Gods' Impact Online
131 Chapter 130- Aquarius“ Fate
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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131 Chapter 130- Aquarius“ Fate

When Zach opened his eyes, he saw Aquarius in another form. It wasn't her human form, nor her half or full-mermaid form. She was in her beast form— a sea dragon.


Zach didn't know what to say. He was left speechless. Not because he saw Aquarius' in her beast form, but because she was in her beast form.

Zach was used to seeing mythical creatures, so it wasn't shocking for him, but he was shocked because a mermaid's beast form couldn't be a sea dragon.

"Unless… you are a…"

"Yes." Aquarius nodded her head and said, "I am the next sea goddess."


"Judging by your reaction, I assume you already know the rest, am I right?" she asked.

Each and every race had its gods and goddesses. Some were ever living with no contact with the rest of the race, while some descended and lived with them.

For the Sea realms, a new sea goddess was born every 1000 years, and they had a huge responsibility upon their head. On their birth, they were given a task to watch over the Sea realm for a thousand-year until a new Sea goddess was born.

It was the same for the Sea God, and the current Sea God was Aquitius the seventh. He was at his peak, and his powers were unrivaled to anyone in the Sea realm. 

Now, Aquarius would become the strongest in the future. She would harness the power of the Sea goddess in the blessing ceremony that would happen after two months.

"Why… are you the sea goddess?" Zach asked in a disdainful tone.

"I was born to be one. As I grew up, I started getting dreams where a beautiful dragon would visit me and teach me things. I was small at that time, and I always thought of that dragon as my imaginary friend. But as I grew up, I studied about the Sea goddess and learned that the dragon in my dream was indeed the Sea goddess."

"After that day, the Sea goddess stopped visiting my dream. I was sad. I felt alone. I was told not to tell anyone about this, so I grew up with that secret. When I turned 16, I learned about the fate of the Sea goddess. I… wanted to be a normal girl. I wanted to fall in love with someone and get married. But now… I—"

"Don't you dare finish that sentence!" Zach frowned.

"You can't stop the impossible, darling. That's why…" Aquarius changed back to her human form and dropped on her knees while crying.

"I won't be able to join you…" she wailed with her head in her hand.

"Who said I can't stop the impossible?" Zach furrowed his brows and said, "I can even defeat the gods for you. Just say those words."

Aquarius looked up at Zach with teary eyes and asked, "What… words?"

"Say that 'I don't want to become the next Sea Goddess', and I will—"

Aquarius interrupted Zach and said, "I can't say it. I can't neglect my duties! What about all the creatures and the races of the Sea? I cannot let them suffer for my selfishness!"

She sobbed even more.

Zach asked a similar question to the sixth not long ago, and the sixth asked him the same. Zach's answer was simply that he would choose his loved ones over others, and the sixth didn't have the courage to answer.

Now, Aquarius was in the same situation, where she had no other choice to fulfill the duty she was born for.

"So your love for me was so little, huh?" Zach remarked.

"No! It's not! But I can't… please… I love you…" Aquarius sniffed.

Zach and circumstances like this where the people he liked or loved had to make tough choices for others' sake. Sure, it would save thousands of lives, but what about them? Why must they sacrifice themselves for others?

Zach knew the answer to that. It was to save their loved ones. It was so that others wouldn't suffer. But what Zach hated the most was ungrateful pricks who were never thankful for the sacrifices people had made from them.

They would one day forget the one who sacrificed and live on with their life. The real question was: was it worth it?

Zach had met Aquarius not long ago, and he knew that he didn't love her yet. But he was convinced that she loved him with all her heart.

Aquarius knew what her fate would be like, and that's why, she chose Zach, the person she loved, to show and tell everything.

Maybe she wanted Zach to save her? Or perhaps, she wanted redemption. In either case, even if she wanted to make a different choice, the outcome would be guaranteed, and that was to become the Sea Goddess.

Zach knelt down in front of Aquarius and held her face with his hand. He looked into her teary blue eyes and said, "Just say it. Don't think about anything else."


"You can be selfish. It's your life. No one gets to make choices in your life. If you don't want to do it, then just say the words, and I will take care of everything. However, if you truly want to become the Sea Goddess and give up on your life, then I won't stop you," Zach asserted in a calm voice.

Aquarius looked into Zach's eyes and kept crying for a few minutes. She realized Zach was serious about his commitment, and she stopped crying.

"Can you really…?" she stuttered in a broken voice.

Zach gently caressed Aquarius' face and said, "If you ask me to."

Aquarius jumped on Zach and hugged him with her naked body. She pressed soft breasts against his chest and said, "I love you! I want to be with you!"

Zach patted on Aquarius' back and then kissed her on the lips before saying, "Well said."

He looked into the shrine in the temple and uttered, "Leave the rest to me."


Total players in the game- 402807

500000 new players logged in.

45 players died.


Author's Note- What is Zach planning, and how will he change Aquarius' fate?

So I have decided to post two chapters every 24 hours. The next chapter(s) will be in 22 hours!

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