Gods' Impact Online
138 Chapter 137- Bad Morning?
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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138 Chapter 137- Bad Morning?


Zach wished from the bottom of his heart that he woke in a dream, not on the bed beside Ruli, who was also Aquarius' aunt.

  'Calm down, Zach. Just because you woke up next to a woman doesn't mean something happened,' Zach uttered to himself.

'Even though you both are naked and hugging each other…' he added with a sigh.

'What time is it? I should get out of here before someone sees us…' Zach glanced at the window and noticed it was already morning.

Sure, the sunlight couldn't reach deep within the Sea, but the Sea had its own time.

Zach wanted to turn Ruli to the side without waking her up, but of course, she woke up.

At first, she was surprised as Zach, but the more she looked at Zach's face, she remembered everything as her face flushed red.

"....!" Zach Sat up and covered his face with his hands as he yelled inwardly: 'That blushing face is bad news!'

"Umm… thank you for last night…" Ruli said in a meek tone.

Zach looked at Ruli from the corner of his eyes and asked, "You are talking about me saving you, right?"

Ruli nodded in response.


Rudy sighed in relief after hearing that.

"And also for… what we did after that…' Ruli added.

"Did we… really do it?" Zach asked with an awkward smile on his face.

"You don't remember?" 

"It's not that I don't remember, I… argh.." Zach held his head in his hand and muttered," This headache is killing me. But that's not an excuse."

Zach glanced around the room and said, "Let me recall what happened last night."

Last night, after Zach blasted Minum's head to save Ruli, Zach said he could call guards for help. But, RIlu hugged Zach and didn't let go of him.

It was at this moment when Zach became a little horny. Ruli was half-naked, and her clothes were ripped apart from the right places, making her look hot and sexy.

Of course, Zach knew how to abstain. So he gently pushed Ruli back and made some distance between them.

"I should go," he then said.

But Ruli hugged him from behind and said," I am scared. Can't you stay for a while until I fall asleep?"

Zach wanted to get out of there as soon as possible because he didn't know how long he would be able to abstain. But he couldn't leave Ruli like that. She was about to get r*ped by her own brother-in-law. 

If Zach hadn't saved her or had been a little late or early when he passed through the hallway, who knew what might have happened.

Zach closed the door and agreed to stay with Ruli until she fell asleep.

However, things went sideways.

Ruli kept hugging and pressing her body against Zach, and Zach could barely abstain.

In truth, he had been horny after his fling with Aquarius on the night of her birthday. Then, he couldn't do it last night because he passed out. So, Zach's control meter broke.

Of course, he didn't make any moves on Ruli, but Ruli did.

She kissed him on the lips and started taking off her ripped clothes.

Zach wanted to stop her, but the lust got the best of him.

"Alright…" Zach nodded and said, "I remember everything now. In short, I was seduced by you."

Ruli squirmed and asked, "Was I good?"

Zach face-palmed himself and thought, 'Even though I was able to withstand the aphrodisiac effect, I couldn't resist the charm of a milf.'

Zach got off the bed and said, "We will talk about this later. But first, I have to go before someone sees me."

Zach removed the blanket, and he was about to get off when he caught a glimpse of something.

There was a  bloodstain on the bedsheet.

Zach's face turned pale after seeing that.

"Is that… what I think it is?" Zach asked with a curious and anxious look on his face.

Ruli nodded her head in response.

"But… wait a minute…" Zach raised his brows and asked, "But you were married…"

"How long has it been since you got married?" Zach asked.

"Fifteen years…" Ruli replied. "And… three months?"

"So you are saying that in those 15 years…. Your husband never touched you?" Zach asked with a judging look on his face.

Ruli shook her head and said, "No."

"Why?!" Zach exclaimed. "You are so hot that I can… I mean… I could do you all day and night. What was wrong with Maxim?"

"Well…" Ruli averted her gaze and said, "He was… into males.."

"Oh! Oh. Oh… kay…" Zach pondered for a while and said, "That's perfectly fine. Even I know some of my classmates who are like that. But I don't understand why he tried to kill me if he didn't… I mean… if he wasn't close to you?" 

"Your marriage was a political marriage, right?" Zach asked.

Ruli nodded and said, "Most likely, he planned to immobilize you in the fight and then r*pe you."

"..." Zach froze after hearing that. "I don't want to say it, but I will say that I am glad I killed him."

Zach sat on the bed to get his thoughts straight.

"So… in other words, I took your V-card… right?" And… you are also Aquarius' aunt. And Aquarius is my future wife, so that makes you my… aunt-in-law."

Zach rubbed his hand on his face and muttered, "This is so messed up. Why do I have bad luck with aunts?"

Ruli rubbed her hand on Zach's back and said, "It's okay. I am not asking you to take responsibility or something. I am just glad that I got to do it with you."

Zach looked at Ruli's naked body and sighed. "You are truly so hot. And you look a lot like Aquarius, but a mature version of her."

After that, they both got dressed up and made their way to the dining hall where the rest of the family was waiting for them.


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