Honey Flavor
3 3. End the Engagement with the Su“s
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Honey Flavor
Author :kookieelor
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3 3. End the Engagement with the Su“s

Next morning, Dani got a day off from the company. She decide to get some grocery shopping done. She head out and went to the market. She looks around and find a few items that she's very low on. Little did she not know, a group of men were tailing her.

[Earlier in the Su family]

Joey already left to work. She walks down the stairs and sees her guest sitting on the sofa. "Thanks for coming." "No problem. You are a friend of my boss." She sits on the sofa across from him. "So, what did you call me here for?" She place a picture of Dani on top of the coffee table and slide it away from her so he could see the photo. "I want you to deal with her." "Wow, she's pretty. Who is she?" "Someone not important." "How do you want me to deal with her?" She shrugs. "Any method is fine." He smiles so evilly. "Got it." "I will pay you once the job is done." "Thank you." He lifts the photo and left the house.

Man #1 said, "That's her, alright." Man #2 said, "Let the party begins." Dani was heading back to her apartment. One of the men was leaning against the wall and sees her walking towards his direction. He then walk towards her. She puts her guard up. "Hey. Mind if we talk?" "I'm sorry. I'm busy." "C'mon now. Just a few seconds." "Sorry. I have to go." She walks pass him but he grabs her hand and throw a punch right in her abdomen.

Her eyes widen. (Damn.) She fell onto the ground as her hands were on her stomach. She was in pain. "Man. You should've listen." She lost her strength to get back up. One of the men carries her and taken her to the dark alleyway while others looking around to see any notice. Jordy was driving by and sees the men ganging up on Dani. He pulls on the side and gets out of the car. He follows them in the dark alleyway. They set her on the floor.

Man #1 said, "Damn. You're quite a beauty here." Man#2 said, "It's been a while since we fuck a beauty." Man#3 just laughs as he unbutton her shirt. BAM! She kicks right in Man#3's face. She gotten away from them. He got a nose bleed. "Damn you bitch!" She spotted a broken pipe, grabs it to defend herself. Man#3 said, "You're so dead!"

He went to charge at her. She dodge his punch and hits him in the face with the pipe and kick him hard in the abdomen. Man#1 then takes charge at her and she swings the pipe at him but he caught pipe. She then removes one of her hands and kicks across his face. "Urk!" Man#2 then comes behind her and put his arm around her neck. She was struggling. She then move her head to the right side and hit him with the pipe.

His grip was loosen, she turns around and beat him with the pipe. Man#1 spotted a wooden square stick that was 10cm long. He grabs it and strike her head. BAM! Her head was pinging so loud. She drops the pipe and fell on the ground. Back of her head were bleeding. The men were shocked. "Dude. What did you do?" "I.."

Jordy follows them in the dark alleyway but came across different routes which he doesn't know which path they took her. Few minutes later, he finally found them but that's after when they strike her with the wooden stick. He takes out his gun and aim in the air. He pulls the trigger. "BANG!"

All three of them startled and turn around, they saw Jordy with the gun. He then points the gun at them. He then takes out his cellphone took a picture of them. "Who sent you?" "Wha?" "Don't let me ask again." One of them speaks out, "Stella Su." Two of them look at him. "You dick head!" Jordy steps aside and told them to scram. They run without looking back.

He walk towards her and put one finger close to her nose. (She's still breathing.) He carries her and head to his car. On the way to the hospital, he phone Joe. "Where are you? You're late." "Come to the hospital." "Hospital? What for?" "It's Dani. She got hit back of her head. I'm taking her to the hospital right now. Meet me there." Joe was about to say something but Jordy end the call. Joe then grabs his jacket and head out of the door.


Dani was taken into the ER. Jordy was sitting on the bench waiting for Joe to arrive. Jordy sighs. "Jord!" He looks up and sees Joe panting heavily. "How is she?" "Still in surgery." "What happen?" "I don't know. I was driving by and saw them throw a punch on her abdomen, taking her to the dark alleyway. One of them strike her from behind. I hope the injury isn't serious."

Joe sighs as he sits next to Jordy. Jordy speaks up, "They said Stella ordered them." Joe's eyes widened and look at Jordy. "Stella? They know each other?" Jordy looks at him. "Joey's mistress's daughter is Stella, Joe." Joe lowers his gaze on the floor. "What are you going to do?" Joe felt a sharp pain in his heart. In his heart, he wanted to protect Dani from any harm. Joe stands up, "Joe." "I'll take care of it." Joe left the hospital and went home to see his grandmother and grandfather.

[Chen's residence]

Joe returns and sees his grandparents and his brothers are in the living room, waiting for him. Joe stands in front of them. His brothers and grandparents look at him. James asks, "What's wrong?" Helen asks, "Joe, did something happen?" Joe exhales and said, "I want to end the engagement with the Su's."


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