Hold My Hand, Don't Let Me Go
30 He can“t stay... again
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Hold My Hand, Don't Let Me Go
Author :starandsugar
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30 He can“t stay... again

"You haven't been here for so long... I almost thought that you forgot about me." Jasmin said as she hugs the man beside her tighter, She then buries her face on his chest, inhaling his scent that she misses so much.

Her actions made Jonathan a more guilty for not being able to fight for their relationship, he feels incompetent for not being able to protect her against Samantha and his mom. Their intentions have hurt Jasmin, yet, she has never ranted against them in front of him. Especially, about his mom's actions. She knows that his mother is important to him, so she would always just silently endure their mistreatment.

Seeing Jasmin still smiling and loving him as if nothing happened at all, makes him want to just run away with her and forget about everything. However, he knows that he can't do that either. No matter how messed up his family is, he still loves them so much.

"I'm sorry..." that is the only thing that he could say. He feels like, he could never atone for the pain that he's giving to his beloved right now but if what Samantha is saying really true, after a year of staying married to her, he would finally be able to spend the rest of his life with Jasmin. They just have to endure for one more year.

"Don't say that... I hate it when you say you're sorry because it feels like what we have is wrong. Just say you love me and I'll be alright." Jasmin corrected him. Her eyes look like she's about to cry. His heart being weight down by more guilt.

'Just what did he do in his past life, for him to be blessed by such a loving woman?' He thought.

They were cuddling on the sofa of Jasmin's apartment, totally at peace in each other's arms. They talked about their future and how Jonathan wants to have three kids with her. They even planned to have a vacation in a few months. Just them living their life, forgetting all the problems that they currently have. As if he wasn't married and was just hers. Like, how they were before Samantha came in the picture to ruin their happy life. Soon, after talking and hugging for a few more hours. The two decided to get food delivered for their dinner. They haven't had a meal together since his marriage so they both got excited and ordered too many foods.

However, before the food even came, Jonathan phone's rang. Seeing that it was his mother, he immediately stood up and secretly answered the phone in Jasmin's balcony. Away from the girl so she wouldn't hear their conversation that might be unpleasant since his mom has always been against her.

"Where are you right now?" His mom asked.

"Why?" he answered, trying to avoid the question.

"Were having dinner at our house right now with the Zhou's. Have you forgotten that today is the day where they would visit us to talk about you and Samantha's future? Come home immediately." his mom said. Hearing this ruined his mood completely.

"Mom, I can't. It's probably nothing important anyway and my presence won't be needed. I won't go." he plainly stated, however, when his mom heard his refusal, she immediately realized where his son is.

"Are you with that slut again?" she said with malice. His silence answered his mom's question.

"Jonathan, you're a married man. How dare you blatantly cheat like this? Aren't you ashamed of yourself?" His mom said with disgust, this made him feel as if he was doing something wrong and he hated it.

"Mom, you know very well that I did not have a say in that marriage. I don't love Samantha and I wouldn't like I do even if I'm married to her. You can't make me."

His mom got speechless with what he said. The other line was silent for a while when he heard a little movement, like the phone getting snatched from his mother's hands.

"We have to talk Jonathan. Go home" His father's authoritative voice greets him, no longer a plea but a direct order. He didn't wait for his response and just ended the call. Meaning, if he didn't go, something bad would happen.

"Damn it!" he cursed, smashing his phone in anger. The loud noise alerted Jasmin who just received the food they ordered and was currently preparing it for them to it.

"What's wrong?" she asked, confused about the sudden shift of Jonathan's mood.

Jonathan bit his lips.

"I'm sorry..." he said. Just one sentence that Jasmin knew too well.

'Ahhh... he can't stay... again' she thought.


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