Harry Potter and the prince of lions
2 The Dark lords Death
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Harry Potter and the prince of lions
Author :djensen
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2 The Dark lords Death

1 YR LATER....

somewhere in Britain,

A 7 feet tall, giant was crying and carrying a child with black hair and scar on his his forehead that looked like a lighting bolt and handed the child to a tall old man with gold rimmed spectacles and a large white beard. standing along with him was a women with a green gown and a strict looking face

asked with a look of disbelief,

" Headmaster are we really going to leave the boy with his muggle relatives?"

"yes, Minerva i want the boy to have a regular childhood"

" But you know that they hate anything related to magic for we know they could raise Harry in a closet,you also heard lily before that.."

"MINERVA... i have decided to leave the boy here with the dursleys until his 11th birthday and then i will bring him to Hogwarts"

"i hope you know what you are doing the last thing we want is to lose the boy after his parents"

And then they entered 4 th privet drive


In the dead of night,

After delivering Harry to the dursleys,

Hagrid walked into a bar with the name of hogs inn ' in hogsmeade

asked for a table from an old man sat down and started to drink with a sober mood.

the other tables clearly didnt notice this and were celebrating a certain dark lords death

"hey did you hear that the dark load died ?"

"ya finaly that crazy Voldermort died atleast we will be safe for now..."

"Dont say his name YOU IDIOT!!!!"

" who cares.... he's dead anyway i heard he died because of a baby "

"yeh... i heard that to., they'er calling him THE BOY WHO LIVED "

"i heard he's a potte.."

"OFF-COURSE HE'S A POTT'ER !!" screamed hagrid

"Poor james and lily they died to safe er lives "

"the boy was only eh year old <sob> pity the lad, has to grow up without his mum and dad"

just when the whole inn went silent the old man said

"well atleast the the boy is safe, what are you all planing to do with him, i recon he's a Potter and his mum a muggle ?"

"well dumbledore has plans to keep the lad safe from harm...

"<scorn> off course he dose haha plans to make him a weapon of his choice "

"sigh..... why do you have to speak about er brother like that...."

"BECAUSE im is brother, i know how he thinks .."

" dumbledore's not like that...."

before he could finish they all heard a baby's cry and the old man got up told

"settle your bills and leave i have a baby boy to take of "


' i heard from dumbledore that his brother took in a child ' thinks Hagrid

" is that the child yo took in"

" yes, he is and tell my BROTHER keep away from the lad and GET OUT ALL OF YOU !!!!"

the man yelled emphasizing the word 'brother'

he threw every one out shut the door and went upstairs.



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