Honey Flavor
2 2 I Will Take Care of I
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Honey Flavor
Author :kookieelor
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2 2 I Will Take Care of I

"Hey, Joe. What's wrong?" Joe smirks. "Nothing." His secretary tilts his head, confused.

That night, everyone left except for Dani. Dani got frustrated at the documents. She got up and refill her coffee then returns her desk.

She sighs. She looks around and slowly removes her glasses. "What a pain he is. Out of all of us, he chose me to do this?!"

A little did she not know, he was watching her complaining. He lets a low chuckle. She slowly refocus her work. He was mesmerized how hard she puts her efforts into her work.

He begins to wonder; (why is that, every time I see you, my heart can't help but beating for you as if you're the one for me?) "Seth." "Yes?" "Go and dig up Ms Kazuma's information for me." "Yes."

Joe then turns his heels and left as Seth looks at Dani for a second and follows Joe.

Around 3am, Dani is finally done with the documents. She then put it back into the envelope and head to the CEO's office. She didn't see anyone so she slide the envelope into the CEO's office.

She then heads home. As she reach home, she lays on her bed. "Finally home." She sighs.

She got a call from Lucy. "Hello?" "Danika, you coming in?" "I'm exhausted from my full time. Imma rest." "Okay. Got it. Will let the boss know. Take it easy." "Mm. Thanks."


Joe shows up in the bar, looking around to see Danika. Lucy notices and said; "she's not coming in tonight." "Excuse me?" "If I'm not wrong; you're looking for Danika, right? If you are, she won't be coming in tonight. She said she's just got home from her full time job."

Joe nods. Lucy then left him there to greet other customers. Joe then head back into his car. "Master?" "Head home." "Yes."


Next morning, Dani got a day off. She gets up and wash up. She then cooked some ramen noodles for herself and enjoy watching The Legend of the Sea on TV.

She laughs and cries on some parts of the drama. "Oh my!" She got up and yelling at the tv. "You stupid idiot!"

She sits back down and continues to eat her ramen. Soon she looks up at the clock. "Shoot! I'm late!" She puts her bowl in the sink, and immediately change her clothes.

She then put makeup on. Soon enough she heads to the bar. As she got there, she opens the door and greet the customers. "Hi, gentlemen."

Every men turns and sees Dani. They're all in awe after seeing Danika. "Hi Danika!" She smiles. She heads to the back room to put her bag away.

She then check herself in the mirror, making sure her makeup isn't smudge. She then head out and greets the gentlemen. She grabs a glass of wine and chill with the guys.

As the time goes by, Joe then enters the bar. He got irritated as soon as he sees her with other men, laughing and touching the other men. (You're able to laugh like that.)

Boss saw him and greets him. "Ah, Mr Chen. Welcome." Joe's eyes stays on her. "I want her to serve me." "Ah...I apologize but Danika is all booked out."

Joe turns and glares at the boss. "W-well...i-I will get her." Joe turns his heels and head upstairs. As he head upstairs, he still keep his eyes on her.

As he reach upstairs, he stays by the rails.


"Um...Danika..?" Danika turns and sees boss. "Boss." "Um...(looks up where joe is at) someone wants you to serve him."

Danika follows boss's direction and notice Joe. (That bastard must have a nerve to come back here.) Danika smiles. "Boss, the rule states first come, first serve. Plus I'm all booked out with these guys and I already promised them ahead of time."

Man 1; "that's right. We had a hard time meeting Danika."

Man 2; "right. We got busy but we booked this day to see her. She really ease our stress from work. Are you breaking your rule here?"

Boss got flustered: "o-oh no no. I will tell the other customer about it. Continue." Danika turns and raise her brow to Joe.

(See that? Don't think you own me.) Joe clutch his hand into fist. (Woman, you dare challenge me?)

She continues to have fun with the other men.

After the work hours ended; Dani didn't see Joe so she let a relief sigh. (Good he's gone for good.)

She walks out of the bar and started to head home. "Ugh. I'm hungry. I want some seafood creole or Hmm...what to cook?"

As she gets close to the dark alleyway, someone pulls her in. She got startled. (Who?) As soon as she sees Joe, she knits her brows. (Damn. He's still here?)

"Miss me?" She push him away. She crossed her arms. "What do you want?" Joe smirks as he puts his right hand on the wall, leans in. "You already know what I want."

She glares at him. "Sorry, not interest in your body." She was about to walk away but he grabs her and push her against the wall, pinned her hands. "H-hey! Let go!"

He then forcibly seals her lip With his. (Damn. This bastard.) She then bit his lip. She then knee his manhood. "Oof." He fell on his knees. "You-!" "Bleh!" She escape away from his grip.

Someone come to Joe's side. "Master, are you alright?" Joe quickly stands up. "I'm okay." Joe stands back up. (You must have a lot of nerve to go up against me..) "Lets go." Joe and his driver head back to the car.


Danika finally got home. She throws her purse on to the floor. "Damn. That bastard! Just what the heck he wants from me?!"


Joe sits on the back of the car. (Damn. She...) He smiles as he touch his lip. "You dare bit me..."

(Chen's residence.)

Joe's grandmother heard about Joe trying to woo a woman who totally hates his guts. "Bwhahahahahahah!!" She repeatedly hits the table, laughs so hard.

Joe was sitting across from her, icing his manhood. "Grandma." "Sorry sorrry." She wipes the tears from laughing too hard.

"Who is she? Is she pretty?" Joe smiles as he recalls what she looks like. "She's pretty." His grandmother nods and smiles. "You like her?" "Grandma." "What? I'm just asking because you never seem to be interest in women." Joe takes his cup of coffee and drinks it. "so I thought you're gay."

Joe got choke on his own coffee. "Cough cough. You think I'm into men?" "You're not?" "Grandma!" "Well probelm solved. I want to meet her." "You can't!" "And why not?" "Cuz..." "Hmph. Fine. Suit yourself."

Grandmother stands up and left the room. (I'm going to meet her whether you like it or not. Who is this woman?)


Next morning, Dani went to the office. She heard a commotion. Lily, a senior staff was yelling at a worker. (Isn't that...)

Lily; "you blind or what?! You dare spill that nasty water on me?"

The worker; who was calm; "excuse me but you're the one who purposely run into me." "You!" Lily raised her hand and SLAP!

Dani's glasses fell off of her face. She glares at Lily. "You!"


Joe was entering the company and heard the commotion. "What's going on?" "S-sir. Um.." "I am not going to repeat myself."

He glares at his employees. "Lily is creating a commotion to an elderly worker here." (Elderly worker?? we don't have any elderly worker...Don't tell me that's grandmother..)

Joe sighs and heads there. As soon as he got there he sees Dani protecting his grandmother. He notices the right side of her face had been hit. (You..dare hit my woman?!)

Seth Who was standing next to him; grab him from prevent any troubles. "Joe, calm down."

Dani then said; "apologize to her." Joe, Seth and the grandmother were all shocked at Dani's remark. Lily smirks. "That's right; you old hag, apologize to me."

Dani sighs and said; "I mean you, Lily." Dani looks at her in the eye. "What? Why would I apologize to the old hag? She's just a worker." Dani chuckles.

"W-What are you laughing about?" "It seems you're not here long enough to know." Lily tilts her head. "What you mean?" Dani walks behind the grandmother. "This is the former chairwoman."

Lily and her colleagues were shocked. "W-What? She's—" Lily and the others fell on their knees. "Ma'am...we-we're sorry. You don't need to compensate me."

Lily looks at Dani. "D-dani." "Go back to work." Lily and the others storm out. Grandmother slowly tries to escape. "Ma'am. Why are you here?"

"Eh? Ah. I was—" "did Mr chairman ditch you again?" She pouts. "That bastard, I tell ya. He always too busy for me."

Dani smiles. "Thanks for taking care of him." Dani got confused. "What you mean?" "You're my grandson's secretary, right?" "Me being his secretary? Ha! Over my dead body."

Grandmother blinks a few times. "Wait you're no longer a secretary?!" Dani smiles. "Mm. Just a regular office lady." "Whatttt!!?! My Dani is no longer a secretary!"

Dani scratch her cheek. "Yeah." "Why? What happen?" "Nothing. Just...want to do something different. That's all. I have to go." Dani turns her heels. "Dani, hows your mother?"

Dani stops her tracks. "...she's the same, waiting for that bastard to come visit her." "Dani." Dani left and head to the office. Lily and the others approach her. "I will cover your work for you." "No no no." "What is it?"

Lily shyly gives Dani back the glasses. "Ah." "Um. We're sorry. We won't bother you again." "Just because I'm the former chairwoman's secretary?" "Um..."

Dani looks at them. "Look. I'm just one of you guys, someone who need this job. It's okay to do your work for you. You guys must be busy."

"N-not Really." "Hm. Is that so?" "W-we will work hard." Others nods in agreement. "Then..What are you guys waiting for? Go do your work." "Right, right." Others left.

Dani sighs. "Still have the special treatment, eh?" Dani continues to do her work.


Grandmother enters the ceo's office. "Hi Joe!" Joe glares at his grandmother. "What are you doing?" "Reuniting with my former secretary. Is that wrong?" "Grandma." "What?"

She walks over and sits down on the chair. "It's not my fault that they try to find trouble. Sheesh. How would you? You didn't see it."

She pouts. "Dani. How do you know her?" "Like I said; my former secretary." Grandmother thought about it. "Wait, don't tell me...she's the one who nudge your manhood."

Joe stays silent. Grandmothers shoulders was shaken. "Grandma are you—" Joe reach out to her. "Bwahahahahahah!!! Seriously she nudge your manhood. Oh my. She never surprised me." Joe got embarrassed. "Grandma!"

She continues to laughs. "Ahahah....ah I hope you don't mess with her or your manhood is going to explode." she paused for a second and starts laughing again. "Bwahahahah!" Joe's face got darkens.

Seth was trying not to laugh. Joe turns and glare at him. Seth nods and got serious expression on.


That evening, Dani does her usual routine. She heads home then heads to the bar. As she arrives at the bar, Boss was waiting for her. He was nervous.

"Boss?" "D-Danika." "Whats wrong?" "W-well you see..." he whispers to her. "He's here again. Mr Chen." (Ughhh.) "he wants you to serve him."

"Fine." She heads to the back room. Boss then walks towards Joe. "Mr Chen. She will come and serve you." "Mm." Boss excuse himself.

Danika come in and slam the door. "What's your problem?" "I got none." Dani was shaken in anger. "Why do you keep causing trouble here?!"

He stands up and walks towards her as she taking a few steps back. "I'm not causing trouble at all." "You-" "I just want to see you."

He was about to reach out to touch her but she slaps his hand. "Seen enough. Get out." "Is this how you treat a customer?" "Youre no customer but a harasser."

she glares at him. (She's the first Who would backfire me. Hmph. Interesting.) "harasser? Just because we shared a kiss?" Dani push him away.

"Enough of this." She turns her back towards him and reach out for the door knob but he grabs her wrist and takes her to the sofa. "Let go!"

He pushes her down on the sofa and got on top of her. She tries so hard to escape from his grasp but couldn't.

He leans in and was about to kiss her but she totally went in, head bumped him right on the nose.

His grip loosen and she kicks him in the stomach and storm out of the room. (Bastard. Bastard. Bastard.)


joe puts one hand on his nose and other on his stomach. (That damn woman. Next time imma **** her up. Ugh.)

She hides in the woman's bathroom. "Bastard. There's plenty of women who wants to do it with him, why can't he do it one of them?"

She washes her hands and notices a woman in the bathroom. Dani was shocked. (Isnt that slut's daughter?) Dani turns her head and acts natural.

Soon the woman walks out. "Joeeeee!!" Dani immediately closed the door and locked it. She puts her ears against the door, eavesdropping their conversation.

"Stella." "I called and texted you but you didn't even bother to return my messages." "I've been busy." "You're always busy." She pouts. "What are you doing here?" "Ah...helping a friend." "You...have friends?" "Joe!!"

She playfully hits him on his shoulder. "Of course I do." "Mm. Is that so?" "Where's your friend?" "She's not here. Actually I'm trying to find a slut named Danika, apparently my friends boyfriend dump her for that slut. Imma teach her a lesson or two."

Dani chuckles. (Teach me a lesson or two? Ha. It seems she's trying so hard to woo him..) Dani smirks.

She unlocked the door and walks out of the bathroom. She met Joe's gaze. She smiles. "Joe. You're finally here." Dani went towards him and give him a peck on cheek.

Stella was shocked. Dani United her and puts her arms around his arm. "You took forever. Did you finish your work?"

Joe was confused on Dani's behavior. She raised her brows to him which he finally understands her intentions.

"Yeah I did, Danika." Stellar shaken in anger and went between them. "You're Danika?!" Dani looks up and down at Stella. "And....you are?" "Hmph. I'm Joe's fiancé."

(Fiancé Eh? Not that I care.) Dani pouts. "Joe! Is that true?" Joe blush as he sees her pouts so cutely. Joe got in between and puts his hands on top of her shoulders.

"No, no. Of course not. I was about to cancel the engagement." Stella was shocked. "Joe!" Joe turns to Stella. "Stop this, Stella." She glares at Dani.

Dani feels sad, jokingly, "Joe, you should leave." He turns to Dani. "Danika." "Please leave." Dani crossed her arms. "I don't want to see you right now."

Danika walks off. Joe was about to chase her but Stella was holding onto him. "Joe! Let's talk about this!" Joe shakes her off of him. "Stella. Enough!"

"Y-you...never raised your voice at me." Joe breaks free and left Stella there. Joe looks everywhere for Danika but couldn't find it.

Lucy said; "she already left." Joe turns to Lucy. "What's her address?" "Sorry but it's confidential." Joe sighs.


Dani got home. She puts her purse down. She was humming in a good mood. She laughs.

"Stella...you should feel the pain how my mother went through." She smiles. "Men are trash, you should know that by now."


Joe got home and heads to his study room. He sits on the chair. He leans against the chair. He sighs.

He recalls how Dani gives him the cold shoulder then acts all innocently in front of Stella. He leans forwards and asks; "Does she know Stella?"

There's a knock on the door. "Come in." Seth comes in the study room. "Here's the information of Dani Kazuma."

He places the documents on the desk for Joe. Joe takes it and takes it out of the envelope.

Name: Dani Kazuma

Age: 26

DOB: April 21

-Undergraduate; never finish high school.

-Lives with her mother

Joe blinks for a few times. Joe looks at Seth. "Is this...all of it?" "Yes. That's all I can find about her." "I see."


Next day, Joe receives a text message. He opens the text message and sees a photo of Dani with an old man.

He knits his brows. He then heads to the Latté Coffee Shop where she is. He sits behind from she is sitting.

"Dani, it's been a long time. You are always welcome to visit..." she cuts him off.

"Im sorry but I'm no longer a member of Su." "Dani, please don't say that. As your father,-" She laughs. "Ha. I don't have a father." "Dani."

Dani stands up and said; "stop bothering me. Stop sending those men to check on me. It's disgusting."

Dani turns her heels and was about to leave but he stands up and her on his knees. "Dani. I know you won't forgive me but as your father...as a family"

She stops her tracks. She clinched her hand into fist. "Family?" She turns to her father. "I stopped seeing you as father ever since you brought your mistress and her daughter to our home. I removed myself as a member of Su. Right now, Su is nothing to me." "Dani." "Mother and I are fine. Even if you beg us, we don't need you back in our lives."

Dani turns her heels and left. As she left, her heart was hurting. (It's best this way. He ruined Mother's love and life.) Dani calls Lily. "I won't be coming in. I have personal matters to do." Before Lily respond, Dani hangs up and heads to the hospital.



Dani sees her mother who is still in her slumber. She reaches out and touch the glass window. (Mother...that bastard came and meet me....if it was you, you probably forgive him so easily. That bastard...needs to be punish. Don't...blame on me, mom.)


Joe hears everything. (Her father had an affair and brought her and her daughter into the family. Her mother and she left the Su family.m.)

Joe stands up and left the Coffee Shop. He returns to the company. He notices Dani isn't at work. (Hmm...she probably went to a place where she could cry.)


That night, Danika refuses to see anyone. Danika kept drinking. (Men. Men are trash. They use you over and over. But Leo...)

She swirling her glass of wine. (Leo is different. He's the man of his words. He won't cheat. He...was about to propose to me....but God is too cruel that he taken Leo away from me, from his family.)

"Mind if I join you?" Dani looks up and sees Joe. (Ugh. Him again.) Dani ignores him. "I will take that as a yes."

Joe sits next to her. Joe continues to look at her. (...She must have a hard time...) "want me to dig your eyes out?"

Joe startles and Dani glares at him. He slowly give a a nervous chuckle. "Hahah." He drinks his alcohol.

After a long hour, Joe speaks up. "You're...not going home?" "You want to leave, go ahead. Don't mind me." Seth then appears and whispers to Joe.

Joe nods. "Then...see you around." "Lets hope not." Joe smiles as he left.

Dani then head out but was kidnapped by some men. (Hmph. Stella...is making a daring move.) "we got her where you wanted." Stella shows up.

"Hmph. A slut like you, you're not fitting to be Mrs Chen." Dani smirks. "A woman with bad intentions like you, you're also not suited for him."

Stella got angry and slaps Dani across the face. "Hmph. It's alright, since you like sleeping with other men. I will give it to you."

Stella force Dani to drink something. Dani begins to feel dizzy. (Shit! She dares to drug me?!) "boys, you'll know wha to do right?" Stella then left the scene.

Dani quickly untied the ropes. "Don't mind us." (Come on. Come on.) she hurries to loosen the ropes then feels a broken glass.

One of the men got closer to her. (Shit! The drug...)her hands are finally free. She then stabs the guy in the neck. "Ughhh!" Dani then quickly escapes the back door.

She stumbles but ran into someone. "Let go, let go!" "Hey! It's me" (this voice is....) she looks up and sees Joe, who was out of breathe.

She was relieved, slowly collapsed in his arms. "Danika!" "I feel sick." "Dani-" Joe hears voices. "Tch." He carries her towards his limo. "Drive."

"Yes." (Damn Who—? He jolts. He looks down and sees she is stroking his manhood. He pulls her away. "Danika. What's wrong?" "...they drugged me."

Joe knits his brows. (If I was a minute late, they would've...) She sits on his lap. "Help...me..." Joe then press a button to close the window.

She leans in and kissed him. (I don't want to do it while you're on drug.) he push her away but she grabs his hand and licks it. He flinched.

"Damn it." He push her down and loosen his tie. "Don't regret it." He kissed her hard and removes her underwear. He loosen his belt and pants.

He slowly puts his manhood inside of her. "Ahhh...." the more he thrust in her, the more she moans.

He says in a low voice, "Shit!" He couldn't control his desire, he bangs her hard. "Ah...ah...ahh." He leans in and kissed her once more. Their tongues intertwined with each other. He couldn't control his desire for her so he bangs her a little bit harder than usual.


The sun was shining on her face. She knits her brows and finds herself somewhere else. (Where am I...?) she slowly gets up. She feels her body was too sore.

She recalls being kidnapped and was drugged. (Stella! I escaped and ran into Joe...) she recalls she did it with him. (Damn.)

She removes the blanket and went to the clothes to wear whatever that is in the closet and escape from Joe's grasp.

Joe was on the phone with Seth. "What did you find?" "....Stella is behind it." Joe knits his brows. "Thanks. I will take care of it."

Joe hangs up and grip his phone tightly. (Stella Su!)


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