Insane God Of Slaughter
2 Reincarnating... Again
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Insane God Of Slaughter
Author :MyRealName
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2 Reincarnating... Again

Just then a youth sat up on his bed. "What the fuck!? Where the hell am I?"

Just then, a young blue haired servant girl with some of the biggest breasts he had ever seen walked in!

"Y-young master! You're ok!" The servant girl then ran out of the room screaming to "Lord! Lady! The young master has awoken!"

[Seriously, where the fuck am I?] He thought, trying to sought out his memories. [That's right, my name's Seth, I was originally born in a place called 'Earth' While I was there, I started up a gang with my friend, and by the time we were 16 years old we were dealing drugs in every public school in the state! Then he started to do shit I couldn't put up with, he raped another mans girl coz he couldn't pay off his debt! I couldn't deal with that. I had done a lot of fucked up shit before, even torturing people! But I still never raped someone! He was mad at my choice to leave, and on that same night, my former best friend literally stabbed me in the back. Then I was reborn in a cultivation world, where for thousands of years I cultivated bitterly to force my way to supremacy! And now, I'm here.]

"Liu Qiang! You've recovered! Oh my baby boy you're going to be okay!" Cried a beautiful woman, who stumbled into the room, before lunging at Seth, putting him in her embrace.

[Fuck why does my head hurt so much!?] Just as he looked at the woman, his head once again began to pulse as he experienced the worst migraine of his life. [I see, this body that I'm currently in belongs to 12 year old noble, the 7th and youngest son of the dynasties high general! This continent is known as the 'Bloane' continent, and this dynasty rules over all the other kingdoms in it! After being challenged by the crown prince, over his fiancé, the young miss of another noble family, he was crippled by the 18 year old and the original owner of this body passed away allowing my soul to live on again? Or have I always been Liu Qiang, and did I just inherit this 'Seth's' memories? Well, it doesn't matter either way, I'll just have to slaughter my way to the top in this world as well!]

Just then, an extremely handsome man with long black hair and... golden eyes? Walked into the room. Liu Qiang almost couldn't believe it, this man with beautiful looking golden clothes, sharp eyebrows, and a chiseled jaw, was his father! He just preyed to god that he'd inherit his parents' beautiful looks, being a lady killer is quite helpful!

"Hmph! Of course the boy's okay! If he wasn't, he wouldn't be my, Liu Wei's son! Boy, do you want me to go get revenge for you? If you want, I'm sure it's even possible for me to form a Coup d'état and overthrow the emperor if you wish!" The man roared. Liu Qiang could tell from just one look at him, that this man was at least a True Yang Stage expert! He couldn't help but to feel proud that he was the offspring of such a strong man! Yet, when he looked at his mother, for some reason he felt that she was far superior, even though there was no internal energy coming off of her at all!

"Hehe, father, such a thing won't be necessary! Within three months I'll be able to beat the shit out of that Houtian level prince!" Liu Qiang said. Although to others it seemed like no more than wishful thinking, but from what he could see, the meridians in his body would at least give him gold level talent! This was enough to be accepted into a big sect on any of the continents!

"That's the attitude my boy! Your 6th brother is already a 3rd level Houtian warrior! I'm sure you boys will be known as geniuses throughout all of the continents by the time you reach 16!" Liu Wei announced.

Although Liu Qiang had 8 sisters and 6 brothers, he only had a close relationship with his 1st sister, 8th sister, 2nd brother and 6th brother. This was because they all had the same mother, whereas his 1st brother was adopted, and the rest of them were all born to concubines!

"However..." Liu Wei paused, "Your meridians and dantian were damaged during the fight, I'm afraid it'll surely be extremely hard for you to cultivate! But do not worry my son! Talent never truly disappears, remember that!"

"This... father, I think you'll find that my meridians are already healed!" (here comes the cliché excuse!) "While I was asleep, I saw a young expert with midnight black hair! He spoke to me, and asked me if I would take him as my master! With the kind of force he gave off, I wouldn't be surprised if he was stronger than you! He came to me in my dreams, and touched me on the head, then I felt my entire body burn! Yet, when I woke up, I felt relieved, and my senses were already heightened!" [Fuck this is a really shit excuse!] Liu Qiang thought.

"Oh? Let me see!" Just then Liu Wei leant over and put his hand on his sons head. "T-this is..." He paused. "Hahahaha! I knew heaven wouldn't give up on my family! Boy it seems that not only have you healed, but you even have White-Gold level talent! Three months you say? Within 2... no, 1 month, you'll be able to mop the floor with the entire younger generation!" Liu Wei was shocked, but also excited, someone with talent above the Dark-Blue level was a highly sought-after genius!

"Zhang Yong! Make sure to let Qiang have unlimited access to the cultivation chamber! With enough resources, he can become an immortal within a month!"

"Yes madam Mei Hua!" A servant bowed to Liu Qiang's mother then ran off to prepare. ( A/N: Just realised I forgot to name her lol!)

Liu Qiang finally got out of bed once everyone left the room, and went to take a look at himself. He was quite the handsome young lad, long black hair, with sword like eyebrows and tiger-like black eyes. He was reasonably tall for a 12 year old boy, standing at around 5"5'. His muscles were also quite defined, but he could tell that his injuries had left quite an impact on his overall health.

[I'll just have to figure out what cultivation technique to use... wait, what the fuck is my element?] After getting this far, he realised that he still hadn't actually worked out what his element was. After using a technique that would allow him to look into his dantian, what he saw made him quite excited. He had three elements, which was perfect as they were the exact elements that were needed to cultivate the peak God grade technique that had come into his possession, these being, fire, wood, and most importantly, lightning. The lightning element only appeared in one in every billion people, and this very world only had 300 billion people on it! Roughly only 300 people in the entire world had it! This element was also heavily sought after due to its paralysing abilities, and the fact that it didn't have a directly countering element!

However, he was also aware of something else, if he wanted to become a truly formidable fighter in the high heavens, these three wouldn't be enough! So he devised a plan.

Step 1: For the next week he would cultivate in the cultivation rooms to get his strength up to the early levels of the Houtian stage.

Step 2: Enter the forest of death located just outside of the imperial city. Kill poisonous and acidic beasts for a week as to develop his new elements.

Step 3: Go to the imperial school to get ready for sect entrance exams.

Step 4: Challenge the prince to open combat and beat the shit out of him.

Step 5: Break off the engagement with his fiancé.

Step 6: Breeze through the sect entrance exam.

Step 7: Figure it out once you're in a sect.

So he finally decided to leave his room, getting dressed in a midnight black robe, he grabbed his tier 2 sword, and marched out of his room.

"Oh? Little brother, you're already healthy enough to move around? Don't push yourself too much! Why don't you accompany me and Tung Mei to the slave auction? Who knows, maybe you can get yourself some warrior slaves!" The voice was that of his 2nd brother, Liu Yong, who was currently with his wife, Tung Mei.

"Brother, you know that I'd loved to, but I don't have any coins on me! I'm practically broke right now!" Liu Qiang said

"Oh? Then here's 200,000 gold coins, now come along with me!" Liu Qiang felt defeated at this point, but nevertheless, he went along.

After talking with his brother, and sister-in-law, he realised something. In this world, there were more than just humans. There were elves, beast-men, dwarves, and even primordial beasts! A primordial beast is a demon beast, which has reached a certain level of strength, and has become able to gain a human form!

[Hmm, the beast-men race sounds like a good choice, if I discover any talented members, I'll be sure to cultivate them. I may even be able to establish my own sect or organisation later on. If I can, I'll have a far more stable and constant supply of cultivation resources!]

"We're here! Stick close to me little brother! Now that you've lost your cultivation base, you'll be an easy target, but with me here, let's see who dares start trouble!" Liu Qiang, did as he said, his brother was very talented, having purple talent, and even being a Golden Core Refining Stage 7 expert! Only members of the older generation would dare start trouble, but knowing that their father is the strongest warrior in the dynasty, that's not very likely to happen.


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