Gods' Impact Online
166 Chapter 165- Spoiled Princess*
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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166 Chapter 165- Spoiled Princess*

Zach slapped his snake on Aurora's cheeks and said, "Check your physique and see if it increased or not."

Aurora moved her head around to avoid getting slapped by Zach's snake, but she got bored and caught it with her mouth. She started sucking the tip and opened her stat menu.

"Umu," she nodded.

"It increased?!" Zach exclaimed.

Aurora pulled out Zach's snake from her mouth and said, "It increased by  500."

"Wow. I can't imagine how much it would increase if I creampie you…" Zach wondered.

Aurora closed her menu and started sucking Zach's snake again.

"What are you doing?"

"Well, if I drink your essence ten times a day, I can easily cultivate my physique, right? And then my body will also get strong enough to get creampied…"

"No. That's not how it works." Zach opened the journal from the menu and opened the cultivation chapter. There, he scrolled down to the dual cultivation and read out loud:

"The physique increased by receiving the essence resets weekly," he read.

"What does that mean?" Aurora asked with a confused look on her face. "Does that mean my physique will go back to normal after a week?!"

"No. It means that even if you drink or receive my essence again, your physique won't increase for a week. It can only be used once a week. But you can increase it the normal way, though," Zach stated.

"Oh!" Aurora sighed in relief and muttered, "I thought I would lose your essence…"

"I am curious about one thing, though." Zach placed his hand on his chin and uttered, "I wonder if my essence's benefits are locked based on the girl or me? Like if some other girl gets my essence, I wonder if her physique would increase."

After pondering for a while, Zach nodded, "Yeah. it should."

"Why don't you test it on Aria?" Aurora suggested with a grin on her face.

"Maybe in the near future when Aria decides to open up to me…" Zach sighed.

Aurora licked her lips and muttered, "A nephew asking his aunt to suck his pp…"

Zach slapped Aurora's face with his snake and said, "Stop that!"

Aurora opened her mouth and started sucking Zach's snake with a delighted look on her face.

"What are you doing? You won't get anything even after drinking my essence again, you know?"

"I just want to make you feel good," Aurora said as she slowly started moving her head.


Zach's gaze fell on Aurora's breasts that were bouncing as Aurora's moved.

"Hey…" Zach looked into Aurora's eyes and said, "Can you…"

Aurora noticed Zach staring at her breasts, so she understood what Zach wanted.

She pulled out Zach's snake from her mouth and said, "Do you want me to…?"

"Yeah. Use your bouncy tits and give me a boobjob," Zach nodded and squeezed her soft breasts with his hands.

Aurora placed Zach's snake between her soft marshmallow-like breasts and said, "Like this?"

"Does it feel good?" Aurora asked with a hesitant smile on her face.

"Press your boobs against each other and crush my dick without mercy," Zach snorted.

Aurora did as Zach asked her to do, moved them up and down to make the motion slippery.

"It feels fantastic!" Zach answered and asked Aurora to continue.

Without any instructions, Aurora gave an awkward boobjob. However, after seeing Aurora trying her best, Zach let out a chuckle and stood up from the ledge.

"What… happened?" Aurora asked with an anxious look on her face. "Did it not feel good?"

"I am just stepping up the game," Zach answered. He adjusted his position and placed his snake between Aurora's boobs. Then, he asked Aurora to squeeze her boobs even more.

"Like this…?" Aurora confirmed as she pressed her boobs from both sides.

"Yes. Now I will move, so all you need to do is keep squeezing them." Zach began to thrust his hips back and forth at a slow pace. Once Aurora had gotten used to it, he increased his speed.

Aurora looked up at Zach's face with a smile on her face and asked, "Does it feel good? I feel weird, in a good way."

"You are doing great. I will increase my speed!"

Zach began to thrust his hips even faster. The tip of his snake was hitting Aurora's lips, so Aurora opened her mouth so the tip would go inside her mouth.

"Nice!" Zach grabbed Aurora's head and pressed it down so she could suck more of his snake. Aurora opened her mouth to suck it whenever he thrust his hips forth.

Aurora noticed Zach's snake was twitching, and she realized that he was about to shoot his essence again. So she started moving her breasts up and down to make it more stimulating.

Aurora kept her mouth open and sucked the tip of his snake with her tongue whenever it entered her mouth.

After a few minutes, Zach released his load inside Aurora's mouth, and she slowly swallowed it after enjoying the taste.

After swallowing everything, Aurora cleaned Zach's snake using her mouth. She looked up at Zach with an alluring gaze in her eyes and said, "I want to do more."

"If we waste more time, we will end up running late for Kayden and Misha's wedding," Zach asserted.

"No." Aurora bit Zach's snake and said, "I want to drink it more."

"Go ahead then," Zach sighed with a grin and patted Aurora's head. "You are such a spoiled princess." 

Aurora stroked Zach's snake using her hand and started sucking. She was so immersed in pleasuring Zach that she couldn't think of anything other than drinking Zach's essence again. 

Midway through, she heard Zach grunting. She thought Zach was finally feeling good enough to grunt in pleasure, but he grunted for another reason. 

"Argh!" Zach grunted out loudly.

Aurora stopped sucking Zach's snake and looked up at him to see Zach struggling to speak with a painful expression on his face.

"What happened?!" Aurora exclaimed with an anxious and concerned look on her face.

"Run…" Zach managed to stutter.

"Huh? What?"

Zach forced himself out of the bathtub and fell to the ground.


Aurora rushed after Zach and tried to help him to get up. But Zach shrugged her hand and said, "Get… out…"

"But you are in pain!" Aurora was panicking. She had no idea what to do, but she wanted to help Zach.

"Go… get… Aria…" 

Aurora ran out of the bathroom naked without worrying about her clothes and made her way to Aria's room.

Zach's body started changing colors and began behaving strangely. Zach's skin turned pale, and his hair color changed rapidly. His skin turned into scales, and his veins started popping. 

Strange marks appeared all over his body, and they started moving from inside out his body.

His eyes turned black and started bleeding. His ears turned long and pointy, and horns sprouted on his forehead. A halo appeared above his hand, and a third eye popped out from his forehead. Wings came out from his back and covered his body. A tail appeared from his waist, and his body grew larger. His nails began claws, and his teeth became fangs.



Total players in the game- 1102579

0 new players logged in.

27 players died.


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