Gods' Impact Online
204 Chapter 203- Crack To Hell
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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204 Chapter 203- Crack To Hell

At around the same time in the first realm.

Aurora opened her eyes on the bed and touched herself in her sacred place. She was naked under the blanket. Seemingly, she fell asleep while pleasuring herself at night.

"I had a wet dream again…" she muttered with a flushed face.

She got out of the bed and made her way to the bathroom after stretching her cramped body because of an awkward sleeping position.

"A night with Zach is like a crepe without a cream…." she muttered in frustration.

She got into the bathtub and relaxed her body after closing her eyes. Then, she slowly moved her hand to her private place and inserted her finger inside.

"Anm~" she moaned.

'I have been masturbating ever since Zach left for the dungeon expedition. It has been a few days already…'

She increased her fingering speed and inserted it deeper.

"This feels entirely different from when Zach fingered me. His hand is big, and so are his fingers. He made me cum within a minute, but… Amn~"

"Before Zach fingered me, I used to masturbate with only one finger, but now I need to use two fingers."

Aurora inserted her second finger inside her cave and continued masturbating.


"If fingers feel this good, I can't imagine how Zach's pp would feel when it goes inside,' Aurora thought.

"I have been told that the first time always hurts, so I will have to prepare myself and try my best to endure it. If I show any pain on my face, I am sure Zach couldn't proceed further."

Aurora concluded because she knew Zach was afraid of hurting his girls in the process. He already felt guilty about putting Victoria's life in danger, so Aurora didn't want Zach to feel the same experience again.

"His pp was so big and long and… thick… It could barely fit in my mouth, and even then, I could take it all in. Will such a thing fit inside me?" Aurora wondered.

"But if two fingers can feel this good… his big pp will make me go crazy…"

After imagining that, Aurora ended up orgasming.

Her cave twitched in pleasure with her whole body as she let out a few moans.


She opened her eyes and buried her face under the water for a few seconds before curling up in the bathtub.

"I miss him…" she muttered with a sad look on her face.

She opened her menu and thought of messaging Zach to ask him how long it would take him to return.

The last message was 10 hours ago from Zach with said:

[We just cleared the 90th floor. So depending on how the boss on the 100th floor is, it should take us around 16 hours minimum. I will keep you updated.]

Zach always made sure to keep Aurora updated with every five floors. He told her most of the things, including the tragedy on the 75th floor. But he didn't mention anything about him and Aria becoming lovers because he wanted to see Aurora's live reaction since he knew she would get turned on by knowing that.

"It's been 6 hours since then, and he hasn't updated me yet. I hope he is okay."

Aurora scrolled down her friend list and saw Aria and Victoria were also there.

She sighed in relief and uttered, "As long as they are on the list, it would reassure me that they are alive."

Aurora opened Zach's message again and muttered, "I will ask him how things are going."

[Hey. It's been six hours since you last updated me, so I was getting worried. Are you okay? What floor are you on right now? How much time would it take?]

Aurora typed.

However, after thinking for a while, she decided not to send the message.

"I don't want to disturb him. What if he is in the middle of the battle or something? And If I keep bugging him, he might leave the dungeon expedition and come back to me."


"I am just dragging him down," she sighed. "He also agreed to marry me because I lost all my levels and skills. But I do know that he loves me."

Aurora smiled wryly and uttered, "I always thought my wedding would be grand. I am the princess, and royal weddings are considered better than most worldly events. Yet, here I am as a typical nobody."

"But I am marrying the man I love, so I don't want anything else," she said with a smile on her face.


Suddenly the ground rumbled, and everything started quacking.

"An earthquake in the game?" Aurora quickly got out of the bathroom and wore her clothes. Then, she ran out of the house, only to see destruction everywhere.

There were hundreds of monsters roaming the capital, and thousands of monsters were on their way to the capital.

"What's this?!" she exclaimed.

All the players and NPCs were running away from the monsters, and so did Aurora.

"What's going on?!" a player yelled.

"A secret event?!" another player yelled.

"This is too surreal to be an event! And we die if we die. There is no respawning, so there is no fun in this event!"

"Fuck the gods! They are trying to kill us!"

Soon, the entire sky was covered, and the light of the sun was shadowed, not by the clouds but by the monsters with wings.

They were diving to the ground and grabbing the players and NPCs before dropping them down again. The monsters on the ground were killing and eating the players as well as the humans.

In Gods' Impact, there was no difference between players and NPCs as they both were alive, bled, and died.

However, there was indeed a difference between them; that was the players would escape through the portal while NPC couldn't.

The strong players who had already met the requirement to ascend to the higher realm ascended. While the other players who hadn't met any requirements simply descended to the lower floors.

However, the NPC could only watch and wait for their demise.


Total players in the game- 1,496,036

0 new players logged in.

346 players died.


Author's Note- An unexpected war!

Thanks, @Michael_Schebaum, and @Gavinaugh, for the gift!

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    《Gods' Impact Online》