Gods' Impact Online
214 Chapter 213- The Three Archdemons
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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214 Chapter 213- The Three Archdemons

Shay, Kayden, Misha, and the other players stood their ground in front of Dominic, but the other players around and the guild members couldn't stop shaking.

It was natural for them to act like that since they saw one of the demons raze dozens of monsters and players with a mere flick of a finger.

"I don't even have to try to kill you. You will die even if I simply place my hands on you," he scoffed out loud.

Shay walked forward and said, "Try me."

"You…!" Dominic conjured a fireball in his hand and shot it at Shay, Kayden, Misha, and the other players standing in front of him. However, they all suddenly disappeared before the fireball could hit them.


Dominic glanced around with a confused look on his face and saw them near the gazebo with Aurora in between.

'What did she do?!' Dominica yelled inwardly.

Aurora had used the second benefit of Lyda's blessing that allowed her to stop the flow of time for three seconds.

Even Shay, Kayden, Misha, and the other players were also confused as to how they suddenly got near the gazebo when they were at the end of the garden a while ago.

The fireball that Dominic had forced traveled all the way across to the other side of the garden, and everything in between was obliterated.

'If that fireball had hit us, it would have killed us all!' Shay exclaimed inwardly and gulped down in fear.

'I was trying to act brave, but no one here stands a chance against these demons. Maybe…' Shay shot a glance at Aurora and thought, 'Maybe she can, but she is not in good condition. I definitely can't let her fight.'

'What about Kayden and Misha? They got married a few days ago. If something happens to either of them….' Shay gritted his teeth and frustration. 'Goddammit!'

'I want to call back-up from the guild for help, but I don't think Elliot would send help. And to be honest… even the strongest members in our guild— who just hit level 100, can't stand a chance against them. Or maybe they can?'

Shay shook his head and thought, 'There is no way Elliott would send them. They are like the shield and the sword of the guild.'

Dominic began walking towards the gazebo with an amusing look on his face. And by the time he reached there, Aureon and Nargeon also landed beside him.

The three of them stood in front of the gazebo with varied expressions on their faces.

Dominic smirked and said, "Well, well. It seems I am going to have some fun. Good good. I was bored in hell for a long time. Entertain me a little, and I might kill you less… cruelly— hah!"

"Not fair, brother! Why do you get to kill them and not us? I was also bored all this time!" Aureon remarked.

"Me too, Dominic! You need to let us have some fun too!" Nargeon commented.


"Fine~" Dominic sighed with a groan. Then, he pointed his finger at Kayden, Misha, and Shay and said, "Aureon, you can play with them."

"Thank you, brother!"

"Nargeon." Dominic pointed his finger behind them at the NPCs taking shelter in the gazebo and said, "You can have some fun with them."

"That's my brother!"

Dominic cracked his fists and licked his lips as he looked at Aurora and said, "I will deal with the strong one."

Nargeon jumped on top of the gazebo and broke it in one punch. The NPCs under it started yelling and screaming in pain as they ran away.

"Ahaha! This is so much fun!" he said out loud.

Meanwhile, Aureon slowly walked to Shay, Kayden, and Misha with a grin on his face.

"You know, I have never fought with humans before. Because they were always too weak to fight back. So please, don't disappoint me. I am truly excited to fight you all!"

Kayden and Misha stepped forward and stood in front of Aurora to protect her. They knew that Aurora might be standing still and holding her sword, but she was barely managing to keep her eyes open.

She was in no state of fighting.

Furthermore, Aurora had already used the two benefits of Lyda's blessing, and they were now on a long cooldown. While the first benefit was still active, and that was the sole reason why she was still able to stand.

Aureon dashed at Shay, Kayden, Misha, and the players at fast speed.

Shay dashed towards Aureon and cast a magic attack while swinging his sword in the air. However, before Shay could even reach Aureon or complete casting the magic attack, Aureon swung his fist at Shay and sent him flying to the other side of the garden.

Then, he circled around the players and another swing, sending each of them in all the directions.

Now, only Kayden and Misha remained, who were protecting Aurora.

Aureon would have attacked Kayden and Misha when he attacked the players, but as they were protecting Aurora, he was afraid that he might hit Aurora. And Aurora was Dominic's target.

If Aureon had hit Aurora, even by mistake, Dominic would have killed him.

Kayden and Misha stood their ground with an unwavering glare in their eyes, as though they didn't care if anything happened to them, but nothing should happen to Aurora.

Aureon approached Kayden and Mishha from the left, while Dominic came them from the right. But Dominic reached them sooner.

Dominic grabbed Misha by her neck and raised her in the air.

"Don't come in my way!" he yelled.

"Let her go you—!" Kayden swung his sword at Dominic's hand, aiming to cleave it, But instead, his sword broke.


At the same time, Aureon penetrated Kayden's back with his sharp claws.

"Argh!" Kayden grunted as he coughed blood from his mouth.

Then, Aureon pulled out his claws and kicked Kayden to the ground.


"What a disappointment," Aureon uttered with a weary sigh.


Total players in the game- 1,485,666

0 new players logged in.

222 players died.

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