Gods' Impact Online
251 Chapter 250- Mana Control
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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251 Chapter 250- Mana Control

A few minutes ago, in the Garden of the capital kingdom of the first realm.

Zach stared lifelessly at Evonik, who had 68 HP left. 

Evonik was lying on the ground, and he was badly injured with severe body cuts and wounds all over his body.

Zach walked to him and placed his sword around Evonik's neck. Then, he uttered in a cold, bone-chilling voice: "Surrender, or die."

Evonik had made Zach furious by using his real-world knowledge regarding mathematics and geometry.

He had made Zach so annoyed that he wanted to kill him but chose to give him another chance since his knowledge was worth more if he stayed alive.

"I… surrender…" Evonik uttered while stuttering.


Zach pulled his sword and placed it around his shoulder. Then, he turned around to walk to his side of the ring and catch a breath while waiting for the next opponent. 

However, something unexpected happens.

Normally, all the opponents who surrendered had also surrendered from the menu screen. So Zach assumed Evonik would do that too. After all, no one was stupid enough to lie on the deathbed and still think about betraying someone.

But not someone like Evonik.

As soon as Zach turned around, Evonik stealthily grabbed his sword and tried to stab Zach from behind.

When Aria, Victoria, and Ninia noticed that, they tried to yell, but it was already too late.

Zach had swung the sword back and cleaved Evonik's head.

His headless body fell to the ground, while his head rolled and stopped between Zach's feet.

"And I thought he was smart," Zach scoffed and crushed Evonik's head under his feet. "But he turned out to be nothing, but a crazy nerd."

Zach canceled his plan to catch his breath and glared at the remaining two opponents. "Come."

Crazy Bitch, and Thomas' Chick, glanced at each other as though they were waiting for either of them to step forward and enter the ring. But none of them wanted to be the first one.

However, it didn't matter, since both of them had to go in the end.

Thomas' Chick, who was level 86, stepped into the ring and invited Zach for a duel.

As soon as she did that, Crazy Bitch withdrew from the ten battle and left the Risen Warrior guild.

"Go die, you whore!" she shouted at Thomas' Chick, who was in the ring.


"You will die anyway! But don't worry! I will take care of Thomas!" she said.

Thomas' Chick's face twitched in anger as she yelled, "You motherfucking slut! Your mother's cunt is bigger than the biggest cock you have ever tasted!"

"Ahahaha!" Crazy Bitch laughed out loud and even placed her hand on her stomach as though it had started hurting her because of laughing too hard. Then, she scoffed and said, "Don't forget that we have the same mother."

Crazy Bitch, and Thomas' Chick, were sisters. Bitch was the little sister while Chick was the older sister. And Thomas was their childhood friend.

The three of them used to get along together, but as they grew up, Bitch and Chick started fighting for Thomas.

Thomas was a playboy, and he wanted to taste both sisters, so he played around with them and took both of their V cards. But when the sisters found out about that, they asked him to choose either of them.

Thomas liked big breasts, so he chose Bitch, and they started going out. However, that didn't stop him from cheating with Bitch.

However, Chick had gotten suspicious of them.

So Thomas and Bitch started meeting in the VR game and had virtual sex. That continued for weeks until Chick got suspicious again and bought a VR headset of her own.

Then, Gods' impact occurred, and they got stuck.

However, nothing changed in their relationship. 

Thomas was still fooling around with Bitch while going out with Chick. 

And now, Bitch's biggest rival, the thorn in her way, the embodiment of all her problems, her older sister— Chick was standing in front of the death reaper.

She couldn't be happier.

"I swear I will kill you, you twat!" Chick cursed Bitch on the top of her lungs.

"Since you are going to die anyway, you know what Thomas told me when we were having sex this morning on your bed?" Bitch snorted and said, "He said you suck at giving blowjobs!"

"You….!" Chick's face twitched in anger after hearing that. She gritted her teeth and shouted, "Once I am done with this battle. I will kill you! No, I will have you get r*ped by a bunch of orcs! Just wait, you little slut!" Chick declared out loud.





Everything suddenly turned silent and there was no sign of any sound or noise coming from the surroundings. It was almost as though time had stopped flowing.

Of course, that wasn't the case and the reason behind the silence was nothing but Bitch and Chick's nasty comments.

Without wasting his life, Zach accepted the duel invitation and tightened the grip on his sword.

He felt bad for Chick since she was betrayed by not only her boyfriend but her sister too. However, that wasn't going to stop Zach from killing her if she tried to kill him.

Chick's life was dependent on Chick herself; whether she fought Zach with an intention of surrendering, or killing Zach.

Zach hoped for it to be the former one because he wanted to see Bitch beg for her life and die from suffering. And besides, if Chick died, there would be no one to give justice to her or get her revenge.

Bitch reminded Zach of Natasha, who was the same. However, Zach had no idea that Natasha was also in Gods' Impact, and that too, in the Risen Warrior guild.

But, something unexpected happened.

As soon as the duel started, Zach's body started burning and his HP started decreasing.

'What's happening?!' Zach panicked, but soon calmed down.

"Heh!" Chick smirked and said, "That's my top-tier skill— Mana Control. And I am using it with God's blessing I received not long ago. It was supposed to be a secret, but I guess it can't be helped."


Chick expected Zach to freak out, but he sighed instead.


Total players in the game- 1,482,045

0 new players logged in.

5 players died.

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