Honey Flavor
1 1. He“s our CEO?!
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Honey Flavor
Author :kookieelor
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1 1. He“s our CEO?!

[Dani's narrating]

Hi. I'm Dani Su. I am the only daughter of Kelly Kazuma and Joey Su. We were a happy family until Father brought his mistress and her daughter into our home.

Mother was heartbroken. That night, Mother and I left the house, Father didn't even bother to stop us from leaving.

As I grow up, I noticed Mother was getting thinner and thinner. She always looking out the window, hoping Father will come back, but we both know he's not coming back.

When I was 16, Mother was taken to the hospital. Not once, he ever come and visit Mother. Mother has gone weak. I stopped going to school without telling my mom and started to look for a job to help pay her medical fees. It was hard to find one.

I worked as a flower and food delivery person, a cashier, a baker, janitor, and others in order to pay off the medical fee. I put my dream job aside after hearing that Mom won't able to live long.

A year later I ran into someone, her name is May. May and I became close friends. Later she introduces me to her brother, Leo. After years getting to know him, we end up dating. Mother's health got better. One night Leo and I plan to meet up. As I was waiting for him, he didn't show up.

I didn't think anything would happen to him since he's a good person. As minutes turns to hours, I got a call from May. "May, Leo hasn't come here yet." "...He won't come, Dani." "Ah I see. Something came up right? It's okay. there's always next time."

May sniffed. "Dani, Leo, won't come; he's dead." "W-what?" "He got into a car accident. He didn't make it." All I can hear May's bawling on the phone. He's gone.

That night I came home, Mom was shocked to see me all soaked from the rain. "Dani. Why are you all wet? Let get a towel." I grabbed her hand, stop her from going.

"Mom." "Hm?" "Leo..." "What happen? Did he stood you up? Man, I gave him a warning." "No...he's...dead." Mom's eyes widen. "He got into a car accident." "Dani." "I'm tired. I'm going to sleep."

I didn't know what's wrong with me. I didn't even shed any tears after hearing him passed. I thought something was wrong with me.


I'm Dani Kazuma. I changed my last name to my mother's. I am no longer a Su. I am 27-years-old. I'm just a typically woman who minds her own business and not trying to get into other people's nerves. I'm an office lady in MuTian company. I tried not to stand out so I wore my grandmother's glasses, an old-fashion suit, and put my hair up in a ponytail.

One night I was working overtime, I got a call from the hospital. My mom doesn't have much time left to live, which I already knew. She still hopes for my father to visit her.

Once I have completed my work, I saved the documents and head to the hospital. I checked on my mother, who still looking out the window.

"Mom." She turns her head and saw me in front of the door. She slowly smiles. "Dani." I walk up to her and sit next to her. Mother takes my hand. "Dani, my child. You're at the age to get married." I lowered my head. "Mom." "I know, I know. You still hinder those feelings you have for Leo. It's a shame that he had left us all."

Mother looks at me. "Dani. Find your own happiness." Happiness? I don't have any nor I want it. I just smiled at my mom. "Mom. I have to work overtime. Don't wait for me."

I stand up and left the hospital and head home to change. I put makeup on & clothes that are more revealing than I usually wear. For mom.

I head to the bar, as I got there, Lucy, one of the employees noticed my arrival. "Danika, boss wants to see you in the VIP room." I nod and go to the back room to put my bag away. Before heading out, I take my pill.

I take a deep breathe and head to the VIP room. Knock Knock. "Come in." I twisted the doorknob and head in. I noticed Boss is with someone.

"Ah. Sorry. I heard you were looking for me, I didn't know you're with a guest." "No, no. No need to apologize. This is our most important VIP, Mr. Chen. Ah, Mr. Chen, this is Danika, our newcomer. She does everything pretty well." I bow and greet to the customer. "Nice to meet you Mr. Chen." Boss then, "Please Danika serve him well." Boss then gets up and exit the room.

I pour some alcohol into Mr. Chen's glass. He takes it from me and drinks it. An hour has passed, the atmosphere is so dead. None of us talk.

All of sudden, Mr. Chen slams his glass on the table. I flinched. "S-sir?" "You...What is in the alcohol?" "Eh? I don't—" He grabs me and push me against the sofa. "Hey!" "You drug your own customers?"

I tried to escape but he was too strong. "Let go. You're drunk." He then force a kiss. My eyes widen. This sick bastard. I grabbed a glass of alcohol and hit him on his head. BAM!

I escape and ran into a corner. He stands still and glares at me. "Oh? Want to play it hard eh?" "D-don't come over here." I looked at the door and decided to run but I didn't think he was able to stand.

He grabs me once again and push me against the wall. Both of my hands are pinned. He slowly touch my body. I tried so hard to resist from his grip but couldn't escape.

He then again force a kiss on me. I bit his lip. "Bastard." "My dear, is that how to treat a VIP customer?" I turned my head to avoid meeting his gaze.

He then slowly kissed my neck. "Ouch!" He literally bit my neck. What is he? Some horny vampire cannot get his blood?

Soon the door opens. "Master, your grandfather..." He glares at the man who stood there in frozen. This is my chance to escape. I kicked him down there. SLAP! I glared at him and left the room.

I head to the back room and locked myself in. I squat down against the door and hugged myself. Bastard!

Holding my tears in. It's okay, Dani. He won't come back. Even if he did, ignore him.

Next morning, i went to work at the usual time and we had a financial meeting with our CEO. As we were waiting for his arrival. Some say he's very cold person. Most say he's the most handsome man on Earth. Whatever the reason is, I don't really care but just want to get out of the meeting.

The door opens and we all stand up and greet him. I was uttered shock to see him. Isnt that....Mr Chen..? Why is he?

"Everyone. This is Joe Chen. Our CEO." EHHHHHHHHHHHH?!!! H-he's our CEO?!! Joe then looks around and our eyes met. I avert my eyes. Shit! Why does it have to be him?!

Calm down Dani. He won't know you're Danika.

Once the meeting is finished, I get up and was about to leave. "Ms Kazuma." I flinched. Act natural. I turned around and lower my gaze to the ground. "Yes?"

"Here's the document I want you to take a look." I take the papers from the table but his hand got on top of mine.

D-did he... "um sir." "Have we met before?" "I don't recall meeting you. Can you let go of my hand?" He lets go and I quickly left the conference room. I sigh as I reach my desk.


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