Insane God Of Slaughter
4 Battle at the café!
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Insane God Of Slaughter
Author :MyRealName
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4 Battle at the café!

While practicing his cultivation method 'Gods Trifecta' Liu Qiang realised his cultivation speed was even faster than he thought! Within 2 hours he already broke through to the 2nd level of the Qi gathering realm! In just 1 and a half hours he managed to break through an entire realm! Even for someone who had white level talent this was simply unheard of! A peak level god technique truly is unrivalled!

After another hour and a half, he managed to make it to the peak of level 9 Qi gathering! This was simply too fucking overpowered, the previous him took just over 6 months to achieve this same feat, and was already herald as a once-in-a-thousand-year genius!

"Damn, finally hit a bottleneck. It's not worth repeatedly trying, I'll just go find some shit to do until I feel that it's the right time to try again." And so Liu Qiang exited his cultivation chamber and decided to go outside by himself.

The imperial city was massive, at least 2 square kilometres in space! The buildings were all massive, the biggest ones being the imperial families' castle, the Liu families' manor, and the Guang families' pavilion.

Liu Qiang didn't go out very often previously, so not too many people knew he was when he was walking around, but some important people noticed who he was, and chose to avoid the boy in order to not risk offending the general and having their family destroyed.

Liu Qiang decided to stop into a lavish looking building. The building was very popular and it was one of the biggest restaurants in the entire city, having four different floors! On the first floor, there were at least a hundred people seated at different tables.

Liu Qiang went up to the server and asked if there were any available seats, and how the floors were set up. To get seated on each floor you needed to have something... different, on the top level, the fourth floor only the Matriarchs and Patriarchs of large families were allowed to sit up there. The third floor was reserved for only those who had a large amount of coins, whereas the 1st and 2nd floor were for anyone as long as there was room.

"Are there any available seats on the 3rd floor?" Liu Qiang asked, revealing a bag full of gold coins.

"Oh, but of course! Esteemed guest, let me lead you!" And so Liu Qiang followed the server to the third floor, and chose a place to sit.

"Esteemed guest, is there anything that I can get you?" The server asked, almost excited.

"Hmm... I'll have, one serving of fried horned wolf" The reason this restaurant was so popular was because the food that they sold was all ferocious and demon beast meat.

"Of course! Right away esteemed guest!" The server then went away to get Liu Qiang his meal.

After the server returned, Liu Qiang began to eat his meal, and more and more people came up to the third floor. Liu Qiang, because he didn't want to bring too much attention to himself, he chose to wear a basic white silk robe, so at first glance, one wouldn't be able to tell that he was from an extremely powerful background. Just then, two youths, one boy and one girl, stormed up to the third level.

"What do you mean there's no room!? The way I see it, there's a table right there with nothing but leftovers and trash on it!" The male said, pointing directly at Liu Qiang.

The server then approached Liu Qiang, asking; "Esteemed guest, I'm sorry but would you be so kind as to free open this table by moving away?"

"No." That's all Liu Qiang said in response.

The server looked as if he didn't really know what to do, and just sought of gave up.

"Young Lord, why don't you just go to a differe-" Before the server could finish talking, the boy and the girl had both moved and were right in front of Liu Qiang.

"Can I help you?"

"Hmph! If you know what's good for you, you'd stand up and leave now, before i'm forced to take action!" The youth yelled.

Liu Qiang merely glanced at realised this brat was only at the 4th level of Qi refining stage, and so, Liu Qiang ignored him.

"Do you want to fucking die!?" The youth screamed.

"No." Liu Qiang nonchalantly responded.

"Mother fucker! Fine! You asked for this! Rushing tiger fist!" The youth screamed as his hand became covered in blue energy the shape of a tiger.

The youth lunged at Liu Qiang preparing to hit him with intent to kill.

"Fuhck, why did you have to choose me outta everyone!?" Liu Qiang yelled before covering his fist in lightning qi and smashed head on with the brat in front of him.

The youth screamed as Liu Qiang's lightning qi spread through his body before launching him straight through the café wall, causing him to plummet three stories, breaking many of his bones, knocking him out.

"Fucking bitch, why can't I just enjoy a good fucking meal!?" Liu Qiang yelled in anger.

As Liu Qiang began to calm down prepare to go back to eating his meal, he noticed that the girl had disappeared.

"Mother fucker! This is going to cause problems isn't it!?" He mumbled under his breath, and just as he thought mere minutes later the girl reappeared with a group of 5 burly men.

"IT'S HIM! HE'S THE BASTARD WHO INJURED BIG BRO!" The girl screamed as the 5 men all charged at Liu Qiang.

"Fuck off! I'm just trying to enjoy a good fucking meal, but you little cunts just couldn't have it could you!? FUCK! Do I have to be like you little bitches and flaunt around my family status to be able to eat a fucking meal in peace!? FUCK!" Liu Qiang roared.

Liu Qiang then picked up the knife he was eating with, and with the help of his fire energy, he launched it straight into the forehead of the man in the front. He then grabbed another mans face and sent thousands of vaults straight into the mans brain, causing his head to explode.

Screams were heard from all those who were present, some people even fainted while others were throwing up.

"What? Is that all you bastards have got!?" Liu Qiang yelled. However, if you ask for trouble, trouble always answers.

Another man came charging at Liu Qiang, but this man was a Houtian level warrior, making him far stronger than Liu Qiang.

"Oh? This'll be fun!" Liu Qiang yelled.

"Star shattering palm strike!" Liu Qiang bellowed, as his fist began to be developed in red, purple, and brown energy, he threw his fist out.

"HMPH! Weakling! Taste my Rushing Lion Fist!" The man screamed as his fist became enveloped in silver energy, preparing to clash with Liu Qiang's fist.

BANG! A loud sound was heard throughout the entire café, everyone was expecting to say Liu Qiang lying on the floor, maybe even a dead Liu Qiang, but instead what they saw was the young boy standing firm, whereas the man who was obviously stronger, was standing there with his entire arm, and even part of his side missing.

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!?" a voice bellowed as a man came down from the 4th floor.

"Qing, my daughter, what happened here?" Qing, the girl from earlier, then explained to her father what happened.

"OH!? WHO DARES TO TOUCH MY, CAO CHANG'S SON AND MEN!?" The man boomed, he was Cao Chang, the patriarch of a rich family with formidable strength, being at the Golden Core Refining stage. He like his men, was a big muscly man standing well over 6" tall with short brown hair.

"Me." Liu Qiang replied.

"OH!? AND WHO MIGHT YOU B-"... Cao Chang paused. He then walked right up to his daughter and men, and forced their heads down.

"Y-young Lord Liu Qiang, please forgive my children, they are uneducated and do not understand that they are but frogs in a well! Please young lord, please forgive these insolent children of mine!" Cao Chang's reaction stunned everyone until they heard him mention the name 'Liu Qiang'

"D-daddy! Why are you apologising to hi-" Qing's words were interrupted by a slap, a slap which came from none other than her father.


"It's fine." Liu Qiang mused.

"Although, I have been looking for a concubine." Liu Qiang said, looking Qing up and down.

"Oh? Obviously my family would be honoured if you were t-" Cao Chang was interrupted, this time, by Liu Qiang.

"But, your daughter's a bitch, so how about I just have her for a night?" Liu Qiang said.

"W-well if it's what the young mast-" Cao Chang was AGAIN interrupted by Liu Qiang.

"Nah, I'm good, your daughter's an ugly bitch, I could probably get better for three copper coins on any street corner." Liu Qiang said, without giving a shit.

"Then what is it that the young lord wants?" Cao Chang was happy to finally get a word out.

"Hm... nothing? To be honest, I've just been enjoying fucking with your family for the past hour, but, tell ya what, we'll make a deal, if for some reason, I ever want to, your family will have to agree to let me take your daughter here as a concubine. It's a good deal right? I mean I probably won't, who'd want a bitch like her as a concubine. But then again maybe I will?"

"Y-yes it's a deal then!" Cao Chang said happy now that a crisis had been avoided.

"Okay, well in that case, I would like to take your daughter as my concubine."


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