Gods' Impact Online
181 Chapter 180- Mayday
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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181 Chapter 180- Mayday

'I thought I was strong. I thought I had a major advantage over the other players. But I guess I was able to make it till here because of my gloves.'

Zach looked at his gloves and thought, 'They gave me unimaginable strength, but now I realized I am nothing without them.'

"Father, why did you make these gloves?" Zach murmured. "You gave it to Xie Lua. Mom also asked Xie Lua for help. It's as though you both know this was going to happen."

"I found it strange when I wore the gloves for the first time. It fit me perfectly, and its benefits were weird too. But these gloves were… they are perfect for me. Perfect for a cultivator class."

If Zach wasn't a cultivator, he wouldn't have the advantage of cultivating infinite MP. And if he didn't have infinite MP, he wouldn't be able to use the gloves as he was.

If his MP was also limited by his stats like all the other players, he would run out of MP within a few seconds if he used the gloves.

Why was everything connected to each other? Was it simply a coincidence? Or was Zach thrown into a death game, knowing well what would happen to him?

In any case, even with all his advantages and benefits, Zach was currently feeling helpless.

His gloves started pulsating even louder as the time limit reached closer. It sounded as though the cloves were alive.

"Argh!" Zach let out a loud groan in frustration and clapped his hands together.

The magic store in his gloves was released on impact, and it formed a sonic wave that sent his surroundings flying. 

Luckily, the wave was directed towards the monster in the front, so it didn't affect the other players. But the rocks and ground near him were razed by the high force emitted from his gloves.

However, it didn't affect the monster at all. It didn't even budge an inch. 

It wasn't as though Zach's sonic wave attack didn't affect the monster. It depleted over 10,000 of its HP, but that was just a fraction of his total HP.

The soul eater was holding its ground using his thousands of legs, making itself impossible to move by others.

The soul eater charged up its mouth to fire another light beam.

"Watch out! It's going to fire another light beam!" Zach yelled and warned all the players.

He prepared himself to absorb the attack again.

"Aria, take Victoria way from here!" Zach shouted. "And protect her at all costs!"

Zach thought the monster was going to attack him, but why would it attack him knowing well that he would absorb its attack again?

The monster fired the light beam at the defenseless guild members who were running here and there to save their lives.

Everything was disorienting.

There was no coordination and formation within the guild members. Everyone was trying to save their own skin without caring about the rest of their guildmates.

Zach rushed towards the light beam to absorb it so he could save the players from getting hit by the light beam.

'It's a duty of the strong to protect the weak.' Zach's father's words rang in his mind.

"Shut up, father! I am busy here!" Zach jumped in front of the light beam and began absorbing it.

However, the soul eater kept shooting the light beam without any breaks.

Zach's gloves reached their absorbing limit and exploded, making a sonic wave explosion. 

Zach was sent flying to the other side of the floor, while the monster didn't stop firing the light beam.

The light beam killed 300 more players.

"Munbeta!" Cindy yelled when she looked at Munbeta, whose half body was razed by the light beam in the process of trying to protect Cindy.

Cindy rushed to Munbeta and placed his body on her lap.

"Munbeta!" she yelled while crying.

"Cin…dy…" Munbeta barely opened his eyes and uttered, "I… am sorry…"

"What are you apologizing for, idiot?! You saved me!" Cindy glanced around her and yelled, "Healers! Healers! I need help!"

"It… was me…" Munbeta muttered. "Even though we were dating, you never let me touch you. You even limited the kisses."

"Now is not the time to talk about that!" Cindy shouted while crying. "Healers! Healers!"

"That night… when we went to the bar, I… mixed drugs in your drink."


"Then I… took you home and r*ped you.."


"I always felt… guilty… about… that…" Munbeta's voice was slowly getting lower. 

"Munbeta! Stay with me…" Cindy sniffed. "Healers!"

It was mayhem everywhere. No one could hear Cindy's yells.

"And… I lied about… the game. It wasn't… my brother who asked me to play. Your… sister… called me… so I used my brother's VR headset to login… to meet… you…"

A bunch of healers and mages came and surrounded Cindy and Munbeta.

"I am… glad that I was able to protect you. Did…" Munbeta looked into Cindy's eyes and asked, "Did I… redeem… myself…?"

After saying that, Munbeta's body turned cold due to blood loss. His breathing stopped, and his heart stopped beating.

However, his HP hadn't hit 0 (Zero), so there was still some hope left to save him.

Fortunately, multiple healers were healing Munbeta, so he was saved. 

His HP slowly increased and healed to max after a few seconds.

Munbeta slowly opened his eyes and looked at Cindy.

"I… am alive…?" he stuttered in surprise.

"Of course, you are, you dummy!" Cindy hugged Munbeta tightly and rejoiced.

"But I… I did something terrible to you…" Munbeta muttered. "I don't deserve you…"

Cindy looked into Munbeta's eyes and said, "Yes! You took my innocence, so now, you will have to take responsibility!"

"Does that…mean…?" Munbeta couldn't dare to complete his sentence. He didn't want to get ahead of himself and assume things, only to be disappointed later.

"Yes, you dummy." Cindy nodded and said, "I still love you!"


Munbeta and Cindy brought their faces together and kissed, or they would have if they weren't obliterated by the light beam.

Munbeta, Cindy, and 200 more players died in that attack.


Total players in the game- 1,298,180

0 new players logged in.

529 players died.


Author's Note- Why is Soul Eater so strong?! Find out in the next chapter!

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