Honey Flavor
4 4. Need to Take Action
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Honey Flavor
Author :kookieelor
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4 4. Need to Take Action

Joe exhales and said, "I want to end the engagement with the Su's." Everyone was shocked. His grandfather asks, "Cancel the engagement? Why?" Joe confidently said, "Stella does not fit the role of Mrs. Chen. Also, I'm in love with someone else which Stella hired some thugs to harm her."

Helen was shocked. James asks, "How is she? Is she alright?" Joe lowers his gaze. "...I don't know."

He looks up and said, "Jordy is in the hospital on my behalf and Amy is now in the ER with her." Grandfather nods. "I understand. Will cancel the engagement." He looks at his grandfather. "Grandfather, I.." Grandfather cuts in, "Go. Go see how she is. If you need anything, we're always here for you, Joe." Joe nods and quickly head back to the hospital. Grandfather then asks them, "Who is this woman that Joe is in love with?" All of them shrugs. "Hmm."


Joe arrives at the hospital. Jordy was stilling waiting on the results. "Anything yet?" "No." Joe sits down and sighs. Minutes turns to hours. Dani was still in surgery, Joe gets up and walks back and forth in front of the ER. He sighs repeatedly. Soon Amy, a doctor and a friend of Joe and a wife of Jordy, comes out of the ER. "Amy. How is she?" "She is fine. She needs a lot of rest." "Thank you." The nurses transfer Dani into her assigned room. Joe stays next to her all night.

It's been a couple days that Joe hasn't gone to work, he stayed next to Dani without any sleep or eat. Jordy arrives and said, "Joe, as the CEO, you shouldn't miss work." Joe remain silent. Jordy sighs. "Amy is here. She will take care of her. No need to worry. Also, you have things that needs to be taking care of." "...Alright." Joe kiss Dani's hand and put her hand down. (I'll be back. Wait for me.)

Joe and Jordy heads to the company. Joe then told Jordy, "Terminate the contract with the Su Corp." "Understood." Jordy left the room. Joe grabs his cellphone and text James.

Joe: Can you go to the Su residence and deliver the news of the engagement for me? Got too much on my end.

James replies, "Leave it to me." Joe sighs as he sits down on the chair. He then get back to work mode.

[Su Corp]

Joey Su was told that Joe Chen has terminate the contract with them. "What?" He pick the phone and dials Joe's number but it went through voicemail. "What is going on?" "I can answer to that." Joey looks up and sees James at the doorway. "Ah. Mr. Chen. Did we have an appointment?" "I need to book an appointment?"

"No. Please sit." James walks in and continues to stand. "I have personal and important matter to discuss with you." Joey looks at his employees and nod. They left them alone. "You receive the news that my brother has terminate the contract with your company, yes?" "Yes. I'm a bit confused of why he--" "He wants to end the engagement with your daughter, Stella." "Cancel the engagement?!"

"Your daughter, Stella, isn't the great fit of Mrs. Chen that we are hoping for." "I apologize if Stella has offend any of you." "Sir, are you still in touch with your daughter, Dani?" Joey froze. "D-Dani...? What does this have to do with Dani?" "Stella hired some thugs to harm Dani." Joey was completely shocked. (James: He didn't even know?) "D-Dani. Is she alright? She's not hurt, is she?"

"She was strike on the back of her head. She's still haven't regain her consciousness yet." James notices Joey's hands are trembling. Joey takes a seat on the chair and said, After they left the house, I wanted to hire someone to look after those two but...I'm afraid she's going to hate me even more." Joey let out a sigh. "My brother wants me to pass a message to you." Joey looks up at James. "He said, 'It is your mess, clean it up. You will hold full consequences of Stella's actions towards Dani.'" Joey nods. "I understand."

As soon as James left, Joey let out another sigh. "It's my fault. It's my fault. Oh, Dani. I hope you are alright."

[Su residence]

Stella was in her bedroom, brushing her hair, humming as if she's in a good mood. She stops brushing her hair and grab her phone. "How come I haven't heard anything from them? Is the job done?" She decides to call the person who was in charge of harming Dani. It leads to voicemail.

She got irritated. "Damn it." She puts her phone down and brush her hair again. She looks herself in the mirror.


Stella was hanging with her friends the other night. One of her friends said, "Stella, you're engaged to Joe Chen, right?" "Yeah. We're engaged." Stella noticed her friend is making a weird expression. "What is it?" Her friend puts out her cellphone and show her a photo. Stella takes it and looks at it.

Her eyes widened as she sees Dani was in Joe's embrace. (Dani?! They know each other?! How?!) Her friend said, "You sure you're going to marry him? I think you should have a second option." Stella ignores her friend and send a text to someone.

<Let's meet immediately.>



Stella jolts and return to reality. She looks through the mirror and sees her father. She puts her brush down on her vanity. She turns around and stands up. "Daddy. Wel-" Joey walk towards her and SLAP! Her left hand on her left cheek. (Stella: W-what?) She looks at him. "Dad--" "Why did you do it?" "Daddy, I don't un--"

He grabs both of her arms and pulls her close to him. "Why did you hired some thugs to harm Dani?!" Stella's expression change. She push Joey off of her. "So what?" Joey was shocked. Stella said, "She should know what she is getting into when she seduce the man who is going to be my husband." Joey said, "You're no longer getting engaged to Joe." "Dad!" "Joe wants to break the engagement with you and I totally support that decision."

"Ha! You're going to support that useless dog than me?" Joey turns his heels and exit the room. He then puts Stella in a house arrest. Stella grabs her phone and begins to call those poeple but no luck. She throws her cellphone on the floor. "You useless bastards!" Clenching her hands into fists. "Dani, there's no way you're going to the future Mrs. Chen. If I can't be the future Mrs. Chen, either can you."


Joe rush to the hospital as soon as he heard from Amy about Dani's condition got weaken. As soon as he reach the room, he sees Jordy with Amy. It wasn't looking too good. "Amy." She let out a sigh. "Joe. I don't think she ever woken up again." Joe's eyes widened. "W-what?" "Her body is rejecting the fluids which I put in. If this goes on, I hope you prepare for it." Amy pats Joe's shoulder and left. Jordy stays behind with Joe and stand next to him as he looks at Dani through the window. Dani has an oxygen mask on her.

"Jordy, as a friend, what do you think I should do?" Jordy pats Joe's back. "No matter what happens, you should not give her up. As a friend, you should take action towards Stella or else, she would find a way to harm Dani." Joe nods in agreement.


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