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Insane God Of Slaughter
Author :MyRealName
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1 Prologue

**DISCLAIMER** I got a bit carried away when I did this, so please just get through it, I promise the next chapters will all be way better!

"S...Sir Celestial Demon King! The situation is looking grim!" Cried a one armed servant, kowtowing before a man sitting on a throne, enjoying his two women.

"WHO DARES DISTURB ME WHILE I'M IN THE COMPANY OF THESE BEAUTIES!? DO YOU WANT ME TO TAKE YOUR OTHER ARM SLAVE!? WHAT SITUATION ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT!?" The man on the throne snapped, clearly unhappy about having to stop enjoying the company of the women around him.

"I-I-It's Seth sir! He somehow managed to make his way out of the void, and is currently killing his way here! Your son, lord Wang Lei went to intervene, but had his head chopped clean off before he could even draw his spe-" Just then a hole appeared in the servants head before he could even finish what he was saying.

"Hmph, useless son of mine! To think he had the gall to interrupt me for such a matter! Wang Li!"

Just then a man about 6" tall with long red hair and black eyes, covered in a golden expensive looking robe walked out from the shadows.

"Yes father?" he replied, bowing his head in respect.

"Go deal with this insignificant brat, if he can kill you, who knows, he might actually be worth my time!" The man shouted, going back to attend to his women.

"Yes father!" The red haired youth answered, immediately flying out of the room, rushing to where the action was! Oncence he was out there, what he saw was no longer his fathers palace where the ordinary folk were being worked to the bone, and countless cultivators were flying through the sky, using countless methods to torture them, no, it was different! All he saw was countless of headless bodies strung across the sky, internal organs hanging from every tree, the sky was now a scarlet hell, and the heads of both cultivators and mortals were pierced through by countless spikes. There was no way this was caused by one man, there must have been an entire army! Yes that's right! The Heavenly cultivators must have finally come to wage war! That's what he kept telling himself at least.

"Ohhh~? Well if it isn't Wang Li. I didn't think that after killing his first son, that crazy bastard would actually send his only other heir to come fight me! Not that it matters, I was planning on eradicating his lineage anyway, this just saves me the trouble!" Floating in the air, was a young man, with long black hair and black eyes, whose clothes were dyed red in the blood of his enemies, his sword, still had residue brain on it from his last kill, the youth just smiled, revealing is pure white teeth, a complete contrast to the rest of him.

"Y-you did all of this!? How!? How is that even possible!? Not to mention how the hell did you get out of that voi-" Just then Wang Li was interrupted by a pain in his left arm, when he looked over, his entire arm had been severed!

"You talk too much!" Said the youth floating in the sky with a frown on his face, just the level of killing intent he gave off was enough to kill most cultivators!

"HMPH! For taking my arm today, I shall return it thousand fold! I'll make you beg for your death when i'm done with you!" Screamed Wang Li, as he soared into the sky, scythe in hand!

"Demon Gods 4th technique! Soul Devouring Slash!" Wang Li roared as a black slash formed from his weapon, looking as if it could even rip time and space apart, but as it was about to hit the youth in front of him, it stopped!

"Oh? Is that it? You know, I thought it strange that a demonic prince like you would have a girls name, but now it makes so much more sense!" The youth casually spoke. Wang Li couldn't believe it! This man had stopped his attack with 1 finger! This was simply too overbearing!

The youth then disappeared from Wang Li's sight, reappearing in front of him, gutting him, causing his organs to slowly begin pouring out!


"Well, I suppose there's no harm in it. My entire body is covered in Inscriptions! My hands alone, are full of Divine level strengthening inscriptions! That's why the strength gap between us is so large!" After hearing this explanation, Wang Li died, but at least he died with honour! Well as much honour as such a terrible bastard could have.

5 minutes later

BOOM! The palace doors exploded open, and two bodies were thrown on the ground! One of them was Wang Li's and the other, Wang Lie.

"Oh? I didn't think I had two useless kids! Never mind, I'll just kill you, and then continue my lineage through these lovely women!" The Celestial Demon King announced, as he stopped groping the women and finally began preparing to fight!

For some reason, for the first time in a while, the youth felt fear. Extreme fear, the kind of fear you feel when you know you're about to die!

"UWAAAAAAAAAAH" A blood curdling scream was heard! The youth looked over to see that his arm was missing, and now there was acid, eating away at his entire left side. "CELESTIAL CUNT! I'LL SHRED YOUR FUCKING DICK AND FEED IT TO THOSE WHORES!"

The youth then flew up into the sky and shouted "WRATH OF THE GREAT EMPEROR! 1 BILLION SWORD DEATH ARRAY!" Behind the youth, a billion blood red swords began to form! The sun was blocked out by this attack, as he prepared to stake his life to kill the cunt before him!

"YOU WANT A BATTLE TO THE DEATH!? I'LL GIVE YOU A BATTLE TO THE DEATH!" The Celestial Demon King flew into the sky, taking out his halberd and thrusting it towards the opponent before him. As he began to chant some type of spell, a giant Ogre looking entity appeared behind him.

As the swords descended and crashed against the ogre, the youth and demon king clashed as well. The youth began hacking relentlessly, and recklessly, as if he'd gone insane. For every five hits he took, there was one hit he made. His vision began to blur, as he was now covered in his own blood. The demon king was simply too powerful! The acid had made its way into his blood stream and he was about to die.

But. Graced with a strike of luck, one of his swords bounced off, piercing through the demon kings head, taking his brain out like a skewer.

The youth then shut his eyes, and breathed his last.


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