Harry Potter and the prince of lions
5 The prideful wand
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Harry Potter and the prince of lions
Author :djensen
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5 The prideful wand

A Week later,

You could see Lurid and Aberforth walking into a 3 story building which looked a little worn out. it was the olivlanders branch in hogsmede

The shop was tiny, empty except for a single, spindly chair in the corner. Thousands of narrow boxes containing wands were piled right up to the ceiling of the tiny shop, there were a few solitary wand lying on a faded purple cushion in the dusty window the whole place had a thin layer of dust about it.

the young man looked at Aberforth and welcomed him, it looks like they knew each other.

my dad went straight to the point and inquired about my wand.

"well sure ill go and bring out some suitable wands and we will see which one chooses him "

replied the young man, measured Lurids arm length and went to look for the wand.

" listen well Lurid a wand is not is not just a tool to caste spells but a partner to any wizard \witch
some has its own subtle conscience, and some specialize in aspects of magic like mine which leans towards to the water element( i made that up )" told Lurid in casual tone.

" so all wands are like that ?" asked lurid

"not all of them it would depend on the master " told him without giving him a serious answer

the young man came out with a couple of wands with a smile on his face .

he then took out a wand 11 inches long

"this wand is made of ebony wood and has a unicorn hair as a magic hair it is proficient in light magic in general"

Lurid held the wand in his hand but could sense anything special about it

this went on for some but he still couldn't find anything that suited him.

"your a tough costumer ehhh.." the young man eyed Lurid

' hmm looks like we might have to visit Diagon alley... ' thought Aberforth.

it was then Lurid found A wand near in the corner of the store . it felt as if the wand called to him

he went over and and went over to it.

the other two watched him closely,

when he reached he found a majestic looking wand it had a roaring lion head at the end of the wand. it had a high possibility of being made from a precious metal.

he picked up the wand he felt resistance from at first and then a blinding light covered the entire shop followed by a mighty roar as though inform the world of its revival.

Lurid started sweating as he had lost half him mana reserves

" its not POSSIBLE !" the young mansaid

" Father told me that wand was so prideful that it refused to accept a master for nearly a few hundred years.... its made up of Ebony wood and has a wumpus cat s hair as a wand core other than that its an enigma" the Batron ( son of Mr Olivelanders ) said and smiled wryly


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