I Became a NPC
5 Chapter 5 - Encountering Obstacles
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I Became a NPC
Author :Hoenex
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5 Chapter 5 - Encountering Obstacles

Genesis is a very real game, although the digital part brings a lot of convenience,

but more hidden things need you to experience it yourself.

For the simplest monster, it is different from clicking the mouse and keyboard.

You need to swing the weapon and hit the monster. At this time, the strength

of your movement and the technique of execution affect the completion

of the action. The created game body also needs a process of adaptation. This

aspect of the game has brought together new players. Most of them are

cautious after entering.

Bard doesn't know if there is any other virtual reality game in their world.

If there is, there should be no such new players.

Thinking about something unrelated in his mind, he used his club to firmly hit the slime

The soft—skinned body of the other party was not stressed. The three players

who were watching the battle immediately deformed. The three people

watching the battle were laughing at this moment, waiting to see his

moves. They shot first in a few minutes, all of them made jokes. .

Bard has long been aware of the number, and the size of this monster has

been judged in advance, and he used seven points. The wooden stick smashed

its body to a certain extent, it just pressed to the core of its body, and

immediately regained its strength, above the slime there was a big "-3", but

only he could see it.

"Oh." The monster made a painful cry.

"Hey? This kid is lucky!" After watching his hit, there was no accident, and

the onlookers were surprised.

Bard was not satisfied, a slime has a defense of 1, according to reason, he should

be able to hit for 4 points of damage, the lost point of damage should be due to

slime's ability to deform it's body.

The slime squirmed the jeIIy-Iike body, and in the eyes of others, it was just

wobbling in place. In the eyes of Bard, the slime was adjusting his body to

prepare for a counterattack.

Bard walked two steps to the side, bypassing the front and nose of the

slime, which is almost indistinguishable. Bard continued to hit, observe, and


A series of "-4" rises, and soon the slime's 50 health has fallen to the bottom.

At this point, there were at least a dozen players on the sidelines. Everyone

held their breath and widened their eyes to wait for the last moment.

When Bard knocked out the slime's last hp point, he backed up three steps at

max speed. In front of him, the slime, whose life value dropped to zero, squirmed

unwillingly, and suddenly it exploded, with the strange smell of the sticky liquid,

it scattered everywhere, the scene is like when a watermelon bursts, but not a drop

touched Bard.

"Hey!" For a time, the surrounding crowd began buzzing .

"No, this is not a trick?"

"This guy is def‌initely not a newbie, no one can do it the first time!"

Because of its unique body structure, the slime will inevitably blow itself when

it dies. Although the stick-liquid is limited, the stench and disgusting body

sensation is uncomfortable.

Bud took a look at the crowd and grinned. he had experience with this kind of

thing for three years. How could it be ugly in front of you?

Seeing that there was nothing else, everyone dispersed back to their own dealings.

The original swordsman who greeted him seems to have finished the rest. He

smiled and said: "Friends, we have two people! Come with us. We've been in game

almost 20 minutes, and the first time I saw the killing of the monster, I admire it!"

"I am Star Caller, want to be friends?"

In Genesis, the system pays great attention to the player's privacy. Only when

you say your name to the other party will you trigger the friend function.

In addition, your name information will not be displayed on the top of your head,

or even the life-reduction marks from monster attacks. Bard himself can see that

other people judge the attack power from the number of attacks and the total

life of the monster.

"Thank you!" Bard hesitated for half a second, and put the other party into his own

communication list, but deliberately did not say his ID, and went to the village.

The Star Caller stunned, but he still left with a smile.

"A good and arrogant guy, killing a Slime is not much faster than we are, he was

really good at solo?" Next to his companion approached him for the injustice.

"Maybe he was just not familiar with the system, let's go, let's refuel! Lets try to

upgrade as soon as possible." Star Caller looked at Bard's back, slightly wondering

why the other party didn't continue to fight, but that was the other party's

business, nothing to do with him.

"Come back? It's not good to be alone outside!" Seeing Bard returning alone,

someone soon laughed at him.

After a nod to nod, Bade learned what others are like, pretending to be tired,

relying on the corner of the wall to ponder.

The friendship of this group of future players is not surprising to him. Most

of the other employees who happened to meet in the previous test are also

of high quality. They are more enthusiastic about the same kind of games,

unless they are of very different personality, but they are rarely inexplicably hostile.

He likes it very much. It seems that there will never be any jealousy towards things others

have gotten like equipment. The atmosphere is harmonious and people lack suffocation.

It's another thing to really make Bard's embarrassment and give up on

continuing to blame. He killed the slime alone without any help!

It is not uncommon for this low-level monster to fall, but he did not get the most

basic experience.

The problem must be on himself. He switched back and forth between the

player character and the NPC panel. At the same time, he connected the

database and thought about it for a while.

Here when NPCs kill monsters they are unable to gain experience, so as an NPC

he can kill more monsters but cannot be upgraded, and the slime who just killed

with the player identity did contribute 1 point of experience, but was sucked In the

NPC panel, it can only be issued as a task reward.

The number of tasks that can be issued: 10 (accumulative), the maximum

reward experience value for a single task is 10 points, and the total experience

pool is 101 points.

Normal players gain experience to upgrade, this is his most familiar game mode,

but now this does not work, Bard thinks, feel that what he needs to do now is

not to make more rash actions, but to recognize the current situation.

The player and the NPC identity are integrated. The road he wants to take

must be different from others. If you don' t think about how to go, the blind

action can't be undone.

"Everyone! Don't be discouraged, this world welcomes you, please take the

task to clean up the monsters, please come to me!" A voice suddenly cam

e from the village center, causing everyone's attention.

Bard stood up curiously, walked across the street corner and found the speaker

wearing a pointed hat, wearing a plain sheepskin coat and holding a haIf-man

high shepherd's pole, which is the village head.

The novice players in twos and threes gathered together and seemed to

be talking to them. Bard got closer.

"Hey? No task to blame?"

"There are 100 kills of slime in the list. Even the task of collecting fruit must

go to the forest full of monsters". I said the village head. Players thought

can you not use the orchard behind the village?"

The white-haired old village chief blows his beard and blinks. "The demon

creature is the biggest enemy in our world, threatening the existence of all

intelligent life. The creation god summons your adventurers to defeat the

monster, how can we avoid it?"

"Cut!" Most of the casual players who are hesitant are those unaccustomed

to fighting in person and don't enjoy going outside the village. The reason

for this being their original environment. They have desk jobs and are not

used to combat or the extremes of movement necessary to survive.

Many people sneaked away, and only a few silently took the task, they took

some time to get familiar with each other and then went outside the village.

The change of mindset takes time, and there is no external pressure catalyst.

It is going to take a long time for them to adapt to this new environment.

Bard thought, this village chief is obviously an NPC. Is it also the task of

picking up the system to help the players grow?

He waited until the group left and walked to the other side. "Hello, dear

Mr. Village Head." Three years of internal testing experience made him

understand that there are many benefits to using the other person as an

equal exchange with himself.

The angry village chief glanced at him and seemed to regard it as the air.

He did not answer the question. When Bard had some doubts, his MK-l basic

service data packet suddenly rang.

"Dongda Road, village chief, NPC No. 452312, request communication, is

it connected?"

Bud raised his head and couldn't stop his surprised eyes. He silently adjusted

his body and stood behind the head of the village, not blocking him and

other players, and turning on communication.

"No. 0728, welcome to your village. I noticed that you have no f‌ixed posts, and

is wandering, do you want to settle in this village and become a member

of my management?"

Is this...soliciting yourself? In the face of the good intentions of the NPC

village chief, Bard was slightly stunned, in his eyes the NPC world is still

very strange.

"Thank you for the kindness Mr. Village Head, can I know more about

the duties and obligations of becoming a villager?"

"Once you join the village, you can receive 1 contribution point every day.

You can choose farmer, fruit grower, hunter, blacksmith and many other

professional apprentices. In addition, I think that you must be knowledgeable

outside, and will definitely help me manage the village better. In particular, to

cope with the major events of the current adventurers, you can also apply for a

management position when you achieve certain results."

While communicating with it, more internal information was passed through

the database contained in Bard.

The head of the village of Miel Village, Dongda Road, the core of the program

is the MK—IV enhanced data package, which can get 20 points of contribution

per day. The maximum value of the task is 200, and the task reward Iimit is

1000 points of experience and fine-level items.

That are the information that is available to you. No matter how much Bar

d's authority is, it is not enough to check it.

The old village chief threw out a tempting prospect, and then the wind

turned and became serious. "Of course, after joining the village, you must also

abide by the rules set by the village, keep the order, protect the village when

needed, these are what you need. made."

The information in the data link was plain and straightforward, and the

detailed rules were also stuffed into Bard' 5 head.

The young man was silent. When he saw that he could not leave the village

without permission, he had to bite his teeth when he asked the village chief

for this.

Although the contribution value of each day is not stronger than that of the

current positions, it is also limited, the key is to open more ways to obtain

the contribution value, which is stronger than the oneself.

However, it is difficult for Bard to limit his personal freedom. From then on,

he will stay in this village to be a safe and secure NPC.

He feels that he has to consider it.

After the refusal, the village chief seemed to look back at him and his attitude

changed greatly. "Now, I know why you will be a wandering program, you do

not think ahead! My village does not welcome you, please leave as soon as possible!"

When Bard was surprised, the other person simply cut off the communication,

and he walked silently to the side. "When did these NPC intelligences reach

this level? Or is it that I have seen a small part of what they have shown?"

As for being despised by the other party, he is not very concerned about it. It

is ridiculous to be angry at the NPC because it can be regarded as an equal


A group of young and energetic players came and went. After taking the

task, they went outside the village. In addition, there were many people like him.

They didn't seem to go out to fight immediately, and leisurely walked around

the village.

Bard sinks his mind into the database and looks for ways to solve his current problems.
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    《I Became a NPC》