Gods' Impact Online
145 Chapter 144- Massage Gone Wrong
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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145 Chapter 144- Massage Gone Wrong

The sixth had passed out from the pleasure during the massage, and his moans had brought the three girls back to their senses.

"Guards!" Rilu yelled.

After a few seconds, a couple of guards entered the room and bowed down to Rilu.

"My king—!" They all were baffled after seeing the sixth passed out of the couch. "What happened—?!"

"Worry not. He is just asleep," Rilu responded. "Carry him and take him to his room."

"Yes! My Queen!" The guards bowed down and carefully carried the sixth out of the room.

After that, a female guard came and closed the room door.


Rilu looked at Zach and said, "Can you give me a message too?"

Zach glanced at Aurora and Aquarius with a troubled face as though he was seeking help.

"Sure," Zach nodded and pointed his finger at the couch before saying, "Get on the couch."

Rilu lay on the couch on her stomach, but she got up soon after and took off her outer dress.


Of course, it was a little revealing, and Zach felt it inappropriate to look at Rilu's body. She was his mother-in-law, after all. But after looking at Rilu's body, Zach couldn't help but imagine Ruli's naked body.

'They are twins, after all. Of course, they would have a similar build,' Zach sighed inwardly and got on the couch to massage Rilu.

Within five minutes, the room was filled with Rilu's moans.

"Anh~" she moaned.

'Not going to lie, but hearing her moans cleansed my ears after listening to the sixth moans,' Zach uttered inwardly.

Aria walked to Aurora and stood beside her as they both watched the orgasmic look on Rilu's face.

'Look at her. She is making an immoral face,' Aria whispered in Aurora's ears.


'And her moans are so loud,' she added.

"Yes~! That's the spot! Harder~ Harder~ Yes~ Yes~ Keep going~!" Rilu moaned.

Aria shook her head in disbelief and whispered, 'She is saying so many illicit words in front of us. He is so shameless.'

Aurora raised her brows at Aria and said, "You were the same."

"No, I wasn't. I would never say those words or make such a vulgar expression on my face," Aria retorted.

"You were saying more nasty words and making a lewd face. Especially at the beach…" Aurora remarked.

Aria froze after hearing that. She recalled everything as her face flushed.

"Actually… I don't think it's immoral. It's perfectly fine. It's a sign that the massage is working." Aria tried to defend herself.

"Heh!" Aurora snorted.

Aria furrowed her brows and said, "The same thing will happen to you when you get a massage."

"Can you go a little down?" Rilu said.

Zach moved his hand from Rilu's back to her waist and said, "Here?"

"No. A little further down…"

"..." Zach moved his hands down to Rilu's hips but then moved them further down to her thighs and said, "Here."

"Yes…" Zach could feel disappointment in Rilu's voice.

Zach massaged Rilu's legs and thighs for ten minutes. Of course, she moaned like crazy.

'Her moans are the exact same as Ruli…' Zach couldn't help but keep remembering his time with Ruli. 

If he remembered it a little more, something would have awakened in his body, and it would have caused a lot of trouble.

Meanwhile, Ruli bit her lips after seeing Zach getting close to Rilu. She got off the bed and left the room after whispering something into Zach's ears. And because of that, Zach's little brother was awakened.

Rilu turned around and said, "Can you massage me from the front too?"


'Isn't that a little too much?' Zach wasn't sure if he should do it or not.

"Mama…" Aquarius called out to Rilu and said, "I think that's enough. It's time for you to go to your room."

'Thank you! Thank you!' Zach thanked Aquarius from the bottom of his heart. 'You have no idea, but you saved me from a major dilemma.'

Rilu grabbed Zach's hand and said with a mischievous smile on her face: "How about you come with me? You can give me a special massage for the rest of the night."


Zach was genuinely taken aback after hearing that. And it wasn't only Zach, but Aurora and Aria also understood what Rilu meant.

"Mama…" Aquarius said with a creepy smile on her face. "I will take you to your room."

Aquarius grabbed Rilu's hand and dragged her to the door. But she suddenly stopped and turned around with a soft glare in her eyes.

"* **** *** ***** **** **** ****" Aquarius said in a celestial language. And only Zach and Aria understood what she said.

"What did she say?" Aurora asked with a confused and puzzled look on her face.

Zach gulped down and turned to Aria, only to find her glaring at him.

"What… happened?" Aurora asked.

Aria turned to Aurora and said, "He slept with Ruli."

"Oh!" Aurora sighed and muttered, "I thought it was something serious."

Aria furrowed her brows and uttered, "Why are you acting like you were aware of it?"

"Well, he told me about it," Aurora replied with a shrug.

"...!" Aria glanced back and forth at Zach and Aurora with a baffled look on her face and said, "I am honestly surprised at your fetishes."

Aria sighed and walked to the bed after saying, "I am going to sleep."


Aurora placed her hand on Zach's shoulder and said, "Don't worry. I will handle her."

Zach kissed Aurora on the lips and said, "Thanks."

"Come on." Zach pointed his gaze at the couch and said, "Now, it's your turn."

Aurora averted her gaze and said, "Umm, I think I will pass on the massage."


"I want you to massage me when I am alone." Aurora puckered her lips and said, "I don't want others to see my lewd face or hear my immoral moans."

Zach let out a weary sigh and said, "And here I was looking forward to seeing that…"

Aurora brought her face close to Zach's ears and said, "Don't worry. I will show you my everything once we get back to our home."

"Okay," Zach nodded.

"Tomorrow… right?"

Zach nodded again and said, "Yes. We are leaving tomorrow."

Zach had already informed the sixth and the rest about his departure. And the sixth had already prepared for everything.


Total players in the game- 903868

0 new players logged in.

22 players died.


Author's Note- The next chapter will be a mixed R18 chapter. Zach and the girls are leaving tomorrow, so I thought it would make sense to let Ruli have her last meal.

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