Gods' Impact Online
123 Chapter 122- Shattered Arena
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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123 Chapter 122- Shattered Arena

"You should stop!" Aquitius uttered in a loud voice.

Maxim turned to Aquitius and said, "Are you favoring an outsider over your important guest?"

"It has nothing to do with favoring anyone," the sixth replied.

"Oh! I see, now. So you are taking his side because you want him to marry your daughter," Maxim remarked in a loud voice so everyone present in the hall could hear.

"I am not stopping you alone. I am stopping both of you," the sixth said in a calm voice. "You two should talk this out, just like any other responsible adult would."

"Adult?!" Maxim scoffed out loud and laughed at the sixth while glancing at Zach. "How does this kid look like an adult to you?"

He furrowed his brows and said, "I can crush him under my feet like I would crush the worms."

Zach raised his brows and said, "And then you eat those worms?"


Zach smirked and said, "That's what fishes eat, right?"

Maxim's face twitched in anger as he clenched his fists and prepared to hit Zach.

"Wait a minute!" Ruli— Maxim's wife came rushing and said, "What are you talking about?"

"Zach didn't do anything weird to me," she said.

"You are too foolish to understand it," Maxim remarked and glared at Ruli as though he was trying to scare her and shut her up.

"You weren't even here when I danced with Ruli, so how did you—"


Before Ruli could speak any more words, Maxim slapped her on the face and shut her up.

"Don't you dare talk back to me!" he yelled.

Rilu— Ruli's twin sister and the queen of the Ribel kingdom shot a glare at Maxim for slapping her sister like that. But she had to keep quiet for reasons.

Maxim cracked his neck to make himself look intimidating and said, "Since you killed my brother for insulting your wife, it's okay if I kill you for touching my wife, right?"

"By that logic, there are thousands of fishermen who touch fishes every day," Zach sneered.

Of course, he was joking. He wanted to provoke Maxim more and force him to attack first, so even if something happened afterward, Zach could say that it was Maxim who started the fight.

Maxim said Zach did the right thing by killing his brother and that his actions were understandable and reasonable. But he only said that because he wanted to do the same to Zach. He simply needed a reason to start the fight.

"Remember this, Maxim. If something happens to you, the blame will be on you," the sixth asserted in a solemn voice with a serious look on his face. "I tried to stop you."

"You should worry about your son-in-law instead of me!" Maxim yelled and punched Zach on the stomach. 

However, Zach didn't even budge from his spot.

"You…!" Maxim charged his fists with lightning and punched Zach on the face, but Zach blocked it using his hand and upper-punched Maxim.

Maxim was set flying in the air. He broke through the ceiling and all the other ceilings of the palace. His body ended up in seawater as he struggled to stop himself from going up. 

Even though Maxim was a sea creature, he couldn't stop in the sea after receiving a heavy blow from Zach.

By the time Maxim stopped himself, Zach had already jumped and caught up to him.

Zach could fly for three seconds. While floating was different, Zach used his flight ability to move faster in the water.

In the first second, Zach caught up to Maxim. 

In the second, Zach punched Maxim again and threw him out of the seawater. Zach's punch sent Maxim towards the direction of the arena that was five minutes away from the palace. However, Maxim reached there within a second. 

In the third second, Zach landed in the arena before Maxim could hit the ground and punched him in the air again.

Then, Zach jumped in the air and grabbed Maxim by his leg.

Maxim had passed out after receiving the second punch from Zach, but he regained consciousness after the third punch.

Zach swung Maxim in the air and slammed him onto the ground with a dropkick.


The drop kick was so hard that the ground shattered, and the cracks grew wider.

Zach landed on the ground and muttered, "I hate this game."

Sure, Zach had dealt enough damage to Maxim, but he was still alive. Part of the reason was that Zach's attacks were limited by his stats. So even if Zach punched him lightly or hard, the damage would still be the same. Or at least, that's how it was supposed to be.

However, it wasn't as though Zach hadn't dealt any damage to Maxim. It was Maxim who was robust enough to take the damage without getting severely injured.

Maxim stood up and cracked his neck while asking, "Are you done?"

Zach placed his hand around his mouth and responded in a loud voice. "You can't cook fish in 30 seconds! Have some patience!"

"You insolence!" Maxim summoned a lightning bolt in his hand and shot it at Zach.

Of course, Zach easily dodged it by jumping in the air. But Maxim shot another lightning bolt in the air.

Zach was barely able to dodge it because it was in the air. When Zach landed on the ground, another lightning bolt came at him.


'He is predicting my moves and shooting lightning bolts even before I move!'

In the next 3 minutes, Maxim shot over hundreds of lightning bolts, but Zach had dodged them all.

'Some of them might have hit me if I hadn't dodged using my flight ability,' Zach uttered inwardly.

"What's wrong, you monkey?" Maxim asked. "Tired of jumping around?"

"What about you, fish? Do you need some water?" Zach snorted.

Zach had already thought of many plans to fight against Maxim, and he was testing them all out.


Total players in the game- 403020.

0 new players logged in.

49 players died.


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