Gods' Impact Online
217 Chapter 216- Massacre
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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217 Chapter 216- Massacre


The clouds covered the sky and the sun as the thunder followed with the rumble.

Lightning sparked in the clouds as it electrified each and every monster in the sky and pulverized them.

"..." Dominic, Aureon, and Nargeon glanced around with confused looks on their faces as they couldn't comprehend what was going on.

The clouds had blocked the gates of hell, but the demons were still jumping blindly.

It was at that time when Dominic realized he was being played by Shay, and everything he did was to buy time.

"I will deal with you later!" he said to Shay and jumped in the air.

'Since they all are trying so hard to save that girl, she must be a very important person to them. And she is strong too. She possesses a mysterious power.'

'But her current condition is bad, so this is the only chance I will get to kill her. If not, she might become a threat to us demons and hell one day!'

"Aureon! Nargeon!" Dominic called out their names as he landed on the ground. He pointed his finger at Aurora, who was being protected by the nun and Misha.

"Get rid of that girl!" He yelled out loud and dashed at Aurora.

Nargeon was close to them since he was near the gazebo, so he reached their first.

He looked at Misha and the nun and said, "You first!"

Nargeon raised his fist in the air and squished Misha with his punch, or so would have happened if Zach hadn't stopped Nargeon's punch with his one finger.


Zach looked at Nargeon with an emotionless glare in his eyes and muttered, "Die."

Nargeon's body slowly disintegrated into ashes as he looked back at Aureon and Dominic and said, "Brother—!"

"You—!" Aureon yelled with a furious look on his face and jumped on Zach. He raised both of his hands in the air and formed a fist for a heavy attack as though he was trying to end Zach in one hit.

However, before Aureon would even reach near Zach, a huge fire sword dropped from the sky and penetrated Aureon's body.

Aureon landed on the ground with a grunt in front of Zach and called Dominic for help.

"Brother!" he yelled in pain.

However, Dominic couldn't move because his body wasn't responding. Even he was surprised to see his body trembling as he couldn't believe his eyes. He wasn't scared, not in the least. But his body was.

Zach's glove of the right hand started glowing as it glowed when he had used the 'Wrath of the phoenix'. However, instead of simply glowing, it started burning.

The fire burned the entire glove, but it was undamaged. Soon, the fire spread on Zach's entire arm, and it looked as though it was a Phoenix's wing.

Zach grabbed Aureon's head and crushed it as his body first turned into lava and melted.

After seeing two of his brothers die in front of his eyes, Dominic was enraged. He wanted to dash at Zach, but his body couldn't move.

He watched the fire from Zach's hand spread to his eyes and later covered his head.

It looked as though Zach's hair and eyes were made of fire.

However, even after all that, the fire wasn't burning or dealing any kind of damage to Zach.

The fire was slowly spreading over Zach's body as his veins glowed. Seemingly, the fire was coming from inside Zach's body.

The clouds rumbled even louder, and the lightning started striking the demons on the ground too. They tried to dodge, but lightning found its way to hit them.

After realizing they were doomed, the demons in the capital stopped whatever they were doing and started running away.

The scene was the same as how the players and NPCs ran when the crack to the hell opened, and the demons invaded the first realm. Now, it was their turn.

The only difference was that they were in abundance while Zach was alone.

Zach looked at his fire-hand and inspected it with his eyes by moving his fingers and forming a fist. He was checking whether the arm was still functional or not.

Then, Zach moved his gaze to Dominic and moved his hand towards him.

"Do you know who I am?" Zach asked in a cold and raspy voice.

"I…" Dominic's lips trembled as he struggled to speak.


Zach closed his eyes and opened them again, but there was no fire in his eyes this time. Instead, the white in his eyes had turned pitch-black— that resembled abyss, while his pupil had turned red, and it was pulsating every second, seemingly, resonating with his heartbeats.

"What about now? Do you know who I am?" Zach asked again.

It was at that moment when Dominic realized he had messed up.

Earlier, Dominic's body wasn't responding to him, and now it had stopped responding.

He turned around and ran as fast as he could. He didn't know where he was going. He simply wanted to run as far as away possible from Zach.

However, Zach didn't chase after him, nor did he try to stop him. Zach jumped in the air and hovered for more than his three-second limit.

He flew even higher within the clouds and looked at all the chaos caused by the demons. He gazed upon the Dead bodies of players and NPCs, the destruction of the capital, and the crack to hell.

After confirming all the players had sided with the NPCs on one side, Zach raised his fire-arm in the air.

Suddenly, thousands of small portals opened in the sky behind Zach, and fire-weapons came out of them. Some were swords, spears, bows, tridents, daggers, and other various types of weapons.

Then, Zach lowered his fire-arms, and all the weapons were launched to the ground on the demons.

The demons ran in all directions, but the weapons hit them eventually. More weapons kept coming from the portal and killed most of the demons.

If the demons' invasion was annihilation, then Zach's attack was a single-handed massacre.


Total players in the game- 1,485,269

0 new players logged in.

0 players died.


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