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Harry Potter and the prince of lions
Author :djensen
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1 1 The child

in a cold and dark night a duo garbed in black robes could be seen moving about in the outskirts

of hogsmede, after some time they came to a stop near a worn out sign board with a severed head of a wild boar. one of them spoke in a hushed voice,

"sigh.....is this the right decision?"

a female voice replied with a tinge of regret

"we dont have a choice this is the only way to keep the young master safe "

the voice then said

"then we can only hope that the old man will accept him"


them they placed a small package near the door.

"lets hope for the best" said the female .

they then left just as silently as they came in.


in a room within hogs inn, an old man with white hair and grey eyes which were so deep which would suck a persons soul if stared too long was sitting in an arm chair looking at a portrait of a

beautiful woman in her prime with love,regret and tinge of anger.

He then heard a cry of an infant, when he reached the voice he was surprised to see a baby boy about an year old with dark black hair and emerald eyes was crying for warmth.

"thats new little guy were you abandoned here ?"

he then looked into his eyes which resembled the ladies very much.


"well since you are here it must be fate" said the old man while picking up the boy,it was then he noticed that the black linen had a gold insignia of a lion and LUAN written in silver underneath it.

"hmm..... LUAN eh....? well since i found you in the moonlight i shall name you LURID LUAN



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