Honey Flavor
5 5. Have Some Hope
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Honey Flavor
Author :kookieelor
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5 5. Have Some Hope

Later that day, he met with college friend, Enrique, who happens to be a lawyer. Enrique sits across from him and said, "You sure you wanted to do this?" "Positive." He sighs. "Okay." Joe didn't think Enrique would accept his offer. Joe blinks for a few times. "Enrique, you're such a good man." "Ha?" "I mean in a good way." Enrique sighs and said, "Joe, I might be a half ass but as a friend, I'm willing to help you."

Joe grins, "We're friends?" Enrique feels disgust whenever Joe grins. Enrique stands up and said, "I'm out." Joe stops him. "Okay, Okay. I won't ever do it again." "This matter we'll talk about it. I'm a busy." "Ahh..in bed with her?" Enrique glares at him. "What?" Joe was so innocent that he didn't know why Enrique was glaring at him. Enrique sighs as he's given up.


Several days later, Helen found out the woman Joe was interested in was no other than her former secretary, Dani. Helen was furious once Jordy told her what had happened to her. "That filthy snake two-faced!"

"Ma'am." "Ah." Helen returns to her old self. "How is Dani? Is she alright?" "She's temporary in a coma at the moment." "Ah. Poor child." Helen looks at Jordy. "I want to see her. May I?" "Ma'am. Just give me an order instead of asking." "Jordy...you're such a good man."

"Thanks for the compliment." Jordy takes Helen to see Dani. Helen was heartbroken when she sees Dani. "Oh. Dani."

In the other hand, Amy was talking to Joe. Joe was explaining how he feels weird when it comes to Dani. Any bit her lower lip. Joe notices something strange about Amy. "Amy?"

Amy takes a deep breath and look at him in the eye. A few minutes later, he sees his grandmother with Dani.



That car accident that you were in...someone was also at the scene, he was badly injured. There were no chance of him surviving. He heard that you need a heart so he's willing to be your heart donor." Joe never heard of this story.

"Who's my donor?" "Your heart, feelings, actions, makes you feel weird because his love for Dani." How was shocked. "My donor is Dani's boyfriend..." Amy gives a weak smile. "...And your friend..." Joe was confused. Any points at his heart. "It belongs to Leo."


Joe couldn't believe it. (Who would've thought that you're my heart donor, Leo. Just...what are you trying to tell me? Protecting your girl? Messing up my emotions? Just what do you want from me?)

Joe walks into the room. "Gram. What are you doing here?" "Can't you see? I'm visiting." "You know her?" Helen looks at Dani. "She's the most sweetest person I ever seen. She always hold her head up high, no matter what she's dealing with."

Joe just stands there, listening to her story. Joe then speaks up, "You knew, didn't you?" He looks at her. She smiles. "Leo came to me, bragging how wonderful Dani is. He even showed me a picture of her. I was stunned by her beauty. Leo talks to me and wants an advice of proposing to her. Sadly, he didn't get the chance to propose to her."

She looks at Joe. "Hunny. Leo gives you his heart because he wants you to experience what is like to be loved. To love someone so dearly. You and Dani lost someone special who means a lot. Leo gives you two another chance by loving one another. You don't need to act like Leo. Act like Joe Chen. Be yourself when it comes Dani. The reason why your heart is beating isn't because of Leo. It's because of his feelings which tells you that she is someone who is very dear to him. It's your feelings that makes your feel something is missing in your heart. And that's her. Your soulmate which Leo has given it to you."

She walk towards him and touch his face. "Joe, you really loved her ever since. That's your true feelings about her. That is why you end your engagement with that woman in order to be with Dani, isnt?" Joe looks at Dani who was still in her slumber. "...what if she stays like this?" "Oh Joe. Have some hope. She will wake up. Right now, it isn't the time. Once it's time, she will wake up. You'll see."

Joe hugs Helen. "Gram. I love you." Helen smiles and hug him back as she rubs his back. "Joe, don't give up. Where's your fighting spirit?"


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