Gods' Impact Online
118 Chapter 117- Marriage Counseling
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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118 Chapter 117- Marriage Counseling

"Holy Mackerels!" Rilu shouted out loud.

The hall was once again turned silent because of Zach's sudden revelation.

'I have no idea why I thought doing this would be a good idea.' At this point, Zach couldn't dare to look into Aurora's eyes or even glance at her.

Zach let out a deep sigh and said, "As you can see, I am already married to this girl. So I can't marry your daughter— Aquarius."

The sixth stroked his beard and said, "Do you have any proof that you are married to her?"

"Are you implying that I am lying?" Zach frowned.

"Of course not." the sixth shook his head and uttered, "But given how you are constantly trying to refuse to marry my daughter, it is hard to believe that this is not yet another excuse."

'I would have shown him my marriage certificate, but that would reveal my and Aria's Identity as gods. I wouldn't mind showing it to Aurora since I plan to confess everything to her once this is over, but I can't let other players know that.'

Of course, it wouldn't be surprising if other players hated gods too. It was natural after what they all have been through. One player would tell another player, and another would tell more players. Like that, the news would spread in the entire realms and soon to the entire game.

Zach didn't want players to come after him, only to die by his hands.

"Do you have any proof to prove that you are not lying?" the sixth asked with a judging look on his face.

"Very well…" Zach turned to Aria and glanced at Aurora behind her, who was staring at him with varied expressions on her face.

"I am sorry," he whispered in Aria's ears, but it was also for Aurora.

Zach placed his hands on Aria's face and kissed her on the lips. 

Of course, Aria was baffled by that. But she kissed Zach back and enjoyed the moment it lasted.

After the kiss, Zach looked at the sixth and said, "Is this enough?"

"I…" the sixth looked disappointed after seeing that.

'Now, you can do anything,' Zach smirked inwardly.

The sixth sighed and nodded, "If you are already married, then I can't do anything—"

"No, daddy." Aquarius walked forward and said, "I have seen him kissing the other girl too. SO he is either lying about his marriage with this girl, or he is in a relationship with both girls."


All the guests and the players, especially the males,  present there glared at Zach after Aquarius said that.

Zach squinted his eyes at Aquarius and thought, 'This girl… might not be as meek as she seems…'

"So they were your mistresses," the sixth remarked.

"Now, what excuse are you going to use to not marry my daughter?" Rilu asked in a slightly impatient tone.

Zach let out a weary sigh and uttered, "There are no reasons. I just don't want to marry your daughter."

Zach had it enough. He wanted to turn them down politely without making any drama, but because of that, he revealed two secrets in front of Aurora.

Aquitius the sixth had yet to undo his part of the seal, and that's why, Zach couldn't afford to do anything irrational. But now, he doesn't care about it.

"Zach…" Aquitius the sixth looked at Zach but avoided making eye contact with him. He walked forward and stood in front of Zach. Then, he glanced around and placed his hands on Zach's shoulders.

"Listen… I… my daughter is my everything," he uttered in a low voice so no one else could hear them.

"I had fulfilled all her wishes and done everything she wanted in her life. I gave her freedom, happiness, and everything. Now, on her 19th birthday, she told me that she wanted to marry you. If I can't fulfill that promise, I will be a failure as a father," he said with a sad look on his face.

"I know I am asking too much. And I understand your reasons for not marrying my daughter. You don't belong to this world, and you are trapped in this game against your wishes. It's totally fair for you not to be happy with this," he uttered in a calm voice.

"I am not going to force you to marry my daughter. It won't make you happy, and if you are not happy, my daughter won't be happy. Marriage is not a thing that can be forced upon someone. However, my daughter is perfect in everything. Ever since she was a kid, she always wanted to be a bride and marry someone of her choice. But she never ever asked me or told me to marry anyone. You are the first. You are her first love, and if you break her heart, she will be sad."

Aquitius was speaking with such love and respect regarding her daughter that Zach was honestly impressed by him.

"Say, how about you think about it?" the sixth asked with an expressionless face. "Of course, you can talk with your mistresses too. Even if either one of them denies it, I will talk with Aquarius. I will wait for your honest answer once this celebration ends."

Zach nodded and said, "If you had started with that, it should have saved both yours and my time."

After that, Aquitius went back to the stage and whispered something into Rilu's ears. 

Aquarius asked the sixth about what he said to Zach, but he simply patted Aquarius' head and said, "Don't worry."

Then, Aquitius clapped his hands and said, "Now, time for the banquet! Please be seated and wait for the food! After that, there will be a dance party. And lastly, the cake ceremony for my daughter's birthday."

Aquitius said while patting Aquarius' head.

'I have never been to a party, but a cake ceremony happens first, right? Or maybe not.'

Zach had far greater things to worry about.


Total players in the game- 403193.

0 new players logged in.

27 players died.


Author's Note- Zach is going to fight the final boss! Wish him luck!

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