Gods' Impact Online
179 Chapter 178- Floor 75
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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179 Chapter 178- Floor 75

Level 150- Soul Eater

HP- [10,000,000]

It was an ugly, disgusting-looking monster. But it was scary too.

It was five times bigger and longer than the world serpent on the 50th floor. 

It was a mixture of the warm and the centipede, but more gruesome. Instead of having thousands of legs on two sides, the 'soul eater' had legs all over his body, making it able to move in any direction with precise control. 

Each leg was twice the height of an adult human, and hairs were growing out from each leg. The monster looked like a furball while it was hiding its sharp pointy legs within them.

Its mouth stretched open into 36 sides, and each side had hundreds of teeth on them. Its eyes were hidden within the fur. 

Its body was throbbing and glowing in a pattern that resembled its veins. The entire floor quacked with even a little movement of the soul eater.

Most of the guild members stepped back in fear, while those who were strong stood still with their legs trembling to a certain extent.

It was as though they all had seen death.

Even Victoria had lost her cool after seeing the monster, and she was more worried about Zach since he was going to solo the floor.


'Something so disgusting… and creepy…' Zach sighed in disbelief and muttered, "But I guess cute-looking monsters won't look intimidating."

Zach stared at the soul eater and inspected its body and movements from the distance to plan his attacks accordingly. 

Sure, Zach could use his DT skill and end the soul eater by simply touching it, but that would cost him 10,000 MP, which was not a wise move.

Sure Zach could cultivate more MP any time he wanted, but there were still 25 floors left to clear. Zach was certain that he would need to fight on the other floors to help the other as the difficulty was increasing.

Zach had cultivated 15,000 more MP by resting and passive cultivating for two days. And his total MP was 26000.

His heroic entry on the 50th floor, where he slayed the world serpent, took Zach 4000 MP since he used a magic weapon. However, if Zach had used DT on the world serpent, it would have used 5000 MP.

Zach had realized that using DT wasn't the best choice since it charged more MP, but it also killed any monster in one hit. However, if he used magic weapons instead, it would not only cost him less MP, but the night would be time-consuming.

Currently, Zach has to decide what to do. He could use DT and end the battle within a second, or use Magic weapon and show off his sword art skills. One of the major drawbacks of his DT skill was that he needed to touch the monster to use it. However, there were monsters he couldn't touch even if he wanted to because they were either too fast or not suitable to touch.

'DT would use 10,000 MP. But I am sure if I use a magic weapon, I will end the fight within 7500 MP usage,' Zach uttered inwardly.

After pondering for a while, Zach decided to do it the hard way and use the magic weapon. 

'I would save 2500 MP, which would take 4 hours to be cultivated here, and 2 hours in Aria's domain.' Zach conjured a fire sword in one hand and a lightning sword in another.

'But, I will use DT if this battle gets annoying,' Zach decided.

Zach merged the fire and lightning swords, making a fire-lighting sword. Not only that, the sword was emitting sparks of lightning and lava, and it looked as though the sword was alive.

If the monster was called a soul eater, then the suitable name for the sword would be a monster eater.

All the guild members present there felt a sudden change in atmosphere, not in a good or relieving way, but in a bad way.

They felt chills down their spines after watching Zach walking fearlessly to the monster without any hesitation. 

It was their first time seeing Zach in action after briefly witnessing his power on the 50th floor.

Everyone present there, including Aria and Victoria, had the same thought in their minds:

'So cool!'

The gloves' third benefit, 'look cool' was active, and it wasn't just a sham; it was effective.

Zach felt more confident and excited than usual because it was his first time showing off in front of Victoria. He wanted to impress Victoria, but he didn't know that Victoria was already impressed by him a long time ago.

Zach closed his distance from the soul eater while staring into its eyes even though they weren't visible. However, there was no need for Zach to look into its eyes as he was staring with a cold yet lifeless glare in his eyes.

The ground quaked as the monster rapidly moved towards Zach with its mouth wide-open.

Zach was about to use his flight ability and jump on the monster from the top. But suddenly, the monster shot a light beam from its mouth, razing everything in its way.

Luckily, Zach was already prepared to use this flight ability to jump, so he quickly dodged the attack.

Zach landed on the other side of the floor and looked in the direction where the soul eater shot the light beam.


Zach was genuinely surprised to see the damage the single light beam had caused. It wasn't as destructive as the secret boss (Lord Abomination). Still, it was enough to one-shot any player regardless of their level.

'If it was shot at the other side where Victoria and others are, they would have been obliterated…'

Zach released 5000 MP in the sword, and its color changed from yellow lightning to red, while the color of the fire turned purple.

The lightning around the fire covered the sword and formed a concentrated fire-lightning sword. The purple fire and the red lightning emitted simultaneously. It looked as though it was ready to devour everything it touched.

It was at this moment when Aria realized how grateful she was to meet Zach when he was still a newbie in the game.

"How benevolent, yet… malevolent," Aria muttered with a resolute expression on her face.


Total players in the game- 1,299,231

0 new players logged in.

34 players died.


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