I Am Overlord
Chapter 429: Poisoned
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I Am Overlord
Author :Pokka
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Chapter 429: Poisoned

Xiang Shaoyun had never imagined that he would get to meet five of the legendary Seven Villains on the same day. He could feel a chill creeping up his spine as he looked at them. And when he heard how Shi Lie spoke of the Yu Clan Holy Maiden candidate, he was overwhelmed by a sense of disgust and started feeling nauseous.

No wonder they are known as villains. They are truly an abnormal bunch, thought Xiang Shaoyun.

"Shi Lie, this is our bet. If you want to join in, you have to follow the rules as well. If your intention is to eat someone from the Yu Clan, don't get us involved in it," complained Ugly Gambler resentfully.

"Why? Do you have a problem with me, Ugly Gambler? You think I won't slice off one of your arms and snack on it right now?" said Shi Lie as he stared at Ugly Gambler viciously.

Ugly Gambler narrowed his eyes as he replied unyieldingly, "Others might fear you, but not me. Come give it a try if you want to lose your teeth."

This argument caused the atmosphere to turn tense.

Eventually, Yao Jiaojiao made use of her superiority as a woman and gently said, "Are you not ashamed of bickering like this in front of children? We are not here today to quarrel. Since Shi Lie wants to join the bet, just let him join. It won't change anything."

"Hehe, I'm fine with that," said Yuan Xiao.

After a slight hesitation, Can Lehen agreed as well, "I can agree, but if your son really ends up eating the Yu Clan girl, we won't get involved in your conflict with them."

"What cowards. I only said that to scare you guys. Since everyone wants to receive the favor of the Yu Clan, I won't spoil the fun," said Shi Lie. "I heard Boss Li's youngest son will also be participating in the banquet. All these kids will amount to nothing but a joke with him there."

After saying his piece, he left with Shi Hai.

"With Boss Li's youngest son in play, your chances of succeeding are even lower now," said Yao Jiaojiao.

Ugly Gambler thought otherwise. "Searching for the yin devil wind relies not only on strength. Luck is important as well. I believe in this kid. Just get ready to lose."

"That's right. We won't know without trying. Let's talk again if the kids manage to get through the first obstacle in three days," said Can Lehen before leaving with Can Wunian.

"I have never planned on withdrawing from the bet. In any case, the final victor might not be any of us anyway," said Yuan Xiao before also leaving with his disciple.

"Little brother, do be careful after entering the Devil Domain. This big sister likes you a lot, so she will be taking care of you real well after you leave that place alive," said Yao Jiaojiao as she shot Xiang Shaoyun a seductive look. She then took her leave.

Now, only Ugly Gambler and Xiang Shaoyun were left. Abruptly, Ugly Gambler moved on Xiang Shaoyun, who couldn't react in time. Ugly Gambler opened his mouth and tossed in a pill.

"This is a life seizing pill. It will activate once per month. Without the antidote, even a Dragon Ascension Realm expert will be killed by it. There are 12 antidotes here. Take one of them at this time each month. They will last you a year. If you manage to become the Yu Clan's son-in-law within a year, I will give you the full antidote," threatened Ugly Gambler.

Xiang Shaoyun could feel that the moment the pill entered his mouth, some sort of energy immediately spread through his body, confirming that it was definitely a real poison.

"Lord Gambler, why are you holding me hostage like this? You should trust my character!" said Xiang Shaoyun sullenly. He had thought that just his word would be enough, but it turned out that Ugly Gambler had not trusted him one bit.

"Hehe, this is an important bet, so I can't afford to be careless. Therefore, you will need to try your best. It doesn't matter if you are doing this willingly or not. If you fail, you die," said Ugly Gambler with a sneer.

Xiang Shaoyun's entire body turned cold. For the very first time, he felt himself losing control over his own fate. He vowed inwardly, I need to think of a way to remove this poison!

Ugly Gambler seemed to know what Xiang Shaoyun was thinking as he said, "Don't bother trying to remove the poison. This is a pill refined using 49 types of poisons. Very few people are capable of removing a poison like this, and it is extremely easy to trigger the toxicity within the pill. Any careless attempt can very well kill you, so don't be stupid."

He then ignored Xiang Shaoyun and vanished into thin air.

Xiang Shaoyun was left standing blankly. He grumbled gloomily, You old bastard. One day, I will make you my servant and work you to death!

He had never expected that the little fame he gained from the arena battles would pull him into such disaster. He did not know what the bet of the villains entailed, but he was sure it wouldn't be a simple bet. Otherwise, they wouldn't have bothered to put so much effort into it. But it was pointless to think of all that for now. His priority would be ridding his body of the poison.

Ugly Gambler's poison is no ordinary poison. It has probably spread throughout my whole body by now. Regular antidotes won't work. I need to find one of those legendary saint medicines to stand a chance of curing myself. But saint medicines are way too rare. Not even the Ziling Sect can supply me one. Looks like I will have to work hard on becoming the Yu Clan's son-in-law before I do anything else, concluded Xiang Shaoyun.

He then started looking for a way back. After searching around, he discovered that he had already reached the border of the Bloodsin City's territory. It would take him some time to return.

During his return, a few groups discovered him, including those from the Skeleton Gang and the city hall. Those from the city hall left noiselessly when they saw that Xiang Shaoyun was safe. Only the members of the Skeleton Gang approached him.

He did not follow them back to the Skeleton Gang. Rather, he went straight to Devouring Ghost's restricted space. He was there to see if Jin Wo had successfully entered the third-stage Demon Emperor realm.

If Jin Wo had reached the third stage, he was going to bring him along to the Devil Domain. After all, he had nearly been assassinated at the arena. He had a feeling he had the attention of someone hostile to him. With Jin Wo by his side, he would feel much safer.

As for the three Skeletons, although they were strong, it wasn't practical to bring them to the Devil Domain. After all, someone wanting to become the Yu Clan's son-in-law would probably have to rely on himself instead of external help. Otherwise, there would be no point for the young lady to hold the banquet at the Yu Moon Pavilion.

When Xiang Shaoyun returned to the restricted space, he was greeted by the sight of a bored Jin Wo lounging in the courtyard in his original form.

When he saw Xiang Shaoyun, he quickly greeted joyfully, "Your highness, you're finally back!"

"Looks like your breakthrough has been a success. Come, I'll take you out," said Xiang Shaoyun with a smile.
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