Gods' Impact Online
171 Chapter 170- Sudden Proposal
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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171 Chapter 170- Sudden Proposal

Aurora's stats had reset back to default. All her stats were 100 (her agility 10), and her level was 1. However, her physique remained the same as her body in the real world had already evolved.

"How… did this… happen?" Zach asked while stuttering. "Did you…"

Aurora hugged Zach and said, "The cake we ate at Misha and Kayden's house last night… it was a crepe cake…"

"What?!" Zach explained. "How is that possible? My family runs a bakery shop, and I know what crepe cake looks like. That wasn't… oh…"

"There was another cake too…?" Zach asked.

"I can't play with you now! I can't ascend together with you…" Aurora sobbed.

"It's okay." Zach patted Aurora's head and said, "We can level up again. In fact, we are going on a dungeon raid, right? Let's go and level up real fast."

Aurora shook her head and said, "I lost everything, even my skills. I can't do anything as a level one player."


"The new update won't allow other players to carry low-level players…" she added.

'Why did this happen? Everything was going so well and…' Zach controlled his emotions and took a deep breath. Then, he looked into Aurora's eyes and said, "Don't worry. I won't leave you behind. We will ascend together."

"No. You should ascend with Aria. I don't want to drag you down," she said while crying. "I will catch up to you once I level up on my own. So go without—"

Zach stopped Aurora from speaking by kissing her on her soft lips. He kissed her for a few minutes until Aurora started to kiss back.

After the kiss, Zach looked into Aurora's eyes and said, "I am not leaving you behind."


Zach kissed Aurora again until she stopped resisting.

"You don't—"

He kissed her again.

"Listen to—"

Zach kissed Aurora whenever she tried to say something. He didn't want to hear any negative words from Aurora's mouth.

Aurora was a princess, so naturally, she was spoiled. She could get anything she wanted, and no one could say no to her except her parents.

However, they didn't have time for Aurora, and her masters took care of her, who spoiled her rotten. Part of it was because Aurora was a princess, and they could defy her orders, and another reason was Aurora's beauty.

Because of all that, Aurora had developed a mentality that everything should go her way. Of course, she got angry and upset when things didn't go as per her wishes. But she never hated anyone for that.

She believed that there were certain circumstances where no one could control them. But because of all that, Aurora used to get depressed easily because reality was always dream-shattering for everyone.

When Aurora's maids died protecting her, Aurora blamed herself for it. She was ready to kill herself, and she would have committed suicide if she hadn't met Zach.

She didn't want to be left alone in a place she didn't belong. And currently, Aurora was going to be in the same situation.

If Zach had listened to Aurora and ascended to the higher realm with Aria, there were chances that Aurora would have harmed herself. If not, then it was highly unlikely that a level 1 player could survive in the first realm alone without any help.

In either case, Zach would have lost Aurora.


Aurora looked into Zach's eyes and didn't say anything because she knew Zach would kiss her to shut her up.

"Aurora…" Zach wiped Aurora's tears and moved his face closer to her ears. Then, he said in a gentle voice: "Let's get married once I come back from the dungeon raid."


"I am being serious."

Aurora bit her lips and said, "I don't want you to marry me out of pity."

"I am not." Zach hugged Aurora and said, "I want to marry you because I love you."

"...!" Aurora started crying again after that.

Zach rubbed Aurora's back and asked, "Why are you crying again?"

"This is the first time you have told me that you love me…" Aurora uttered in a muffled voice.

"Is… that so…?"

Aurora was telling the truth. However, Zach had once tried to tell her during Aquarius' birthday celebration, but he was interrupted by the waiter for the food.

"I mean…. Come on…" Zach kissed Aurora on the lips before saying, "We did many things. I let you sleep on the same bed as me. And I talk with you kindly. I wouldn't do that with a girl I don't love."

"And besides, I don't think you have ever told me that you love me either…" Zach added with a remark.

Zach pushed Aurora on the bed and started kissing her. He squeezed her breasts and fingered her to pleasure her.

"Hihi!" Aurora giggled as she tried to fight back. "Stop! You—"


Zach received a message, so he stopped and looked at the sender to see it was Aria.

[Where are you? The raid has already started. We are already on the 20th floor. Come as fast as you can. Bring Aurora too. Victoria looks upset. Come fast.]

"She should learn to text properly," Zach scoffed out loud and closed his menu.

"Was it Aria?" Aurora asked.

Zach kissed Aurora and answered, "Yes."

"Then go!"

"I don't want to. I agreed to go to the dungeon raid for you. So if you are not coming, I won't go either." Zach looked into Aurora's eyes and said, "I am not leaving you alone."

"You are going to make another girl upset in order to please me," Aurora stated. She pushed Zach back and said, "Go. I will wait for you."

Zach kissed Aurora's hand and said, "I am serious about the marriage, by the way."

"I know," Aurora nodded.

"And then we will have lots of sex," he said with a  grin on his face.

Aurora squirmed on the bed and asked, "Would that be considered as our wedding night?"

Zach gave Aurora a deep kiss on the lips and said, "I will make our every night into a wedding night."


Total players in the game- 1201756

0 new players logged in.

35 players died.


Author's Note- Suggest some boss names for the dungeon raid.

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