Gods' Impact Online
237 Chapter 236- You Are Late
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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237 Chapter 236- You Are Late

Zach opened his inventory to see a mythical rank armor, mythical rank sword, mythical rank ring. 1,000,000 coins. 100,000 Divine grade jade runes. 


"Everything is useless at this point…"

The mythical rank equipment was the same as the other dungeon, but their stats were a little higher than the last ones. Either way, they were useless for Zach as he didn't like to wear armor, and the ring and sword were not something Zach could equip while using his gloves.

While the coins and jade runes were useful, Zach was running out of space to store them.

"I have already given a considerable amount of useless stuff to Xie Lua to sell them, while I was simply trying to empty my inventory…" Zach muttered.

After ascending, Zach opened the portal to the magic shop dimension and met Xie Lua.

At first, when he showed it to her, she was baffled after seeing the gloves' condition, but not because they were damaged, but because of the reason they were damaged.

The gloves' were designed perfectly with no flaws, and their ability to absorb the magic attack was proof of it. 

The material used to create the gloves was extremely rare and hard to find. The gloves were created with no purpose, and it was Zach who added the abilities to them. When they were created, no one knew they would be used like that. And if the gloves were designed like that, Zach wouldn't have been able to use the abilities like that.

She asked the reason why the gloves were in the state, and Zach explained everything to her.

Xie Lua handled the situation calmly and reassured Zach that the gloves would be repaired soon.

Zach asked how 'soon' was the soon, to which Xie Lua replied with 'Around a week to 10 days.'

However, Zach couldn't wait for them to be repaired, so he continued his journey without his gloves.

Xie Lua also informed him about his potions that all of them were sold out, and the stock was in demand.

The past few days have been tough for Zach, so he didn't have time to create MP potions, but now, he has started to make them again.

When the MP potions were first made available in the market for other players, their value skyrocketed.

Zach, Aurora, and Xie Lua had decided to settle the price of one 50 MP potion at 200 coins. However, at that time, the players didn't truly believe in the potions.

As it was made clear that Gods' Impact won't have potions, the players who were taking the game seriously, never believed it. And besides, there was no demonstration given to the players if they worked or not.

But once the potions were made available in the market for selling purposes, a few players bought them. Soon, they came again to buy more. 

Just like that, they talk about the potions spread like wildfire, and they became the most valuable things of all.

Their demands increased, so naturally, its value also increased. Earlier, when the maximum average value was 500 coins, not, it was 1000 coins per potion.

The guilds had also mass-ordered the potions in high quantities such as 5000, 10,000, and even 50,000 potions from the strongest guild.

When Xie Lua informed Zach about that, he dismissed the orders saying 'I will provide you 100 potions daily, you can do whatever you want with them. I am not going to waste weeks in making potions when I can make this game a better and safer place for my loved ones.'

Xie Lua didn't pry much, as she was only the merchant in between who was selling things from one place to another while making a profit. But she was also a friend of Zach.

She had realized the moment Zach entered the magic shop dimension because his eyes had said it all. And she confirmed her assumption after she mentioned the cloth-type armor, to which Zach simply responded with a wry smile on his face.


Zach walked through the portal and left the dungeon, only to be greeted by Aria at the entrance.


She looked at him with a glare in her eyes and puffed her cheeks.


"Good morning…?" Zach uttered with an awkward smile on his face.

"How dare you leave me behind!" she said in a furious voice.

"Oh, please!" Zach groaned and continued, "I bet you woke like 30 mins ago or something."

"10 mins ago!" Aria retorted.

"See? So why are you making a fuss for 10 mins?"

"Every second I spend without is equal to eternity; that shows much I love you," Aria asserted with a proud face.

"Oh, yeah?" Zach raised his brows and asked, "Remind me who was that woman who refused to hug her last night?"

Aria averted her gaze and said, "That was…"

"Hmm? That was, what?" Zach asked impatiently. "Go on. Think of an excuse."

After pondering for a few seconds, Aria pointed her finger at Zach and said, "That's because your touch makes me horny! And you refuse you have sex with me!"

"It's not that I don't want to have sex with you, but it's not the right time. I had promised Aurora when I left for the dungeon expedition that we would get married and have a wild wedding night, but shit happened and things went south."

Zach sighed and continued, "I don't want to start an intimate relationship with you before I start it with Aurora. And I know I sound so lame and pathetic, but that's just me. I want to respect my promise with Aurora."

"I just said that as an excuse…" Aria hugged Zach and said, "I don't mind waiting for 2 more weeks."

Zach hugged Aria back and said, "Every morning, I look forward to the feeling of your boobs rubbing against my chest."

"And every night I look forward to the feeling of your dick hitting my back."

"Wow. I did not expect that to come back," Zach scoffed softly. "You have been corrupted."

After that, Zach and Aria made their way back to the town. But halfway through, Zach received a notification, so he opened the portal to Aria's domain and went inside with Aria.

There they saw Milo chasing after a butterfly in a playful manner.

"You are late, you know?" a cute, yet angry voice said from the throne.


Total players in the game- 1,482,291

0 new players logged in.

13 players died.

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