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Harry Potter and the prince of lions
Author :djensen
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7 first figh

Lurid ran out of the inn in a hurry as he did not want to go through the hellish training again,

he did'nt like the way his dad trained him as he could feel all his sour muscles,

he walked through the beautiful snow filled streets which had some people walking to and fro to begin their routine morning, all of them had thick warm and fluffy cloths to fight the cold and some how he didnt feel the cold.

he always felt it was weird as his body had high resistance to the cold but the latter decided to ignore it for now.

after some time he reached a spot which was surrounded by pine trees topped with snow and among st them was a specific tree was huge ( atleast 30 feet and 6m in diameter ) which didnt have any leaves but if one noticed closely the tree had a a opening at the base of the and had a small space which could fit about five people in it.

Lurid entered his hideout. and sat down, he loved this place as it was calm peaceful and near to the nature.

' now to read some books ' said Lurid to himself and started reading an old and tattered book on transfiguration which he found in his dads study.


< 3rd year slytherins POV>( Au: a character i created )

finally we can visit Hogsmeade..... well if you look at it its nothing to special just bunch of old people in a bunch of old huts . he looks around disdane

' ohh Evans is here ' as he saw a boy walking at a distance with a couple of people.

" hey Evans over here " he waves to a short boy and a nasty look in his eyes

" hey Dominic .... how about you join us to the three Broom sticks to have some butter beer i heard its really good " he asks me with a warm smile.

" ya alright lets go " i answered its not like i anything better to do

i've known Evans from our first year of Hogwarts he looks like a friendly boy who has a warm smile but underneath that smile lies a selfish and rash personality never dose something which could be disadvantageous for himself.

well..... im no different i suppose ...hmm aw who cares, maybe thats why, were Slytherins .

we reach a pub/inn with the sign written THE THREE BROOMSTICKS

The pub/inn is warm, crowded, and a bit smoky, but clean and welcoming A mirror behind the bar reflects the cosy atmosphere, and drinks such as Butterbeer and Firewhiskey are served in glasses and in foaming pewter tankards, as well as gillywater, mulled mead, red currant rum, and even cherry syrup and soda with ice and an umbrella.

we sat down with a group of friends Slytherins/Pure-bloods ordered some Butterbeer and had a nice time.

we left the bar satisfied with the drinks we had all of us split up with me and Evans headding towards the woods as Evans wanted to explore a little.

we reach a spot surrounded by pine trees covered in snow and found a Kneazle it had spotted, fur, large ears and a lightly plumed tail, akin to that of a lion's. lying motionlessly(dead) on the snow with a odd looking kitten which looked like a gingercat trying to wake the Kneazle up.

i looked at it felt a urge to tease the little thing and took out my wand and caste a basic Levitation charm on the Kitten

" heheh... up we go little thing " i said laughing to myself.

" what are YOU DOING ?" asked evans with fake anger

" o common its not like you feel any pity for this little thing, do you ?" i asked smirking

" ok fine . you got me hahahah.." he answered curtly

the little kitten kept crying for help while we just spoke and laughed at it



sitting inside his hideout (inside the tree )

'whats that sound' as he could hear some faint cries of an animal

he got out of the tree and walked towards the direction of the noise, he cleared some trees and saw something that infuriated him

he saw two boy around 13 years of age with robes with green lining were bulling a small ginger coloured kitten by using charms.

he charged to the one with the wand

" LEAVE HIM ALONE !" he tackled the boy with the wand and made him drop it

the kitten fell out of the charms control and fled into the forest


< Authors pov >

the two boys were surprised at the sudden arrival of the small boy with black hair.

Dominic was incensed as the kid made him drop his prey/kitten/plaything

"hey whats with you little, kid GET AWAY FROM ME !! " he bellowed

Lurid still hung onto him him as it was his first time doing something like this and honestly he felt scared . Dominic picked him up by his collar and flung him to the near by tree

Lurid could feel the burning pain in his as tears threatened to fall out of his eyes as he looked at the two older boys with hatred in his eyes.



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