Gods' Impact Online
222 Chapter 221- The Repor
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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222 Chapter 221- The Repor








Various types of noises rang across an unknown place where everything was pitch black.

A few seconds later, the sound of something sharp hitting something hard echoed around. But they suddenly stopped as the sound of the footsteps grew closer every passing second.

Then, with a loud creak, a door opened that illuminated the pitch-dark place.

It was an enormous room that could fit the entire first realm inside it. The door itself was over a thousand meters tall, which took one hour to open fully. And it took over 1000 people to open the door; 5000 on each side.

Once the creak was wide enough for a single person to enter, the lowliest of the demons— an imp, entered the room.

The imp walked and walked, but he couldn't read the other end of the room, that was his destination.

"Kir…" a loud, raspy, and demonic voice called out to the imp from the other side of the room.

As soon as the imp heard the voice, it stopped in its tracks and immediately banged its head on the floor.

"My deepest apologies! I assumed you would be sleeping!" it said as she repeatedly banged its head on the floor.

"I was sleeping. But you woke me up!" the voice yelled. "You better have a reason to awaken from my slumber. Otherwise, I am going to kill you over and over for the rest of eternity."

"It is important, my lord!"

"That's not for you to decide. Now tell me, what is it?" the voice asked.

"There was a crack in the first hell and many demons broke loose," the imp reported.

After a brief silence, the voice asked, "Where?"

"There is no information about it yet. But the world looked exactly like how the mortal realm was at the beginning of time," the imp replied.

"How in the hell am I supposed to know how the humans were at the beginning of time? I am only 420 years old, not freaking eons!"


"Now tell me, how did the crack appear suddenly? The hell is supposed to be secluded from the mortal realm as per my promise with the 'him'. So… tell me… who is responsible for this?!" the voice asked furiously.

"There are chances that the place wasn't a mortal realm, but somewhere else where humans are living like old-time," the imp stated. "It could also be another species who looked like mortals."

"Hmm… that is possible, yes. But how is that more important than my sleep?" the voice asked curiously. "Demons have been killing and causing havoc since eons. It is nothing new."

"That's… because none of the demons returned to hell…" the imp said while stuttering as its lips were trembling.

"How many demons were sent?" the voice asked curiously. "And what level?"

"Half of the first hell…"

"Tell me more," the voice asked in an amused tone.

"Five waves of 500,000 demons were sent. And all the waves were annihilated by humans, but among those humans, there was a girl who annihilated the entire second wave within one second," the imp reported.

"That's preposterous! No mortal can single-handedly rival the second wave, let alone the third wave." The voice grew louder as it asked, "Are you sure it was mortal and not someone else?"

"I… am not sure…"


The voice sighed and asked, "What about the other three waves?"

"The third wave was single-handedly wiped out by a single young man."


"And…" the imp paused.

"And… what? Say it! You know I don't like suspense!" the voice yelled.

"And that young man also killed the three archdemons of the first hell as if they were the weakest."

"How could… that be…."

"Dominic even groveled before him and asked him for forgiveness, but that young man killed him mercilessly," the imp asserted. "I couldn't tell who the demon was at that moment; the young man or Dominic."

"... Kir…."

"Yes, my lord?"

"Can you describe that so-called young man for me?" the voice asked calmly.

"Uhh… he had a hand made of fire that resembled a Phoenix. And… he had demonic eyes…" the imp responded.

"Kir, raise your head…"

"I could never—"

"I said look up!"

The imp raised its head and looked up in the dark.

Suddenly, a picture appeared on the screen in the dark, which had the face of a man with white hair, red eyes, a charming smile, and an arrogant smirk.

"Was it this man?" the voice asked.

The imp shook its head and said, "He looked similar, but this is not him."

A few seconds later, another screen appeared in the dark that had the picture of a 5-year-old kid. He had black hair, golden eyes, and an innocent grin on his face.

"Was it him?" the voice asked calmly.

"No, my lord. This is a kid."

After a few seconds, the two screens overlapped and the picture looked similar to Zach.

The imp's eyes widened in bafflement and pointed his finger at the picture as it said, "Yes! Yes! It was him!"

A few seconds passed by, but the voice didn't say anything. Then, after a brief silence, the voice asked furiously: "Who ordered the raid?!"

"Nirn— the demon lord of the first hell. Even though the first four waves were massacred, he sent the fifth wave," the imp reported.

"That fool!" the voice yelled furiously and said, "Kir, let me possess your body. I have no other choice but to visit the first hell and talk with Nirn."

"But my lord, your current condition is not suitable for—"

"Do not talk back to me!"

The imp lowered his head to the ground and said, "Please, use my body."

The imp grunted in pain for a few seconds and stopped moving. Then, it raised its head and moved its hand.

"Heh. Imps are like ants." The voice uttered from inside the imp's body.

Then, it walked out of the door after saying, "Nirn, you angered Zach. Now, you should be ready to face consequences."


Total players in the game- 1,485,265

0 new players logged in.

4 players died.

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