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Harry Potter and the prince of lions
Author :djensen
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6 Training begins

deep in the woods,

in a field which looked like a training field due to its equipment was a young boy huffing and panting due to excessive exhaustion

" huff.. puff.... dad your killing me " complained Lurid in a tired voice

" no.... im training you " replied Aberforth curtly with an innocent look

" NO ! all your doing making me do all these excercises and did not teach me anything about magic"

said LUrid

" Listen Lurid you need a strong body to control mana perfectly "

" we dont need to do something like thats why we have spells "

" what do you think spells are lurid ?" asked Aberforth

" well the are words which derive from magical languages ( draconian, dwarfs etc ) which help us in controlling our mana through our emotions " replied Lurid

" a very bookish answer lurid but think of the possibilities if you can control your mana efficiently without the aid of spells. " asked with a look of earning

" YOU WOULD be able to use magic just like you use your limbs " exclaimed lurid

" so thats how you use chant less magic...... " continued Lurid

" not quite lad chant less magic is where you visualize the effect of the spell and chant it in your head ..... so it is fundamental different from our argument earlier "

" so..... why hasnt any one thought of this method before " ' i dont believe that this old man is smart enough to come up with this before anyone in the history of magic ' thought Lurid

" well this is considered to be very difficult and most people avoid training their body as they find it unnecessary " said Aberforth

" then why are you making me do this!!!! " exclaimed Lurid with a fierce look

" well lurid this is just my way of training, as your body is your foundation of magic casting

and it can help you evade spells cast at you and will also be physically stronger than your peers LOOK at me im fit as as an ox at my age " said Aberforth with self complacent look

you had to hand it to him he did look muscular like a war veteran at his age .

" sigh ...... " ' sounds like a fools errand to me ' thought lurid

" well that warps up todays training " said aberforth slightly disappointed as he could see clearly that lurid did not take a fancy to his method of training .

' sigh ... i will not force him if he dose not want its just a shame his age is just perfect to start training his body ..... if only i had started this early maybe i could of done that '

the sun set as they both stayed quite for the rest of journey back hone .


the next day

Lurid woke up had a light breakfast and ran out of the inn to avoid his dad and the hellish and fruitless training ( according to him )

'Sigh ........ he's already started to neglect his training. well it fine as he's still a kid but hope he doesn't become to lax.


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