Gods' Impact Online
143 Chapter 142- Inside The Thirsty Fish**
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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143 Chapter 142- Inside The Thirsty Fish**

Three more hours passed, but Zach and Ruli continued their session.



Zach was lying on the bed, and Ruli was lying on top of him. After the last round, Ruli had passed out due to unbearable pleasure.

"Are you awake?" Zach asked.

"You are so cruel…" Ruli muttered.

Zach gently squeezed Ruli's breasts and asked, "How so?"

"You teased me so many times…" she said in a low voice.

"But you were enjoying it, right? You got tighter every time I teased you," Zach remarked.

Rilu raised her head and looked into Zach's eyes as though she wanted something.

Zach smiled at her and kissed her on the lips before saying, "I have never felt this good before."

"And this was my first time getting filled up by someone," Ruli responded and turned to the side.

Zach sat up on the bed and glanced at Ruli's cave.

"You are dripping, by the way," Zach commented.

Ruli sat up and started wiping her cave with a cloth.

"You released it inside me so many times that it's leaking now…"

Zach squeezed Ruli's breasts and kissed her on the cheek before getting up from the bed. He walked to the huge glass window and looked outside.

"What are you doing?" Ruli asked with a curious look on her face.

"Come here."

Ruli got off the bed, but more of Zach's juice spilled out from her cave.

"Umm… I will be there in a few…" she replied as she wiped her cave.

Zach was looking at Aurora, who was training sword fight in the royal garden with the female guard of the elite four.

Aquarius and Aria were with her too.

'They returned to the palace three hours ago, but I told Aurora that I will need some more time, so she is helping me out,' Zach thought after watching them.

Ruli finally walked to Zach and hugged him from behind. Then, she looked outside the window and saw the girls.

"Oh… so you are watching them…" Ruli murmured.


Ruli pressed her soft breasts against Zach's back and said, "Do you feel excited after seeing them?"

"Hmm?" Zach couldn't understand what Ruli meant.

"I feel excited after seeing Aquarius. I am stealing her future husband in front of her." Ruli moved her hand between Zach's legs and grabbed his snake.

"It's hard…" she said.

"You do know that they can't see us from the outside, right? This glass window only allows us to see the scenery of the outside," Zach stated.

"I know… but still… it's exciting…" Ruli walked over and stood in front of Zach as though she was trying to block his view of the outside.

Zach raised his brows and asked, "What are you doing?"

Ruli kissed Zach and said, "I want you to focus on me while I am here."

Zach pushed Ruli against the glass and rubbed his snake on her cave. He teased her by inserting the tip inside and said, "This is hard for you. What more do you want?"

Ruli licked her lips and said, "Do you want me to clean it?"

"Oh?" Zach knitted his brows and said, "Another blowjob? Sure. Your mouth feels as incredible as your…"

"As my…?" Rudy wondered with a curious look on her face.

"What do you want me to call you vagina?"

"What do humans call it?"

"Umm… pussy?"

Ruli pondered for a while and said, "Why not just call it that? Or maybe…. Since you are calling your thing… a snake. Call my pussy a cave?"

Ruli sat on her knees and started licking Zach's snake without touching it with her hand.

"Oh?" Rudy placed his hands on Ruli's head and said, "I dare you to not use your hands at all."

Rudy rubbed her tongue on the tip of Zach's snake and said, "I will try. And… you can use my head however you want. You can ram your entire snake inside my mouth if you want."

"If you say words like that…" Zach began moving Ruli's head with his hands and said, "I won't be able to hold back."

Ruli retracted her teeth, made her throat narrow, and changed the shape of her tongue to long and thin.

"Yeah. It feels tight but not as tight as your cave. But it feels like I am fucking someone. And your tongue is making the pleasure doubled."

Zach used Ruli's head to move it back and forth while he also kept thrusting his hips back and forth.

After ten minutes, he released everything inside Ruli's mouth, and she drank everything as though it was her favorite drink.

Ruli looked up at Zach with his snake still inside her mouth and said, "I want it inside me."

"There is still an hour left for dinner, so yeah." Zach pulled his snake out of Ruli's mouth and said, "Stand up and stick your ass towards me."

"Okay…" She said in excitement.

Ruli placed her hands on the glass window and bent over with her hips towards Zach. She twerked and said, "I am ready~"

  Of course, Zach was going to tease Ruli first, so he inserted the tip in her cave and moved it up and down without penetrating her cave.

"Please don't tease me~"

Zach scoffed and plunged his entire snake inside Ruli's tight cave with one thrust.

"It went in one go~" she moaned.

"I will go rough, okay?" Zach uttered as he grabbed Ruli's waist.

"Yes~ Go rough~ And don't stop until I pass out~"

After thirty minutes, Zach released his load inside Ruli, whose legs had given out. She could barely stand still because of the pleasure. 

However, she still wasn't satisfied.

She spread her legs and said, "There is still time, right?"

Zach picked her up and pushed her against the glass window.

"Are we doing it while facing face to face?" she asked.

"Yes." Zach immediately penetrated Ruli's dripping cave and said, "Wrap your legs around me and hold me as tight as you can."

"Okay~ Aanh~" Ruli wrapped her arms and legs around Zach and submitted herself to him.

"Aamnh~ Anh~ Aam~ Ann~" She kept moaning louder with every thrust. "Kiss me~ Kiss me~"

Zach pressed his lips against Ruli's lips and increased his thrusting speed.

"Mmh~ Nmh~ Nh~" Ruli moans were muffled by the kiss.

However, Ruli stopped kissing back because she wanted to say something.

"Make sure to release it deep inside me~"

"Of course. You don't have to say that," Zach responded with a grin.

"No. That's not what I— Anh~ This one is important~"

"What do you mean?"

"You creampied me 14 times, and this will be the 15th time," She stated. "If a mermaid gets creampied 15 times, she has a chance of getting pregnant."

Zach moved his hands towards Ruli's breasts and asked with a curious yet calm look on his face: "You want to get pregnant?"

"Yes~ I want you baby~ I want your seed~" she responded with a moan.

"Are you sure?" Zach asked with a judging look on his face. "You are a widow, so others might try to—"

"It's fine. I will say Maxim's impregnated me before you killed him," Ruli said with a grin on her face. "No one will know it."

"But the child can be a human too, you know?"

"Who cares about that? It's not certain that I will get pregnant for sure. And if I do, I will let you know~"

"Fine by me." Zach started thrusting deep into Ruli's cave. "My father fathered me when he was twenty. I will surpass him and become a father at the age of 18."

After 20 minutes, Zach released everything inside Ruli's cave and gave her the biggest load of the day.


Total players in the game- 903969

0 new players logged in.

111 players died.


Author's Note- I hope you enjoyed the R18 chapters. Feedback is appreciated, so I can write better in the future.

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