Gods' Impact Online
161 Chapter 160- Bathing With Aurora
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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161 Chapter 160- Bathing With Aurora

Aurora focused her gaze on Zach's snake and kept staring at it.

"Now that's not a stare a princess should give…" Zach uttered in a low voice. "Not going to lie, I expected you to be embarrassed after seeing my snake."

"I have already seen it a couple of times, so…" Aurora shrugged without completing her sentence.

Zach raised his brows and squinted his eyes as he asked, "What do you mean by a couple of times?" You had only seen it once when you came to wake me up when I spent the night with Aquarius in her room."

"Yeah, but I already saw you hard many times before," Aurora remarked.


"We sleep together. So there have been many times when I wrap my legs around your body." Aurora explained using her hands and said, "So… I have accidentally touched it a few times."

"And I felt bad for copping you once," Zach sighed.

Zach moved his leg between Aurora's sacred place and tried to touch it with his toe, but Aurora covered her cave and said, "Not so soon."

Aurora stood up and sat in front of Zach. She leaned her body back on Zach's chest and curled up.

"Well, well. Someone is being bold all of a sudden," Zach commented with a grin on his face.

"You have seen Victoria's naked body and even slept with her. You had sex with Ruli, so obviously, you saw her naked body. You have also seen Aquarius' naked body. And this morning, you saw Aria naked." Aurora looked up at Zach with puppy eyes and said, "I didn't want to be the last one."

Zach moved his hand forward and touched Aurora's breasts, but he didn't press his hands on them.

"Can I…?" he whispered in her ears.

Aurora quietly nodded with a flushed face.

Zach gently pressed his hands on Aurora's breasts and squeezed them.

"Mnh~" Aurora moaned a little. 

Zach squeezed them for a while until Aurora's nipples got erect.

"How do they feel?" Aurora asked.

"They are soft like cotton…"

"Are they better than Ruli and Aquarius?"

They are not humans, so I don't think you should be comparing yourself with them," Zach responded.

"Then… are they better than Victoria?" Aurora asked.

"Maybe…" Zach pinched Aurora's nipples and replied, "It has been months since Victoria and I had sex. And believe me, that sex was awkward. We ended it after one round."

"Wait, it was her first time?"


"And your…?"

Zach kissed Aurora on the nape and whispered, "Yeah. It was my first time too."

Zach moved his hand down to Aurora's sacred place and said, "Can I…?"

Aurora looked at Zach's hand and noticed he was wearing gloves.

"Why do you have your gloves on…?" she asked with a confused and puzzled look on her face.

"Because they make me look cool…" Zach replied casually.

"You are butt naked without any clothes on your body, so why do you expect to look cool in your gloves?" Aurora scoffed loudly.

"Do you want me to take them off?" Zach didn't wait for Aurora's answer and unequipped his gloves.

Then, he touched the entrance of Aurora's cave and played with her clit.

Aurora moved her legs and said, "Don't… touch…" 

Zach continued doing that and slowly inserted his finger inside Aurora's cave.


"You are so tight…" Zach muttered.

Zach fingered Aurora with one hand and played with her nipples with another.


Aurora enjoyed her free masturbation and moaned once in a while.

"Does it feel good?" Zach asked in a calm voice.

"Mnh~" Aurora moaned in reply.

"Should I push my finger further in?"

Aurora nodded and leaned back after spreading her legs wider, so Zach could easily move his finger in and out.

After fingering Aurora for a while, Zach stopped and said, "Why are we doing this again?"

Aurora looked at Zach and replied, "Because you want to?"

Zach kissed Aurora on the lips and said, "Do you remember our first conversation?"

Aurora pondered for a while and said, "Do you mean where I asked you for the directions, and you sent me to the dungeons?"

Zach raised his brows in confusion and asked, "No… I was referring to where I met you in the park under the gazebo. That was my first time ever talking to you."

"Weird…" Aurora placed her hand on her chin and muttered, "I always thought that was you."

Zach knitted his brows and asked, "Was there someone else with that person?"

Aurora shook her head and said, "No. It was only you."

"Yeah. Then that wasn't me. I was with Shay and Kayden on the first day. And I myself was clueless about the game, so there is no way I would give directions to other players."

"Hmm. That's possible," Aurora nodded. "That makes sense since when you talked to me in the park, you were talking like it was our first time meeting. I thought you didn't remember me, but I guess it was someone else."

Zach hugged Aurora from behind and said, "Don't go talking to strangers."

Aurora turned around and looked into Zach's eyes. She kissed him on the lips and said, "But that was before I met you."

Aurora hugged Zach and asked, "Why are you suddenly talking about our first meeting?"

Zach grinned and asked, "Do you remember what I said to you after you asked me to show my stats?"

"Oh…" Aurora also grinned and said, "You said, 'Why are you making it sound like we are exchanging nudes', right?"

"Yes," Zach snorted.

"And here we are. Sitting naked in each other's arms," Aurora mumbled quietly.

"I never thought this day would come, to be honest," Zach kissed on Aurora's forehead and continued, "But I am glad."

Aurora let go of Zach and began stroking his snake with a curious yet anxious look on her face.

"Are you jerking me off?" Zach asked with a grin on his face.

"You fingered me, so now it's my turn…"

Zach placed his hands on Aurora's shoulder and looked into her eyes.

"What's wrong…?" Aurora asked after noticing Zach's expression on his face.

"I have something to tell you before it's too late," Zach said with a serious look on his face.

"It's about Aria," he added.


Zach took a deep breath and said, "She is my aunt."


Total players in the game- 1102726

0 new players logged in.

31 players died.


Author's Note- Guess Aurora's reaction.

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