liu Qiang, then Liu Wei shouldn't descend upon him and his family, and will likely take it as 'competition between the young.'

Liu Qiang was waiting for a reply, but to his surprise, the only thing that came was a fist.

"Oh? You really have become brave Gao bastard!" Liu Qiang said as he simply caught the boys fist.

"You see. I guess word hadn't got out yet, but I've already healed, in fact, I'm even stronger than before. Yet, you truly just tried to punch me in the face? But don't worry. I'll be sure not to kill you!" Liu Qiang said before exerting all the force of his Qi Refining stage 9 cultivation base to crush the bones in Gao Bik's hand.

Gao Bik, being a mere level 3 Qi Refing Stage fighter, was helpless in fighting back and had the bones in his hand thoroughly crushed.

"It's alright Gao, I'll be sure to not injure you to the point that you can't be healed by a pill." Liu Qiang said before proceeding to be relentless in his 'punishment'

Gao Bik was mad. No matter how hard he tried, he was always beaten by Liu Qiang. In the younger generation Gao Bik was ranked 7th in terms of talent, whereas Liu Qiang was (A/N: Originally, before his talent was upgraded) ranked 2nd. Gao Bik was ranked 8th on the 'prince list' a list which rated the younger generation in terms of looks, whereas Liu Qiang was placed at 3rd. However even Gao Bik knew that this was majorly because most people didn't even know what the youth looked like. However Gao Bik quickly lost the ability to think.

"UWAH!" Gao Bik bellowed.

Liu Qiang had kicked his kneecap, making his leg bend invertedly. Liu Qiang followed up by stomping on Gao Bik's other legs once he fell over, thoroughly shattering his shinbone.

"Liu Qiang! What the fuck are you doing!" Liu Qiang's expected peace was not over, as his 5th brother appeared.

Liu Qiang's 5th brother looked far more like his mother than his father. He was a short muscular man with short blue hair.

"Liu Jun, this has nothing to do with you, I'd rather not have to fight you." Liu Qiang said as he began to leave the scene and walk towards the Liu family manor.

"YOU'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE! FIST OF THE RAMPAGING DRAGON!" Liu Jun screamed as he lunged at Liu Qiang from behind. His fist was covered in red energy the shape of a dragon. This was one of the Liu families martial arts which allowed them to climb to the top of the dynasty. It was a low level Earth technique and had quite formidable strength.

"Are all of my siblings this fucking stupid!?" Liu Qiang screamed before turning around to meet him head on.

"Star Strike." Liu Qiang uttered as lightning began to form in the clouds before striking his brother sending him straight into the ground.

"I don't have time to fuck with you guys. Just leave me alone. But I swear, if you go out and bring back 3rd or 4th brother, I will make you wish your miserable lives were never born." These words were all spoken, but they were almost too calm and unreal as they flowed out of his mouth so naturally.

Liu Qiang just continued to walk home without a care in the world.

"BIG BROTHER!" Just then a little maybe 6 year old girl came sprinting at Liu Qiang lunging at him from metres away.

"Wahoh!" Liu Qiang said, catching the little girl.

"Liu Jing, have you gained weight? You're so heavy now! My arms might break." Liu Qiang asked.

"BIG BROTHER! You're a meanie!" Liu Jing yelled before hitting Liu Qiang on the head.

Liu Jing was Liu Qiang's 8th and youngest sister. She had black hair that went down to her neck and was always in a little red dress.

"Hehe, so, what's up Liu Jing?" Liu Qiang asked. Although he wanted to go back and cultivate because he could feel that there might be an opportunity to breakthrough, it's not like that opportunity would just disappear or anything.

"Well, mummy said that on my 7th birthday, I'd get tested for my talent, and that's only 5 days away!" Liu Jing exclaimed.

"Oh? Well I'll be sure to be there if that's what you're worried about." Liu Qiang said as kindly as possible.

"N-no, that's not it. It's just... What if I've got low talent?"

Liu Qiang was confused, why would the little girl even think like that? Don't most kids assume that they're the best?

"Liu Jing, why is it that you think this way? Tell me the truth now." Liu Qiang said sweetly. Yet on the inside, he was boiling from anger. This was because he suspected it was a sibling who put this idea in her head.

"I-it's because 3rd brother and 2nd sister kept on saying that I'm useless and won't have any talent! They said i'd be lucky to even have orange level talent with how useless I am!" The girl said while sobbing.

"Pah! They're just jealous because of how great you are! I bet that by the time you're my age, you'll be the second strongest person in our generation!" Liu Qiang announced to the girl with a smile on his face.

"Second strongest?" Liu Jing questioned.

"Well, obviously. First place is gonna have to be me!" Liu Qiang shamelessly said.

Liu Jing giggled and then ran off to find her 1st sister.

Liu Qiang also worked in a different direction than his cultivation chamber or room.

Roughly 1 minute later.

*knock knock*

"Huh?" Just then a girl opened the door, only to see the body of a headless rat. As she was preparing to scream the head of the rat fell from the door, right down her shirt. This girl was none other than Liu Qiang's 2nd sister.

Roughly 30 minutes later.

*knock knock*

A young man with very well defined muscles and long purple hair answered the door.Only to find that someone had left a pile of shit right on his doorstep. This was none after than Liu Qiang's 3rd brother.

The truth is Liu Qiang had originally planned to go get his 2nd brother and beat the shit out of these two siblings, but, unfortunately his brother was out hunting demon beasts with his father and eldest brother.

[What to do now?] As Liu Qiang was thinking, he came up with quite the idea. He would go find his 6th brother at the school and pass onto him a heaven grade cultivation technique that most fits his elements. After all, the two of them used to be known as a formidable duo in the younger generation.

The two of them were so close, that when Liu Qiang was crippled and beaten by the much older crown prince, he almost charged in to take the prince's life, even though the prince was a stage 7 Houtian warrior, far stronger than his own stage 3.

Once Liu Qiang arrived at the school he realised it was bigger than he thought. It was at least 10hectares in area.

While he was walking around and through the classes he could see the students muttering and whispering. As far as he could tell, it seemed that news about what happened in the café had finally circulated around. Liu Qiang kept walking until he stumbled upon his and his brothers old classroom and he entered.

Sitting at a chair at the back of the classroom surrounded by both boys and girls, was a young handsome lad with a lean, yet muscular body, long white hair and light blue eyes. This was Liu Jun, Qiang's 6th brother.


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