Honey Flavor
3 3 Trap
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Honey Flavor
Author :kookieelor
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3 3 Trap

WARNING: this chapter has some inappropriate language barriers to those are under 18.

"Master Joe." Joe turns around. "What is it Amy?" "The Woman you brought in." "Shes up?" Joe was about to check on Dani. "No. She left." Joe stops on his tracks.

"How long ago?" "A few minutes now." "Thank you." Joe hurries out of the door. "Damn. This woman."


Dani walks out of the gates. (Damn it. What to do? What if...I'm pregnant with his child?) She shakes her head. (No. I won't be pregnant with his child.)

Joe runs and checks both ways and sees her walking away. "Tsk." Joe runs towards her. He grabs her hand. She startles and sees him. She knits her brows. "Let go." "No."

She shaken in anger. "Let go of me." "I love you." She removes his grip. "Mr Chen. If I ever misled you, I apologize for that." "Danika." "What happens last night, lets pretend nothing happen."

He grabs her arms tightly. "You want to pretend?" "Yes." "You never feel anything towards me?" "Mr. Chen, both of us have a fiancé. You should get yourself together." He loosen his grip.

She turns her heels and walks away. (You have a fiancé huh?) he quickly grabs her and lifts her up over his shoulder. "Hey! Let me go. Put me down this instant!" He ignores her. (Fiancé or not, I don't care.)


Joe throws her down on the bed. She quickly trying to escape. He caught her leg and pulls her close to him. She tries to get out of his grasp but couldn't. (Damn. This bastard.)

Joe gets on top of her and pins her hands above her head. She turns her head. He leans in and whispers; "I love it when you're mad. It really...turns me on."

One of his hand then touches her thighs and then upwards to her underwear. "Stop! I said stop!" He ignores her. He slowly puts his two fingers inside of her. "S-Stop-ah..."

"Oh? You like it?" "Bastard." He moves his fingers inside of her. She resist but can't help moan. She bit her lower lip. He notices and kissed her hard.

"Mmph." He then unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. His lips parts with her and he whispers to her. "I wanna fuck you. Hard." He slowly puts his manhood inside of her. "Ah..." he bangs her hard.

He then grabs his tie and tie her to the bed frame. He continues to bang her. In a low voice, he repeatedly said, "I love you" to her.

That evening, he startles and got up. He was relieved to see her laying next to him. He touches her face. (How come...my heart is relieved to see you here next to me?)

He leans in and kissed her on the lips. He smiles. He then removes the tie. He gets off the bed and grabs an ointment from top of the dresser.

He puts ointment on her wrists. "I'm sorry. I'm doing this for him."



Joe was meeting up with his best friend. Joe raised his hand up, "Yo Leo!" Leo looks up and sees Joe. He smiles.

Leo comes and sits across of Joe. "What?" "Hmm?" "Dude, you're smiling ear to ear?" "Ah." Leo shyly smiles. "I have a girlfriend." "Of course, that manga girl." "No, no, a real one."

Joe stays in silent and then burst in laughter. "Yeah right, ahahahahah." Leo smacks him on the head. "Look, isn't she pretty?"

Joe rubs his head and took the phone from Leo. It was a picture of Dani. "Her name is Dani Kazuma." "Eh. She's so-so." Leo grabs his phone away from him.

-3 years later....

Leo and Joe were chilling. "I'm going to propose to her." "That boring girl?" Leo smiles and smacks him across the forehead. "Owwwww!!"

"I'm going to propose to Dani." Leo smiles. Ding. Leo smiles as soon as he sees her text message. Joe saw it. "Ew. Can you wipe that nasty looking smile on your face?"

Leo puts his phone down and wrestle Joe. "Mercy. Mercy! Leo! You win!" "You dare badmouth her. Imma kill you." "Got it. Got it." Leo lets go.

"Man. Thought imma die." "You can't die, you're gonna be the next ceo after your grandmother."

-one week later...

Joe got shot in the heart as the same day as when Leo was hit by a car. "He needs a heart transplant." Leo didn't make it. The doctors took Leo's heart and transferred into Joe's body.

Joe was dead but got revived. A month later, Joe opens his eyes and noticed that he's in the hospital.

Seth was sitting on the chair, sleeping. "Seth?" Seth opens his eyes and sees Joe has awaken. "Joe." "What happen?"

"You got shot and got a heart transplant." "Who's heart?" Seth's face darkens. "Seth." "...Leo's" Joe's eyes widened. "W-What?"

Seth looks at Joe in the eye. "He was on his way to propose his girlfriend but sadly, he got hit by a car. He was taken to the hospital as the same time as you. He...puts himself as a donor. That's why they transfer his heart to you."

Joe couldn't believe it. (No...What about his girlfriend?) After Joe was discharged, he secretly went to check on Leo's girlfriend, Dani.

He sees Dani had a hard time working part time jobs. She often in a daze. Joe's heart was in pain. (Leo....you must be in pain....seeing her like this...)

Joe turns and walks away. He went to visit Leo's family. He went to Leo's room. "There's a lot of memories in here."

Joe wanders around and sees a book where it takes place back 5 years ago how they both end up being friends. Joe smiles. He takes it and flips the pages.

He notices a letter in the book. (Was This always in here?) Joe flips the envelope and it said his name on it. He sits down on the chair and opens the envelope.


If you find and are reading this letter then I am no longer in this world. I am sorry but life is short. If I didn't make it to see her and propose to her. Tell her that I'm sorry.

In future preferences, please be kind to her. If by chance you really fallen for her, just know that I forgive you. I can understand why you fallen for her. She is the most prettiest woman in the world. You probably said she isn't. Wait until you meet and get to know her. I bet you, you will fall for her. If it's you, I think it will be okay. You have the power to protect her. I don't ave any. I'm just an ordinary man. Joe, thanks for everything.


Joe was in tears. "Bastard. You bastard. Hooking me to your girlfriend? Y-you're the worst."

Ever since that day, Joe always came to the coffee shop to see Dani. Dani was in her own little world which she doesn't recognize Joe.



Joe looks at her. (I wonder.....when did I fall for you, Dani.) He smiles painfully. (Would you hate me if you know the truth of why I kept on approaching you?)

(Leo...What should I do now? Please tell me.) Joe gets up and puts some clothes on; heads out.

Ten minutes later, Dani slowly begins to wake up. She immediately sits up. (That horny bastard!) she quickly gets up and finds her clothes.

She quickly changes into her clothes and slowly opens the door. She checks her surroundings before heading out.

She finally escaped in his grasp. "Master." "She left?" "Yes." "You may go." The head maid bows to Joe and left.

"Dani." Joe was touching the USB. "Soon enough, you will be tamed by me." He smiles.

Next morning, Dani comes to work and was sitting at her desk. As she was working, she receives a text message.

(Who?) she clicks on the message. (A video?) She clicks on the video and her eyes widened as soon as she sees a video being played. (That sock bastard!)

He texted her. "Danika. Come to my workplace in twenty minutes or....I will leak this video....see you soon." She closed her phone and grips it tightly. She mutters to herself; "Damn you, Joe!" She gets up and grabs her bag.

She heads to her supervisor. "Mr. Bai." Mr Bai looks up. "Miss Dani." "I have some personal matters to attend to. May I leave?" "Yes, yes of course." "Thank you."

Dani rushes out of the company and head to the closest store near by. She transfers from Dani to Danika.

Once she's done, she heads to the company. Everyone was amazed to see Dani. "Who's that?" "Wow. She's really a beauty." She walks to the desk receptionist. "I'm here to see your CEO." "I will inform him. Your name?" "Danika." "Sir, Miss Danika is here to see you."

The employees hangs up and said; "Miss, you may go up." She smiles. "Thank you." Dani heads to the elevator to the top level. (Bastard, Bastard, Bastard.)

She knocks on the door. "Joe..?" No reply. She got irritated. She opens the door and walks in. (Wheres that horny bastard?!) she close the door and continues to walk in the office. He notices his phone on the desk.

She quickly looks around and doesn't see him. She grabs the phone and checks on the photos but nothing. (Ugh.)

She sees Stella on his text messages. She smirks. She send a text message to Stella as Joe.

"Stella, if you are free, come to my company. Let's talk."

Once the message is sent, she deleted the messages and deleted from the trash permanently. She puts the phone back where she has found it. She was about to leave from the desk, but she hears a ding from the phone.

She smiles and Stella replies. "Okay! On my way. Will be there in ten."

She went to sit on the sofa, waiting impatiently. The door opens and Joe walks in. "Danika." "Hmph. Where is it?" "Wheres what?"

She hates t. She got annoyed. She stands up and walks towards him. "The video!" Joe smiles. "What's the rush? You just got here." He sits on the chair by his desk.

She knits her brows. She follows him and said; "give it to me." "Never." "You...!" "Fine. I give it to you. In one condition." Shes being cautious. "What condition?"

He leans against the chair and said, "let's do it here, right now." "You freaking horny bastard." "No? Then forget it."

(Stella is coming. Damn it.) "fine." Joe was shocked. "Fine. Let's do it here. But once it's over, you better give it to me." Joe thought about it. (What change her mind? What's her motive? I can't read her.)

Joe confirms. "Deal." Dani stands still. "Joe smiles. "What are you waiting for? Come here and let's do it." Dani grips her hand. (For the video.)

Danika walks up towards the desk. Joe then moves away from the desk. Dani then puts down her purse on the desk. She sits on his lap, facing him.

"What do you want me to do?" "Kiss me as you will do to your fiancé." Dani puts her hands on his shoulders and leans in to kiss him on the lips.

As she kissed him, he can feel his manhood getting hard. (Shit!) he grabs her and puts her on the desk.

Dani got startles and tries to push him away. He caught her hands, and whispers; "the video, my dear." Dani knits her brows.

He then kissed on her neck as he places his hands on her thighs. She jolts as she felt his finger inside of her. "Ahh."

He moves his fingers. "D-don't..mmm..." Her mind got fuzzy. (...Stella should be here now.)

Her hand then reaches to stroke his manhood. He jolts. She chuckles.

She then unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. She pulls him close and whispers; "I want it hard."

Joe was immediately turns on. He removes her underwear and puts his manhood inside of her. "Ahhh....ahhhh." He bangs her hard. "Ahhh...Ahhh...joe...." he then removes his man hood and grabs her to turn around. He bangs her from behind. "Ahhh..."

At the same time, Stella walks in the company, instead stopping the desk receptionist, she heads to the elevator and head the upper level.

As she gets in the elevator, she smiles happily. (Joe finally asks me to come.) Ding. She walks out of the elevator and heads to his office. As she reach out to the door, she hears something unpleasant.

"Mmmm. Joe. I want more. Ahhh...." Stella was shocked. (W-who's that?) her hand was shaken and finally grabs the doorknob. She slowly opens halfway. Her eyes widened as soon as she sees joe doing it with Dani. "J-Joe....you texted me here just to show me this....?!!" slowly I'm here to see Joe."

Stella was shaken in anger. "You choose that slut over me?!" Stella continues to watch them. "Mmm. Ahh."

Joe then touch Dani's breasts. "Ahhh...d-don't..." he then reaches her face to meet with his. They shared a deep kissed.

A few minutes later, she fix her dress and walks to him. "The video." She glares at him. He gave her the usb. She was about to leave. "It's only the first half."

She stops her tracks. She turns around and grabs him by the collar. "You!" "My dear, patient. I will call you for the others." He smiles at her.

Dani lets go of him and heads out. As she heads out, someone grab her hand and slaps Dani. "Ah." Dani fell on the ground.

"You slutty bitch! Dare to seduce my man!" Dani puts her hand on her cheek. Dani smirks. Joe heard it and ran out; he sees Stella. He knits his brows and push Stella away.

Stella fell down. "Are you alright?" Joe went straight towards Dani. Dani puts her arms around Joe's waist. "Joe, she slaps me. I don't know why."

Stella stands up. "You did nothing wrong?! You seduce my man." "Since when I'm yours?" Stella was shocked. "...Joe....we're engaged!" "No. We're never engaged to begin with."

Stella shaken in anger. "You've change since she shows up." Joe ignores her and turns to Dani. "Can you stand?" Dani shakes her head. "I sprained my ankle."

Joe lifts Dani up in his arms. Joe takes Dani into his office. "Joe!" Joe turns and glares at her. "Go home, Stella." "You....you called me here just to show me your bed scenes with that slut?!" (Call her? When did I—)

Joe remembers Dani was in his office befoe him. Dani interrupts his thoughts. "Joe, call me a cab." "No. You're hurt." "But your fiancé..." "she's not my fiancé." Stella was heartbroken.

She clinched her hands into fists. (Stella. You feel the pain yet? Remember this pain. This is what you and your mother did to my mother.)

Joe walks in the office. Closing the door in front of Stella's face. Stella gasped. Stella rushes out of the company.

Joe then drops Dani in the floor. "Ouch! You-!" Joe bends down. "You call her?" "Why would.." She looks at him and he glares at her.

She crossed her arms. "Hmph. I did. Got a problem?" He sighs. "Why did..." "personal gain. Personal reason." She gets up from the floor. "You..." "don't tell me you actually think I sprain my ankle?" He stands up and grabs her arms, pulled her close to him.

"Hey!" "You dare lie to me?" "Your fault for having soft spots." He sighs. She breaks free and was about to walk out.

"Remember to act obedient next time." She stops. "Hmph." She storms out. He chuckles.


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