Gods' Impact Online
254 Chapter 253- Thermodynamics
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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254 Chapter 253- Thermodynamics

Zach equipped the mythical rank sword and walked towards the aircraft carrier that had crashed a few meters away to the other side of the garden.

"Finally, I will kill that motherfucker!" Zach jumped in the air and landed on the carrier. 

However, there was no one in the carrier.


Zach got off the carrier and flipped it to the other side to see the dead body of the player who was piloting the carrier. But there was no sign of Elliott and the girls who were with him.

'It did take me about a minute to get here, but….'

Zach glanced around and looked behind the rocks and the trees, but there was no one around.

Zach was having a hard time believing that they were able to escape that fast, and he didn't see anyone leaving the area while he was talking towards the carrier.

'So the only possibility is…'

Zach started striking his sword to the carrier and destroyed it even more. 

A few strikes later, Zach hit something hard that couldn't be cut by the sword.

"This it is…"

Zach removed the rest of the carrier's parts with his hands and found a metal box made with strong material.


Zach punched the box as hard as he could, but it didn't even leave a scratch.

"Come out, you piece of shit! Be a man and fight me! I will show you what pain and despair is!"

While Zach was yelling furiously on the top of his lungs, Elliott couldn't hear anything from the inside.

The box was made from one of the strongest materials available in the Gods' impact, and it was soundproof too.

Elliott had wasted over 40% of the fund that Shay provided, on that box.

"Dammit! If I had my gloves, I would have shattered this box into pieces!"

Suddenly, a thought crossed Zach's mind.

'I can't break it. But I can still carry it around and do whatever the hell I want. And obviously, he can't stay inside there forever. He will eventually have to come out.'

Zach smirked viciously and uttered, "Cerberus… dinner is ready."

Cerberus came out of Zach's shadow and stared at him for a few seconds.

[My, I am a non-vegetarian. I only eat flesh and drink blood,] Cerberus said.

"What will happen if you eat this box?" Zach asked curiously.

[I will feel like vomiting]


Zach let out a weary sigh and pondered to find a new solution.

"Say, when I fought you and killed you, you were spitting out insanely hot fire from your dragon's mouth. Can you do it now too?"

[I can, but the fire won't be as strong as it was before. I haven't fully evolved yet.]

"Uhh… what? Are you saying that you can grow stronger than you already are?" Zach asked curiously.

[I can, but not really. When you revived my core, my strength was capped, as yours is. But there is a difference between you and me, and that you are a player, while I am a beast. When you revived me, I became your pet, and I would naturally grow strong with my level,] Cerberus stated in a calm tone.

"And you still defeated that fake world eater despite that…?"

[Perhaps you may already know this, but I wasn't under your command when you revived me. I became yours when you named me. So prior to that, I was nothing, but the leftover emotions and rage I had when I died.]

"I see…" Zach nodded and said, "And what you said sounded so wrong. Learn to phrase your sentence properly."

[While I am saying this, I would also like to say that when you revived me, I could have attacked the players present in the dungeon. I would have even killed you because I wasn't me at that time. However, the only thing I wanted to fight was the world eater because it seemed to be a threat to me.]

"Wow. That would have been one hell of a plot twist, not going to lie. But I am glad that didn't happen, and you were tamed by the time I woke up," Zach sighed in relief.

"Now…" Zach looked at the box and muttered, "What should I do with it?"

Zach wanted Cerberus to eat the box and assumed that it would digest in his stomach. And even if it didn't, Elliott would eventually die from starvation, thanks to last month's update of Gods' Impact.

However, deep down, Zach wanted to end Elliott with his hands.

"Hmm?" Zach raised his brow and glanced at Cerberus with a curious look on his face.

[I do not like that look on your face, my liege,] Cerberus commented.

"How is your fire intensity compared to when you were alive?" Zach asked in a calm voice.

[I would say 1/3rd. But I am not sure. I haven't got a chance to use fire after my revival,] Cerberus answered.

"Well then…" Zach shrugged his shoulders and pointed his gaze at the box before saying, "Now is the perfect time to test it."

[My liege, I already said my fire is not strong enough to melt the box, so how—]

"Do not ask me questions, Cerberus. Just do what you are told to do," Zach uttered with a furious look on his face.

Zach was well aware that Cerberus fire won't be able to melt the box, but that wasn't Zach's intention. 

If metal comes in contact with a high temperature, it would eventually start melting once the temperature went beyond its melting point.

'Thermal expansion. The metal expands when heated. Length, surface area, and volume will increase with temperature, and eventually, start melting to become pure.'

'I don't know what metal this box is made from, but it would surely hit the melting point. And even if it doesn't, the heat produced by the thermal expansion will cook everyone inside alive.'

Now, Elliott had two choices. One was to get cooked alive and die, and another one was to come out and get killed by Zach.

Either way, his death was guaranteed, and that too, in a painful way.

"Thermodynamics, bitch…"


Total players in the game- 1,482,002

0 new players logged in.

20 players died.


Author's Note- Zach is still practicing his cooking skills.

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