Insane God Of Slaughter
3 The Auction
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Insane God Of Slaughter
Author :MyRealName
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3 The Auction

**DISCLAIMER: I'm aware of the fact that I forgot to describe what Liu Yong and Tung Mei look like. So I've described towards the end of this chapter!**

Once inside of the auction, they were instantly given a V.I.P room. As the direct descendants of the High General, they were treated just as good, if not even better than the princes were! The room was massive with expensive looking furniture made from both ferocious and demon beasts' hides. They were seated in extremely comfortable couches made of... green leather? They even had two servants on each side of them, to provide them with whatever they needed.

During the first half of the auction, there was nothing that impressive that came out of it, however Liu Yong ended up buying a lot of Tier 1 and 2 jewellery for his wife. Liu Qiang on the other hand, was just waiting for the slaves to be brought out. He at least wanted to get 2 combat slaves, and maybe even some demon pets. Who knows he might even buy some... other types of slaves.

Just as he was beginning to get bored, a maybe 15 year old beast-man was brought out. Even though he was so young, the boy was already a Xiantian level immortal with Gold level talent, imagine how strong he'd become if he was merely given a low earth grade cultivation technique and some resources!

"As you can all see, this young boy is a lion beast-man! Even though he's so young, the boy's already a stage 6 Xiantian level expert! The starting bid will be 20,000 gold coins!" The announcer proclaimed, and immediately, from the V.I.P section, a voice was heard!

"20,000 gold coins!" The voice, was none other than Liu Qiang's! Once everyone else realised that he was the son of the High General, no one dared to bid against him, as, if they were to offend the High General, no one in the entire dynasty could protect them from his wrath!

Thus, the young young beast-man was sold off to Liu Qiang!

"Ahh, nice steal little brother! If this continues, people may start to resent you!" Liu Yong couldn't help but say. The truth is, he wanted the slave as well, but he wasn't the type of bastard to fight his younger brother over a fucking slave.

As the auction continued, the Liu brothers continued to buy whatever slaves they wanted unchallenged. Liu Yong ended up getting 6 Xiantian level 5 immortals, and 15 Xiantian level 2 immortals

. Liu Qiang on the other hand, only bought 1 other slave, who was a dwarf who had short red hair and more muscles than even the biggest body builder back on earth! He was even at the 6th level of the Xiantian realm. The reason that he bought the dwarf, was because he knew that as long as he supplied him with materials, this dwarf would be able to make him up to tier 4 armour and weapons whenever he so wanted them! Although he had mastered the art in his past life, with his current strength and goals, this would just be time consuming.

"Now, everyone. Brace yourselves, the last slaves that we have prepared for you are... a pair of twins! They must be purchased together! These two twins are both level 6 Xiantian warriors, however they're also beautiful elf girls with talent at the Purple level!, Being twins also increases their cultivation speed as long as they're trained together! Due to this, the girls have a starting price of 120,000 gold coins!" The auctioneer announced.





Pissed off screams were heard throughout the entire auction house, but one voice sounded over them all.

One Liu Qiang saw the girls he had already made up his mind. Who wouldn't want to buy these two beauties? They had long white hair, beautiful faces, and possibly the best figure he had seen on any woman! They were basically a perfect ten, and even though they were covered in dirt and were wearing rags, they were still absurdly beautiful. Not that he was going to do anything with them... at least not yet, he's still only 12!

"135,000 gold coins!" The shout came from none other than our very own Liu Qiang!


That one word was repeated constantly throughout the entire auction house. Even those who did have the money, still wouldn't dare to bid against the Liu family. Especially some higher up nobles, who had already worked out that the Liu family could easily overthrow the imperial family. This was because the Liu family was in command of 76% of the dynasties military, and they even had their own secret force, rumoured to be even stronger than the emperor's very own imperial guards!

"Sold, to the Liu families young master!" The auctioneer yelled. Even though the news of Liu Qiang's loss had long spread, no one would dare speak ill of him, especially not with Liu Yong standing next to him looking so overbearing.

Liu Yong, unlike Liu Qiang, had long blood red hair which was freely floating half way down his back. His eyes were also blood red, and his eyebrows were bushy, unlike his brothers sword like eyebrows.

Not to mention Tung Mei, who was known as one of the top 10 beauties in the entire dynasty! She had long green hair, which was resting over her shoulders. Her skin was pale, and she had cherry lips. She was the product of many mens' dreams, and many women's jealousy. Yet no one dared make a move, knowing that Liu Yong wouldn't let them go until they were nothing but ash.

Next up in the auction, were the demon pets (A/N: Just tamed ferocious beasts!) Liu Qiang realised that he didn't have that many gold coins left, so he had to mooch another 500,000 from his brother. Not that his brother cared. His brother had already spent over 3 and a half million gold coins on slaves and jewellery, so to him, a mere 500,000 was nothing.

Many ferocious beasts were brought out, but none had the ferocity to draw Liu Qiang's attention, causing him to start feeling a bit displeased and disappointed. Right as Liu Qiang was losing hope, he saw a ferocious beast which caught his attention.

"This next ferocious beast, is known throughout the continent for how aggressive and powerful it is! This is none other than a White Fire Snow Leopard!" As the announcer spoke up to here, Liu Qiang had already decided this beast would be his!

"Its internal strength is equivalent to that of a stage 9 Xiantian warrior! And its external strength is even more formidable, being the same as a stage 3 Golden Core Foundation Stage warrior! The starting bid for such a formidable creature is 325,000 Gold Coins!" The auctioneer yelled.

Even though it was only a ferocious beast the amount of killing intent that it gave off was insane! Even though it almost the exact same as a snow leopard, other than the fact that it was three times the size, it could create and control white fire!

"350,000 gold coins!" Once again this voice was Liu Qiang. The reason he bid higher than the starting price was because he started to feel bad for constantly ripping off the auctioneer because as soon as he bid, no one else dared to.

A *sigh* could be heard throughout the auction house, even from the mouth of the auctioneer!

So, Liu Qiang left the auction house with his brother and sister-in-law, along with multiple slaves and ferocious beasts.

[With these four slaves and this demon pet, I already have enough 'protection' for me to be able to train without having to worry too much about interrupted by any bastards.]

The truth was, he was worried about having his cultivation interrupted by one of his brothers or sisters. The ones born to concubines that is. A lot of their mothers were always scheming to remove Liu Qiang's mother from power, and their children were always looking for trouble with him. Hopefully, having a group of Xiantian level experts will stop them, but if his 3rd brother came, he'd have no choice but to prey they're not ballsy enough to break into his cultivation chamber just to start some shit.

"All of you, come with me, it's time to start cultivating!" Liu Qiang said as he marched over towards the cultivation chambers.


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